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5th grade narrative writing prompts

By the fifth grade, students are ready to write reports and research papers that practice sentence structure, paragraph flow and the implementation of structured .
Narrative Writing Activities For The Fifth Grade | Ehow
5th grade writing prompts. People often consider what it would be like to be the last person alive on earth and of course it would be horrible in lots of ways.
Writing Prompt Fifth 5th Grade English Language Arts ...
Writing prompts. Welcome to the largest collection of free writing prompts on the internet! I originally created this page as a catalog for my own personal creative ...
5th Grade Writing Prompts
Narrative writing Books If I Lived at the White House... (Grades 2-3; Interest Level: grades 3-5) The Beyoncè Contest (Grades 2-3; Interest Level: grades 3-6)
Narrative Writing Fifth Grade Lessons, Activities ...
Writing Prompt, Fifth 5th grade English Language Arts Standards, grade Level Help, Internet 4 Classrooms Internet resources, teachers, students, children
Writing Prompts
5th grade writing prompts for teachers, kids, parents… Fresh journal prompts are always a great inspiration for a students, whether they’ve been writing for years ...
Creative Writing Ideas For Fifth-grade Students | Ehow
Jun 16, 2011 · Narrative writing Prompt All I ask is that you rate the product and follow my TpT store. Thanks! :) Remember! When I reach 20 Comments and/or …
Third Grade Bookworm: Narrative Writing
Overview of narrative writing 5th grade narrative writing Defining narrative writing narrative writing: writing that tells a story or gives an account of something ...
5th Grade Writing Prompts - Journal Buddies
By the fifth grade, students are ready to write reports and research papers that practice sentence structure, paragraph flow and the implementation of structured ...
5th grade narrative writing prompts5th grade narrative writing prompts5th grade narrative writing prompts
20 writing prompts

As a school, you will have to decide whether you will do an impromptu writing where all students are given a prompt and then write (short constructed response), or a revised writing where they are allowed to create one draft and then revise (extended writing).

I suggest that you do a revised writing.

Use the student friendly six-trait rubrics to assess this writing.

Also, you will want to have 3rd - 6th grade work in a timed situation.

For third grade the CSAP time is 50 minutes + 10, and for 4th - 6th it is 55 minutes + 10.

K-2 Prompts:

3rd Grade Prompts: For third grade, the CSAP prompt could ask students to write short personal narratives, friendly letters, or brief expository pieces (how-to, informational paragraphs).

I've organized prompts in narrative and expository categories.

EXPOSITORY.#1 Tell about your favorite game.

Write a paragraph explaining why it is your favorite game to play.


Imagine that you have invented a magic potion.

Write a story that tells what happens when someone uses your potion.

4th Grade Prompts: EXPOSITORY.


Think about one of your friends.

Tell at least three things about this friend that makes him or her a good friend.


"So today's the first day of the fourth grade," he said, "the year they separate the sheep from the goats."

This quote talks about school separating people.

Explain how schools separate people.#3 Imagine your favorite aunt is thinking about moving to Colorado.

Write a letter to your aunt explaining why Colorado is a great place to live.

Give her at least two good reasons.

Draft K-12 Essential Language Arts Standards, May 6, 2004 111 NARRATIVE.

#1 Laura feels like she doesn't have many friends at her new school.

She sometimes stays after school kicking a soccer ball around with some kids trying to make friends, but they never ask her over to play.

Making new friends in school isn't easy.

Write a story about Laura making a new friend at school.


When the regular teacher is gone and a substitute comes, students often misbehave.

Write a story about a class that pulls some tricks when a substitute teacher comes.

5th Grade Prompts: EXPOSITORY.


Think of something you have made with your own hands.

Write an explanation telling someone else how you made the object.

Make your explanation so clear and complete that someone with little to no experience could follow your directions and make the same thing.


Pretend your class is putting together a time capsule.

It may not be opened by anyone for 100 years.

This time capsule will tell people in the future what life on earth was like in 2003.

You can choose one thing to go inside.

Explain what you will choose and why.


Think of the most valuable thing that you have that was not bought in a store.

Explain why this thing is important to you.


Some school districts have year-round school.

This means students go to school for nine weeks and then have a week or to off and then go to school for another nine weeks.

Summer vacations are shorter in year-round schools with only about four weeks off rather than the 12 weeks we have off.

