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Ati pharmacology practice test

Has anyone taken either A or B ATI Fundamentals proctored exam in the last few months? If so, please let me know and I'll write you back; I have a few questions .
Ati Practice Test - Scribd
TEAS V Online practice test. Prepare for the (TEAS) test of Essential Academic Skills with over 150 practice questions that are patterned after the actual exam.
Sjdeltarnstudents12/06: Ati Test Codes And Passwords
Can someone share their experience with pharmacology Made Easy by ati? I am contemplating on purchasing it as a review since my school requires us to pass all ati
Teas Practice Test | Ati - Ati Testing | Nursing Education ...
ATI offers an Online Anatomy and Physiology practice test with 70 items to help you prepare for the A&P Proctored Exam. Visit Today!
Anatomy And Physiology Practice Tests & Proctored Exam | Ati
Aug 27, 2005 · CODES----- PASSWORDS 62289 - RN Fundamentals 1.0 - 24S6641R52 62288 - RN Fundamentals 2.0 - 24S4971R69 62290 - RN pharmacology 1.0 - …
Has Anyone Used Pharmacology Made Easy By Ati? | Allnurses
A list of resources to help students study pharmacology
Ati Fundamentals A And B Test - Pg.2 | Allnurses
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ATI testing is an assessment tool that nursing programs use to identify the strengths as weaknesses of their students so that they can eventually take the NCLEX ...
Pharmacology Flashcards - Study Stack
Has anyone taken either A or B ati Fundamentals proctored exam in the last few months? If so, please let me know and I'll write you back; I have a few questions ...
ati pharmacology practice testati pharmacology practice testati pharmacology practice test
Ati 2009 2010 handbook converted word

Big Bend Community College

2009-2010 ATI Handbook Nursing Program Guidelines


Big Bend Nursing Program ATI Overview BBBCC Nursing Program believes ATI tests represent some key content that will be tested on the professional NCLEX-RN licensing exam.These tests indicate content you have mastered and content that could use further review.

If you do not score well on certain concepts it is your responsibility to review these areas by using your textbooks or purchasing an NCLEX-RN review product that meets your learning needs.

1.Types of Tests Provided by ATI a.


Critical Thinking Entrance /Exit

c.Proctored d.Nonproctored e.Medical Surgical Focused f.

Comprehensive Predictors 2.

Nonproctored Assessment Tests a.To be completed PRIOR to scheduled PROCTORED test b.Must be completed with 90% correct c.

Can only be taken once (1) in 12hr period d.Do not print out copy for me (I will download scores) e.10pts given


May be completed any time prior to the scheduled Proctored test g.

To be taken independently, but allowed to use printed resources provided by ATI 3.Focused Nonproctored Medical Surgical Tests a.Focused Nonproctored Tests are assessment tests that focus on a specific area on Med/Surg (i.e.Periop, Endocrine etc.) b.

the due date.They are counted and treated like Nonproctored Assessment Tests.

i.Must be completed with 90% correct ii.Can only be taken once (1) in 12hr period iii.Do not print out copy for me (I will download scores) iv.10pts given c.To be taken independently, but allowed to use printed resources provided by ATI 4.Proctored Assessment Tests a.

Schedule provided for each quarter b.NONPROCTORED test must be completed PRIOR to scheduled Proctored Test time/date.c.Level 2 Proficiency d.Grading (see table) 3
5.Remediation a.To be completed by given due date on ATI schedule.


A note card or typed bulleted information sheet is to be completed on each area Topics to Review i.Should be comprehensive but concise &

typed ii.Should be presented in an organized fashion 1.Title Page iii.

Should show you reviewed the content in the ATI book or DVD c.Remediation Points will be added for successful completion (see above grading grid chart) 6.

Penalty for Nonparticipation a.If a student does not complete a nonproctored assessment test to 90% pass, by the due date the following will occur: i.

0 pts (zero) will be given.

The nonproctored test will still need to be taken with a score of 90% or better (instructor will inform student of new due date).

ii.If the Nonproctored test is for a Proctored test then the student will not be eligible to take the Proctored test.

The student will receive 0 pts (zero) for the Proctored test.

The Proctored test will have to be made up at the enience and remediation will be REQUIRED regardless of profiency level.

Remediation work will be given 0 pts (zero).iii.Notification of counseling (NOC) may be given as well.

b.Failure to comply with ATI assessment assignments will result in an incomplete in the class for the quarter until tests and remediation are complete.

7.Tips for ATI Testing a.

Watch and listen to the DVD from ATI b.Review the ATI books c.Review class notes d.If taking the test more than once: review the areas that ATI suggest for study Proficiency Level

Proctored points Remediation points Total points

Below Level 1 8 8 16 Level 1 10 6 16 Level 2 16 4 20 Level 3 20 n/a 20 4

Big Bend Community College Nursing Program

ATI Testing Schedule (Subject to change)

Pre Admission

Fall Quarter Level I Winter Quarter Level I Spring Quarter Level I Summer Quarter Assessment Inventory

Pharmacology (DVD and Books Child PN

Focused RN Assessments:

Fluid & Electrolytes

Perioperative PROCTORED

Maternal Child - PN

Mental Health PN

Pharmacology PN Focused RN PN

Mental Health - PN

Pharmacology -PN PN Predictor Fall Quarter Level II Winter Quarter Level II Spring Quarter Level II NONPROCTORED

Community Health (no proctored)

Pharmacology RN Focused RN PROCTORED

Pharmacology Health RN

Maternal Child RN

Care of Children RN Focused RN & Health RN

Maternal Child -RN

Care of Children - Leadership RN

Medical Surgical

- RN

Comprehensive Predictor RN

Focused RN Assessments:


Medical/Surgical - RN

Nursing Leadership RN

Critical Thinking EXIT

Comprehensive Predictor - RN


The Criterion Referenced Proficiency Levels

The student meeting the criterion established for Level 3: Very likely to exceed NCLEX standards in this content area. Demonstrates a higher than expected level of knowledge in this content area that confidently supports academic readiness for subsequent curricular content.

