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Authentic colt 45 for sale

Part of the Classic line of revolvers, the Smith & Wesson model 25 revolver is chambered in .45 Colt and finished in bright blue. Grips are traditional square butt .
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OLD SCHOOL Cool! This is the real deal, unaltered. colt 1911, WWI manufacture (1918) 45 ACP. I have gone though the research and this 1911, manufactured in 1918, is ...
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Part of the Classic line of revolvers, the Smith & Wesson model 25 revolver is chambered in .45 colt and finished in bright blue. Grips are traditional square butt ...
authentic colt 45 for saleauthentic colt 45 for saleauthentic colt 45 for sale
Unusual weapons 2
Concealment Methods for Weapons and/or Contraband 3rd Edition

Thanks to the assistance of

MAGLOCLEN, and many other

local and state agencies, this

compilation of unusual or unique

weapons or locations of concealment

Wendy Kierstead 207-725-5521 x143 wkierstd@brunswickpd.orgBrunswick, Me.040114)

Motorcycle mounted firearm 6)

Folding Handgun 7)

Tire Gauge Firearm 8)

Grad 22 Hybrid Knife-Gun 9)

Cellphone Gun
Trigger Controller 15)

Motorcycle Oil Tank Knife
Hairbrush Dagger
Polymer Plastic Knife 17)

Key Knife 40)

Covert Cuff Key
Bloodsucking Pen
Magic Marker Pot Pipe 44)

Pepper Spray Ring 45)

Belt Buckle Handcuff Key
Safety Pin Key 47)

Petroleum Jelly

Drugs Dissolved in Vitamin Syrup Pg.1

BANGSTICK ADAPTED FO The following info was passed on to us from MDEA in Houlton, Maine & the US Border Patrol: A deputy sheriff in Palm Beach County Florida recently arrested a man in possession of a bangstick, measuring 4-5/8 in length with a 1- barrel and capable of firing either a single .38 cal.short Colt, .38 special or .357 magnum cartridge.

This device is intended for use by fishermen and scuba divers to kill sharks and alligators.

When used in such a way it is attached to a threaded pole and then used as a prod to hit the target.

A very slight tap at the end of the barrel will cause the device to discharge.The bangstick is considered a firearm.

ATF has classified this device as an any other weapon that is prosecutable by 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines under Title 26, Section 5871.These devices can be found at almost any scuba or diving accessories shop.

Officers should be extremely cautious when handling these devices; they can discharge simply by being tapped on the barrel end.

In addition, its appearance is deceiving and can lead an officer to discount it as a dangerous weapon.It is a triggerless device that can easily be mistaken for a tool or some other harmless article.
INCREDIBLY REALISTIC REPLICA WEAPONS During the months of October and November of 2002 several incidents were covered by the police in Brunswick (Maine)

where replica handguns were found either on a suspect or in their

vehicles or residences.

(In two of these cases the suspects

involved were convicted felons.)

This replica phenomenon appears to be escalating and it bears

mentioning that many of these weapons are made of metals

that are EXTREMELY realistic.

A replica Glock seized in November had the same characteristics AND WEIGHT of a real weapon and the only way an untrained eye

could tell the difference would be to look down the barrel.

authentic colt 45 for sale


This holster-on-a-chain is currently available on through various websites and can hold a North American or Freedom Arms .22LR or .22 Magnum mini-revolver.

Similar holsters can be custom designed to fit other weapons.

The same websites also sell neck holsters for knives.

This small but potentially deadly weapon looks like a normal 4-inch mini flashlight, but in fact it's a gun capable of firing a .380 round.

The gun is loaded by unscrewing the front lens area and inserting a single round.

When the back end of the flashlight is screwed closed the firing pin, which runs the length of the less than 2-inch-long shaft, is held in place putting the gun on *safety.* When the back end is unscrewed, the firing pin is freed - rendering the gun fire-ready.

The pin automatically releases itself when it's pulled back and discharges the round.

(This commercially available firearm also comes with a blunt metal end that can be used to replace the lens cap area so the weapon looks like a mini Kubotan.)

Please pay CLOSE ATTENTION to all mini flashlights you encounter!


From Hamilton, New Jersey:

On August 6, 2002 a Patrol Officer from the Township of Hamilton PD (Atlantic County, NJ) stopped a Harley Davidson motorcycle for suspected OUI.

The driver of the motorcycle turned the handlebars to the right and got off the motorcycle.

After the primary tests were performed the driver was arrested for OUI.A search of the saddlebags revealed the colors of the Krooked Eye Hawgs to which the motorcyclist serves as the Arms.The reason for this alert

Wrapped under a leather jacket and strapped to the handlebars with two quick release bungee cords was a pistol grip 12ga.pump shotgun.

The shotgun had one round in the chamber, five rounds in the magazine tube, and six rounds clipped to the stock.

The weapon was ready to fire.

After local authorities spoke with several other riders, it was discovered that the normal position for the handlebars when stopped is to the LEFT, not the right as Ingersoll had turned his.

The weapon was positioned so it could have been fired by pulling the trigger (left side) and pointing the barrel (right side) towards a target.

By turning his handlebars to the right, the barrel was pointing in the general direction of the approaching officers.

Luckily the backup officers approached at a bad angle so there were no injuries.


Finding pieces of metal pipe and tubing like these

on a suspect may indicate the makings of a zip gun,

among the most common improvised firearms.

Here a .357 Magnum round or similar cartridge is

inserted snugly into the smaller-diameter tube.

That "loaded" tube is then inserted into the larger

pipe, which has an end cap with a piece of pointed

metal inside it.When a suspect slams the end cap

back against a hard surface, the pointed metal

strikes the primer of the ro
More authentic 'biblicum' (1495)"451"!? WOW! (KILTCOLT(K-A-L-TH="TALK!?" WHOA!
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