Do you think year-round schools are a good or bad idea.

Write a letter to the local school board telling them your opinion and give at least two reasons you think this way.6th Grade Prompts:#4

Think of your favorite animal.

Explain what qualities this animal has that makes it important to you.



People worry too much about ___________________.

Fill in the blank with any topic you like.

Then, write a paper that supports your statement.

Convince others to agree with you.


Some beaches have rules such as, no dogs, no kite flying, no swimsuits.

What do you think?

Should beaches have rules?

State your opinion clearly and support it with at least two good ideas or reasons.


Choose one film or book that you have recently seen or read and liked.

Write a recommendation to convince others to see the film or read the book.


Don't summarize the book or film, instead, tell reasons why the reader should read or see it.) EXPOSITORY
5th grade narrative writing prompts


Isaac Newton was a mathematician who discovered the Law of Gravitation (gravity).

The discovery started with an apple falling from a tree!

How do you think the apple taught Newton about gravity?

Do you think Newton's discovery of gravity was important.


Many parents worry about helping their students be successful in school.

Create a piece of writing that could become a how-to brochure for parents:

How to Help Your Child Succeed in School.


We live in a time when new things are being invented every day.

Think of an invention that has been especially helpful or one that has been harmful to people.

Write a paper that explains why this invention is either helpful or harmful.


In the 1800s, many children began to work at the age of 10, some in factories or mills.

Today we have child labor laws, protecting children from harsh work conditions.

Imagine you lived during the 1800s.

Would your rather be working or going to school?

Explain why or why not.


"The most important quality any person can have is a sense of humor."

Do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Write a paper in which you take a clear stand, and explain your position supported with clear reason, details, and facts.

Draft K-12 Essential Language Arts Standards, M
Grade5 checklist
Writing Checklist: Grade 5 2004 K12 Inc.All rights reserved.Copying or distributing without K12s written consent is prohibited.Writing Checklist: Grade 5NameDateComposition curriculum.Your student should have successfully completed 80 percent of them and be able to furnish writing samples written at a grade appropriate level.You


A memoir is a kind of essay based on a writers personal experience.

In a

memoir, a writer not only tells about what happened to him or her, but also re ects

on the meaning of what happened.Students will turn a signi cant event from

their lives into a memoir.

In preparing to write the memoir, students will learn

or review the stages of the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising,

proofreading, and publishing).The memoir will include the elements of plot, setting, characters, and theme.

Research Paper:

A research paper is a kind of report that requires reading to gather facts and


Students will choose a topic, formulate questions about the topic,

and learn how to

nd reliable information on that topic.Other concepts that

students will study include taking notes, making an outline, and compiling a


Many assignments, as well as many standardized tests, ask students to write

about an assigned topicthat is, to write to a prompt.

Students will identify

different kinds of prompts and practice writing to narrative, expository, persuasive,

and descriptive prompts.Students will also write to a prompt in a simulated test


Editorials express opinions, engender debate, and shape policy.

An editorial is

a form of persuasive essay.Besides stating the writers opinion, an editorial also

gives facts and reasons to support that opinion.In preparing to write the editorial,

students will do some research to

nd facts and expert opinions to support their

editorials.2 of 2

2004 K12 Inc.All rights reserved.Writing Checklist: Grade 5 Speech:

Speeches may be informative, persuasive, or entertaining.An informative

speech gives the audience new information.

Students will choose a topic for an

informative speech and turn their main idea into a thesis statement.They will

plan, outline, write, and deliver a speech.Business Letters:

A business letter provides a written record of communication, which can be

useful if one is trying to resolve a problem.Business letters should be clear,

neat, and to the point.

Students will learn the functions of different types of

business letters, address an envelope for a business letter, write a request letter, and write a complaint letter.Compare and Contrast:

To compare and contrast is to take two subjects and explain their similarities

and differences.Students will use a passage in the Composition program as the

basis for writing a comparison-and-contrast essay about two great Americans.

In preparing to write the essay, students will read and take notes on a selection

and organize information in to logical categories..
arrr it's all about the learning! Narrative structure with 4 yr olds diff from 5th Grade! Want to see the film! Pls share it
5th grade.
Pretty sure I was in 5th grade when Frank Borman lol
I played soccer from 5th grade until I graduated high school. And I miss it every day. Even after not playing the last few yrs
Back in 5th grade looking all choloed out lol x)
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