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Areva protection relay

We are offering Protection Relays such as Numerical Relays (JVS), Numerical Relays (MiCom Schneider Areva), Transformer Differential Relay (JVS), NER Monitoring .
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Relay Testing... relay Testing - Per NETA Standards As the amount of protection and control functions that relays perform increases, the amount of programming and ...
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w w w . r m s p l . c o m . a u rms rms PartA10| I | 7/10/2013 Part A10 protection relay Cross Reference Guide Purpose This technical bulletin is ...
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Hello I have a problem where I have recored the details from a CDG31 Alstom protection relay and when I have come to use the Amtech software to display the protection ...
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Description and definition . The digital protective relayis the most, or numeric relay, is a protective relay that uses a microprocessor to analyze power system ...
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Protection Device Types with relay Models Nr. Object Name relay Model ( Version ) Description 296 areva (ALSTOM) P435 P433 Distance protection
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Introduction to Power System protection & relays - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free.
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Digital Protective relays. L&T Larsen & Toubro Limited offers a wide range of Microprocessor based State-of-the-art Digital Protective relays suitable for LV, MV …
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We are offering protection relays such as Numerical relays (JVS), Numerical relays (MiCom Schneider areva), Transformer Differential relay (JVS), NER Monitoring ...
areva protection relayareva protection relayareva protection relay
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Facilities are required).interfacing substation control or SCADA relay ? Good feature/price ratioAREVA FlushAPPLICATIONThe MiCOM P111 provides a wide range of protectionfunctions.Typical applications are:Underground MV cablesInsulated or resistance earthed neutral systemsMV subscribers, Industry, TransportAdvanced LV application

(specifically where com-munication facilities are required)To have good ratio:price to functionality used in theapplication, there are different models of P111available.Differences between models are shown in the TablebelowGLOBAL FUNCTIONSThe following functions are generally available in alldevices (see table below) :Operate in 1, 2, or 3-phase arrangement Two setting groups, selected from the relay menu, binary input or system35 mm DIN rail or flush mounted case (option)True RMS phase current value measurement within a frequency range from 10Hz to 1000HzEarthfault current value measurement within a frequency range from 40Hz to 70Hz4 digit LED display5 button keypad to input settings and configure the relayFault record for the 3 most recent tripsFUNCTIONS OVERVIEW ModelsABCEF50/51Three-phase overcurrent I (DT)????50/51Three-phase overcurrent I (DT or IDMT)?????50/51Three-phase overcurrent Ip (DT or IDMT)?????50N/51NEarth fault (single phase) overcurrent ????Io

(DT or IDMT)50N/51NEarth fault (single phase) overcurrent????Io

(DT or IDMT)38Input for PTC sensor?????External protection trip (via binary input)????????Local (via input) / Remote86Output relay latching?????Relay maintenance mode???Setting groups 12222(front panel, remote or inputs)?????Expanded setting rangeFault records (3 most recent)?????Events recordsBinary inputs/outputs current/voltage RTU (rear port RS485)???Setting software MiCOM S1 ???(rear port RS485) The relays of these ranges are compromised of fullsuite of protection functions and auxiliaries;eachfunction can be individually configured or disabled tosuit any particular application.The available functions, including protection, inputsand outputs are easily programmable by means ofuser friendly front panel interface and the S1 softwareinterface.The 4 digit LED display provides the user with keyinformation (faults, measurements, settings etc.).The menus have a pull-down structure for easy useand quick access to any data


Fault recordsEvent portto SCADA systemsUp to 4 binary outputsFUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW(Description of ANSI code nos.see Functions Overview)45Earth Fault Overcurrent Protection(50N/51N)(models :B,C,E and F only) The independent stages are available for earth faultprotection in models B, C, E and F.For the first (Io) and second stage (Io) the user may independentlyselect definite time delay or inverse time delay withdifferent type of curves (SI, VI or EI).Each stage and related time delay can be programmedto provide maximum selectivity
areva protection relay
.All stages have reset timer to reduce clearance timesintermittent faults occur.All stages can be separately configured to make a tripor alarm.The MiCOM P111 relays have separate instantaneousand delayed information for all stagesThe range of settings can be selected by orderingcode.Three Phase Overcurrent Protection (50/51) The independent stages are available for phase faultprotection.For the first (Ip) and second stage (I) theuser may independently select definite time delay orinverse time delay with different type of curves (SI, VIor EI).The third stage can be configured with definitetime only.Each stage and related time delay can be programmedto provide maximum selectivity.All stages have reset timer to reduce clearance timesintermittent faults occur.All stages can be separately configured to make a tripor alarm.The MiCOM P111 relays have separate instantaneousand delayed information for all stagesThe range of settings can be selected by for PTCSensors (38)If T1-T2 input is configured as PTC input andresistance of the sensors' loop connected to input :T1-T2 increase, then protection operates instantaneously.Up to 6 PTC sensors can be connected in series.The PTC input operates instantaneously.This function can be configured to make a trip or alarm.External Protection TripThe external protection trip operates if an input state,which is programmed to this function (ZZ), changes itsstate.The protection can be configured to "trip" or send a"warning signal" (alarm).Trip operation is instantaneousA2 A1 13 14 23 24 T1 T2 S1 S2 L3 L1 L2 Vx 33 34 44 42 41 V2 V1 Tr+ Tr- Tr+ Tr- RS 485 RS 485 I / O cardIo Io RS 485 I / O cardIo P1 P2 P3 P4 A2 A1 13 14 23 24 T1 T2 S1 S2 Vx 33 34 44 42 41 V2 V1 P1 P2 P3 P4 1 IL1 IL2 IL3 35 mm DIN rail caseFlush mounted caseBinary contactor PTC RS 485 Io Binary contactor PTC Output Relay Latching (86)RL2 and RL3 relays can be latched.Reset of the latched outputs is possible by logic inputs,front panel operator interface or by remotecommunication

CB or Contactor ControlMiCOM P111 allows controlling of circuit breaker orcontactor.The user may select switch type byprogramming main output relays.The selectionIt is possible to make local (via selected binary input) orremote

(via RS485) trip or close command.Blocking of remote command could be done viaselected binary input (switch :local/remote).The remote control is not possible in model A and F(which have no RS485 port)Setting GroupsAn external condition may request the need for differentsettings.MiCOM P111 provides two setting group.The setting group could be changed, after set timedelay, by logic inputs, front panel operator interface orby remote Maintenance ModeThis function is available in model C, E and F only.Selected logic input can put output relays inMaintenance State to allow make testing without anytrip or signalling outside of relay.MiCOM P111 can operate in 1, 2, or 3-phasearrangement (the missing phase should be notThe measured values are available from the frontpanel or via RS485 port.All measurements could be shown in primary orsecondary values.True
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