Exceed most expectations for performance in this content area. Demonstrates achievement of a level of competence needed for professional nursing practice in this content area that exceeds most expectations. Meets benchmark and does not require remediation.

The student meeting the criterion established for Level 2 : Fairly certain to meet NCLEX standards in this content area. Demonstrates a level of knowledge in this content area that more than adequately supports academic readiness for subsequent curricular content.

Exceed minimum expectations for performance in this content area. Demonstrates achievement of a satisfactory level of competence needed for professional nursing practice in this content area. Meets benchmark and does not require remediation but remediation is encouraged
ati pharmacology practice test

The student meeting the criterion establ
Son ati students handbook
ATI Students Handbook Page 1

San Francisco State University School of Nursing ATI Testing

SFSU School of Nursing (SoN) students are required to engage in the ATI learning process.Each student must procure an ATI account as a SoN student regardless of whether they have established an ATI account at another institution.

The ATI has been developed as a self-study learning methodology that requires active learning on the part of the student.Therefore, students must self-motivate to engage in the ATI process which includes online practice and proctored exams, as well as .The ATI is not intended to be taught within the nursing courses, though faculty have discretion to utilize elements of ATI in their course.

The passing score for all proctored exams (except RN Comp) is Proficiency Level 2.

The benchmark score to pass the RN Comprehensive Examination will be communicated each semester.Your grade for the ATI proctored exam will count for 10% - 25% of the applicable course grade, as determined by your course faculty of record.The grading matrix for the ATI exam can be discussed each semester with you faculty of record.

If you do not achieve the passing score on the proctored exam, you will be required to remediate your test prior to the last class meeting of the semester.The remediation requirements will be discussed each semester by the faculty of record.

As a policy, the scoring matrix for academic levels I-IV is as follows:

ATI Proficiency Level 3

Score = 9 + 1 remediation ATI Proficiency Level 2

Score = 5 + 3 remediation ATI Proficiency Level 1

Score = 4 + 3 remediation ATI Proficiency Level 1

Score = 1 + 3 remediation

This matrix was approved by the faculty at the SoN on November 24, 2008.

The scoring for the RN Comprehensive is quite different since it does not have Proficiency Levels.

ATI Students Handbook Page 2


Failure to take the proctored ATI exams and/or remediate each semester as planned will result in dismissal from the nursing program.

*Any student registered with the Disabilities department will be provided with a reasonable accommodation to take the exam.
Students must register with ATI in order to access the ATI system for these exams.Please see below for specific directions on how to accomplish the registration.If you have previously registered to take the TEAS or other ATI exams, then you will not need to register again.However, it is recommended that you sign on the ATI website and sign in using your password to ensure there will not be a problem with the registration when you sit for the exam.

If you have any problem with the registration process, call the help number listed on the site.The ATI exams will be administered each semester, including in the summer for those student cohorts that attend summer nursing courses

To Register for ATI, please follow these instructions exactly: Browser: Use internet explorer only 1- Go to 2- 3- Fill in all the information requested 4- 5- Are you MSN or BSN student-enter which one where it 6- When entering your phone # use parens around area code, then space, then rest of the phone # with NO dashes.Example: (415) 5552345 7- LOG OUT
Level 4

Fundamentals of Nursing
Mental Health

Level 2
Level 5

Adult Medical Surgical
Nursing Leadership
Level 3

Nursing Care of Children

Maternal Newborn Nursing

ATI Students Handbook Page 3

ATI Exams Informational Summary

Fundamentals for Nursing Practice

This 60-itefundamental principles for nursing practice.

Concepts assessed include: 1) foundations of practice (e.g.

growth and development, communication principles, cultural assessment and sensitivity, health promotion and disease prevention principles, client education principles, and professional accountability aspects of the RN role, including scope of practice, legal responsibilities, and ethical principles); 2) basic nursing care (e.g.basic nursing skills and client safety measures); 3) support of psychosocial needs (e.g.end-of-life, self concept, and stress response); 4) support of physiologic needs (e.g.client assessment and safety precautions during basic nursing procedures); and 5) health assessment (e.g.

assessment of vital signs and general and system specific assessments).Nursing Pharmacology

This 60-pharmacologic principles and knowledge of prototype drugs.Concepts assessed include: basic pharmacologic principles (e.g.pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, safe medication administration across the lifespan, and medication error prevention) and knowledge related to the safe administration and monitoring of prototype drugs that are used to treat infections, pain, and inflammation and that affect the blood, immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, digestive, endocrine, reproduction, and nervous systems.Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing

This 90-medical-surgical nursing principles related to the care of clients with cardiovascular, fluid and electrolyte, reproductive, respiratory, renal, endocrine, digestive, integumentary, musculoskeletal, and neurosensory disorders and lymph, immune, and infectious disorders.Assessed principles include: the effective use of all steps in the nursing process, therapeutic and effective communication skills, client education principles, cultural competence, related pharmacology and nutrition knowledge, and a holistic approach to health promotion and disease prevention.Maternal Newborn Nursing

Proctored Assessments

Number of Questions

Time Allotment

Fundamentals for Nursing Practice


60 minutes

Nursing Pharmacology


60 minutes

Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing


90 minutes

Maternal Newborn Nursing
Getting ready to take this proctored ati pharmacology exam . These tests are always the worsttttttt
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