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Bir form 2316 income tax

Annual Income Tax Return BIR Form 1700 - Your One Stop Site for Philippine Government Public Domain Application Forms.
Bir Form 2316 - Scribd
The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has required all employers to submit the duplicate copy of bir form 2316 (Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax …
Bir 2012 Interactive Forms For Income Tax (1700, 1701 ...
The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued this month of February the Revenue Regulations No. 2-2014 prescribing the New income tax forms that will be used in …
Submission Of Hard Copy Of Bir Form 2316 Certificate Of ...
Nov 12, 2011 · Philippine use. Download as MS Excel file. Use this template to speed up filing of individual income tax (while the forms are not yet changed).
Bir Form 2316 And 1700 Template - Scribd
Relative to the issuance of the bir of Revenue Regulation (RR) No. 19-2011, tax payers are now required to use new income tax forms. The new forms include:
New Bir Income Tax Forms (rr No. 2-2014) - Bookkeeping ...
Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld bir form 2316. For Compensation Payment With or Without tax Withheld. It appears your Web browser …
Philippine Forms - Annual Income Tax Return Bir Form 1700
BIR 2316 — Quick facts Purpose. A certificate given to employees annually showing income and withholding tax paid by an employee with the total taxes withheld and ...
Bir 2316 — Salary Taxes Summary Certificate ...
New and Revised income tax Return bir forms. Feb 17, 2012 by Victorino Abrugar at taxation. taxpayers who are required to file their income tax returns under the tax ...
Certificate Of Compensation Payment/tax Withheld Bir Form 2316
Annual income tax Return bir form 1700 - Your One Stop Site for Philippine Government Public Domain Application forms
bir form 2316 income taxbir form 2316 income taxbir form 2316 income tax
DLN: 1

For the Year
12For the Period

( YYYY )From

(MM/DD)Part IEmployee InformationPart IVDetails of Compensation Income and Tax Withheld from Present Employer3 No.A.

Non-Taxable/Exempt Compensation Income4 Employee's Name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)5RDO Code2513th Month Pay and25 Other Benefits26SSS, GSIS, PHIC &

Pag-ibig266 Registered Address6A Zip Code Contributions, & Union dues27Salaries & Other Forms of27 Compensation6B Local Home Address6C Zip Code28Total Non-Taxable/Exempt28 Compensation Income Foreign Address6E Zip CodeB.Taxable Compensation Income7

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)8

Telephone Number29Basic Salary299

Exemption Status30 Single
Head of the Family9A

Is the wife claiming the additional exemption for qualified dependent of Qualified Dependent Children

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)32Cost of Living Allowance3233Fixed Housing Allowance3334Others (Specify)12Other Dependent

(to be accomplished if taxpayer is head of the family) 34A34A
Name of Dependent

Relationship 34B34BPart IIEmployer Information (Present)13

Identification No.14 Employer's Name 36Profit 3715 Registered Address15A Zip code38Taxable 13th Month Pay 38and Other Benefits39Hazard Pay39main employersecondary employer40Others (Specify)Part IIIEmployer Information (Previous)-116 Taxpayer40A

Identification No.17 Employer's Name 40B40BTotal Taxable Compensation4118 Registered Address Zip codeTaxable Compensation Income42Employer Information (Previous)-2from Present Employer19 Taxpayer1943Add:

Taxable Compensation 43

Identification No.

from Previous Employer (s)20 Employer's Name 44Gross Taxable 44Compensation Income45Less: Total Exemptions4521 Registered Address21A Zip code46Less: Premium Paid onHealth and/or Hospital46Insurance (If applicable)Employer Information (Previous)-347Taxable 4722

Identification No.48Tax Due4823 Employer's Name49A

Present Employer49A24 Registered Address24A Zip code49B

Previous Employer(s)49BTotal Amount of TaxesI declare, under the penalties of perjury, that this certificate has been made in good faith, verified by us, and to the best of our knowledge and belief, is true and correct pursuant to the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and the regulations issued under authority thereof.51Present Employer/ Authorized Agent Signature Over Printed NameCONFORME:52Date SignedCTC No.of EmployeePlace of Issue
Date of IssueI declare, under the penalties of perjury,

that the information herein stated are reported

I declare,under the penalties of perjury that I am qualified under substituted filing of

under BIR Form No.1604CF which have been filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.Income Tax Returns(BIR Form No.1700), since I received purely compensation .for

the calendar

year; that

taxes have been correctly withheld by my employer (tax due equals tax withheld);

that the

BIR Form

53No.1604CF filed by


employer to the BIR shall constitute as my income tax return;and that BIR Form No.

2316 shall serve the same purpose as if BIR Form No.1700

had been filed pursuant to the provisions of RR 3-2002, as amended.54Date SignedEmployee Signature Over Printed NameAmount PaidPresent Employer/ Authorized Agent Signature Over Printed Name(Head of Accounting/ Human Resource or Authorized Representative)Employee Signature Over Printed NameTo be accomplished under substituted filingRepublika ng PilipinasKagawaran ng PananalapiKawanihan ng Rentas InternasCertificate of CompensationPayment/Tax WithheldFor Compensation Payment With or Without Tax WithheldOctober 2002 (ENCS)BIR Form No.Compensation Income49

Amount of Taxes Withheld

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY).
(To be filled up by the BIR)


Fill in all applicable spaces.Mark all appropriate boxes with an “X”.1For the Year2

Amended Return3

bir form 2316 income tax

of sheets attached4Compensation Earner(YYYY)Marginal Income EarnerPart I
B a c k g r o u n d

I n f o r m a t i o n



Code9Taxpayer's Name

(Last Name, First Name,

Middle Name)

10Spouse's Name

(Last Name, First Name,

Middle Name)11Registered Address

12Registered Address13 Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)


Zip Code15Telephone Number

16 Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
17 Zip Code
18 Telephone Number 19Exemption Status

Number of Qualified

19BIs the wife claiming the additional exemption for Single

Head of the Childrenqualified dependent children? Yes
Computation of Tax

Spouse20Gross Taxable Compensation Income

(Schedule 1)


20BOther Taxable Income (Non-business/Non-profession IncomeIncluding Net

Income of Marginal Income Income (Sum of Personal & Additional

Exemptions (Schedule paid on health and/or hospitalization insurance

not to exceed P2,400 per year.

