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Aia request for change order

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Application For Payment - Standard Aia G702 Style
project management forms We carry Lien Waivers, Billing Templates, and Certified Payroll forms designed for construction professionals.
Form G702 And G703 Billing Document, Aia Format
Best Practices page 1 of 2. The Proposed change order Process . Contributed by David Hart, aia ... - Construction Business Forms, G707a ...
AIA Documents G702??1992, Application and Certificate for Payment, and G703??1992, Continuation Sheet, provide convenient and complete forms on which the contractor ...
Document G702: Application And Certificate For Payment ...
Instructions for Document G702 Application and Certificate for Payment and G703 Continuation Sheet A. General Information G702 Application and Certificate of …
The Proposed Change Order Process - Aia Homepage - …
Product Features. Industry Standard (AIA format) Add your own header / image (new) Auto update continuous projects; change form titles; Unlimited forms
Petition | American Institute Of Architects (aia ...
Jun 19, 2014 · To apply for a patent under 35 U.S.C. 111, transfer the ownership of a patent, or request other actions related to patents, certain information specified ...
Forms For Patent Applications Filed On Or After September ...
AIA Documents and forms: aia documents, forms and contracts are published by The American Institute of Architects (AIA). The standard in construction, engineering …
G701 Form, Change Order Document, Aia Format
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aia request for change orderaia request for change orderaia request for change order
Best Practices
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Knowledge gained from experience immediately applicable to a task at hand.

BP 11.04.08 Best Practices
page 2 of 2meeting is to achieve a resolution which may result in a compromise.Reminder A proposed change order is just that—proposed.It is not an order for a change until the owner has signed it.

The contractor who is responsible for the schedule should be charged with making sure work is progressing in the field and is not held up while the PCO is in review.

CONSTRUCTION CHANGE DIRECTIVE Some situations require the use of a construction change directive (CCD) rather than a PCO.A CCD is used when the contractor thinks a change is necessary to maintain the project schedule.

When this happens, the architect answers a CCD request rather than an RFI.

The architect then meets with the owner and reviews the situation and the solution.If the CCD request is agreed to, the owner signs it.In this scenario, the cost is determined after the change is under way.If the owner chooses not to sign the CCD, the architect must work to modify it to the satisfaction of the owner or the issue is set aside
aia request for change order
.A CCD should be used when time is critical and the team knows the change is necessary.This tool is typically used as a project nears completion.

Remember, for all project matters that involve price and schedule adjustments, it is best to write them in a log; thus, the CCD should be recorded in the PCO spreadsheet as well.ABOUT OUR CONTRIBUTOR Capitol and is responsible for management of the physical facility known as Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City, Utah.He can be reached at dhart@utah.govRESOURCES More Best Practices The following AIA Best Practices provide additional 11.08.06 Why Offer Construction Management Services 11.04.07 Navigating Change Orders For More Information on this Topic See also “Construction Cost Management” by Brian Bowen, FRICS, and “Construction Contracts” by Gregory Hancks, The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice14th edition, Chapter 13, pagThe Handbook can be ordered from the AIA Bookstore by calling 800-242-3837 (option 4) or by sending an e-mail to bookstore@aiFeedback The AIA welcomes member feedback on Best Practice articles.

To provide feedback on this article, please contact bestpractices@aia.orgKey Terms

Project administration

Project administration documents

Change order

Knowledge gained from experience immediately applicable to a task at hand.

BP 11.04.08.

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