(See (Sum of Items 24A & 24C/24B & 24D)


24F25 Taxable Income (Item 23A less Item 24E/ Item 23B less Item 24F)


25B26Tax Due


[Aggregate Tax Due -

(Sum of Items 26A and 26B)]26CLess:Tax Credits/Payments
Tax Withheld Per BIR Form No. Tax Paid in Return Previously Filed, if this is an > Total Tax Credits/Payments (Sum of Items > 27D, 27F)28Tax Payable (Overpayment)(Item 26A less Item 27G/ Item 26B less Item 27H)


28B29Add: > Total Penalties (Sum of Items 29A,29C & 29E/29B,

29D, & 29F)


29H30Total Amount Payable/(Overpayment)(Sum of Items 28A &


29G / 28B

& 29H)Aggregate Amount Payable/(Overpayment)(Sum of Items 30A & 30B)30C31
Less: Amount Paid in this Return/First Installment 3132Amount Still Due on or before July 15, if taxpayer is allowed to pay by installment 32
I declare, under the penalties of perjury, that this return has been made in good faith, verified by me, and to the best of my knowledge and belief,is true and correct, pursuant to the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and regulations issued under authority thereof.`33
Taxpayer/Authorized Agent (Signature over Printed Name)Community Tax Certificate No.
Place of Issue Date of Issue (MM/DD/YYYY)
of ReceivingPart IIID e t a i l s

o f

P a y m e n tOffice and

Drawee of Receipt38 Cash/Bank

Debit Check
Tax ..&# Validation/Revenue Official Receipt Details (If not filed with the bank)BIR Form No.Republika ng PilipinasKagawaran ng PananalapiKawanihan ng Rentas InternasFor Individuals Earning Compensation Income(Including Non-Business / Non-Profession Related Income)Annual IncomeTax Return October 2001 ( 1I



4 0ATCOther 1 Schedule 1
Gross Compensation Income

and Tax WithheldBIR Form 1700 (ENCS)-Page 2Tax WithheldCompensation IncomeName of 2
Qualified Dependent ChildrenBirth DateBirth Date

(MM/DD/YYYY)Other Dependents (to be acomplished if taxpayer is Head of the Family)NameBirth to Taxpayer
TAX TABLEIf Taxable Income is:Tax Due is:If Taxable Income is:Tax Due is:Not over P


5 % not >+ 10 %

of the excess over

P 10,000Over

P 140,000

but not over

P >+ 25 %

of the excess over

P not >+ 15 %

of the

excess over P 30,000Over

P 250,000

but not over

P >+ 30 %

of the excess over

P not over

P >+ 20 %

of the excess over

P 70,000Over

P 500,000

P 125,000

+ 34 %

of the excess over

P 500,000Note : Effective January 1, 1999, the maximum rate will be changed to 33% and 32% on January 1, 2000.BIR Form 1700 - Annual Income

Tax ReturnGuidelines and InstructionsWho Shall FileThis return shall be filed, in triplicate copies, by every resident citizen deriving compensation income from all sources, or resident alien and non-resident citizen with respect to compensation income from within the Philippines, except the following:1.An individual whose gross compensation income does not exceed his total personal andadditional exemptions;2.An individual whose compensation income derived from one employer does not exceedP60,000 and the income tax on which has been correctly withheld;3.An individual whose income has been subjected to final withholding tax (alien employeeas well as Filipino employee occupying the same position as that of the alien employee ofregional or area headquarters and regional operating headquarters of multinational com-panies, petroleum service contractors and sub-contractors, and offshore banking units;non-resident alien not engaged in trade or business); and4.

An individual who is exempt from income tax.Married individuals shall file a single return for the taxable year to include the income ofboth spouses, separately computing their individual income tax based on their respective taxablecompensation income.

Where it is impracticable for the spouses to file one return,

each spousemay file a separate return.When and Where to FileThe income tax return with a tax payable shall be filed with any Authorized Agent Bank(AAB) of the Revenue District Office where the taxpayer is required to register/or where the tax-payer has his legal residence or place of office in the Philippines.In places where there are noAABs, the return shall be filed with the Revenue Collection Officer or duly Authorized City orMunicipal Treasurer.If taxpayer has no legal residence or
Hi. Kindly provide also your latest Income Tax Return/BIR form 2316 with PAYSLIPS of the last (cont)
Hi. Kindly provide also your latest Income Tax Return/BIR form 2316 with PAYSLIPS of the last (cont)
FM Preview: Birmingham City v Barnsley 22 Sep 2012 - FootyMad attempt to assist you with their form guide as Bir
Need to send my Form 1905 via fax asapa to BIR Pangasinan kasi my TIN is registered there. Need to change reg. add. from Pang. to Mla.
Hi. Kindly provide also your latest Income Tax Return/BIR form 2316 with PAYSLIPS of the last (cont)
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