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Blowout preventer animation

A couple weeks ago, I pointed to a U.K. Parliamentary study that found that hydraulic fracturing – a method that’s enabling greater production of natural gas in .
Deepwater Horizon Blowout Animation - Youtube
An independent federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public, and the environment.
Investigating The Cause Of The Deepwater Horizon Blowout ...
May 03, 2010 · Cameron blowout preventer One of the first pieces of safety equipment designed for oil and gas production, the blowout preventer (BOP) is a large valve at ...
Deepwater Horizon Blowout Animation - Safety Videos ...
The 11-minute animation illustrates how the Deepwater Horizon’s blowout preventer failed to seal the well on the night of the accident because drill pipe buckled ...
Csb Releases New Computer Animation Of 2010 Deepwater ...
Jun 21, 2010 · Inside the blowout preventer. The blowout preventer is a five-story structure that contains devices that allow well operators to maintain control of the well.
Offshore Blowout Preventer (bop): Companies & Equipment
The blowout preventer (BOP) that was intended to shut off the flow of high-pressure oil and gas from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico during the disaster on the ...
Facts On The Hydraulic Fracturing Process | Exxonmobil's ...
1 Geschichte und Beschreibung; 2 Unfall und Ölpest. 2.1 Unfallhergang; 2.2 Versagen des blowout-Preventers; 2.3 Vorwürfe gegenüber BP; 2.4 Vorwürfe gegen Halliburton
Deepwater Horizon – Wikipedia
The first attempts to stop the oil spill were to use remotely operated underwater vehicles to close the blowout preventer valves on the well head; however, all these ...
Csb Animation Details Deepwater Horizon Blowout - …
A couple weeks ago, I pointed to a U.K. Parliamentary study that found that hydraulic fracturing – a method that’s enabling greater production of natural gas in ...
blowout preventer animationblowout preventer animationblowout preventer animation
Ram Type Blowout PreventerMODEL100BOPQBOP.The Only Sensible AlternativeTable of ContentsIntroductionQuality Blowout PreventerProduct SpecificationsDimensionsTandem Booster - Dimensions8BOPIntroductionQBOP.The Only Sensible Alternative.QBOP Pte Ltd (QBOP) is a spinoff of the renowed Singapore repair facility STSA (Stork TechnologyServices Asia Pte Ltd).STSA has almost 30 years of in-house experience in refurbishing Bops of all sizes and makes, usingstate-of-the-art procedures and machinery.STSAs distinguished list of global clientele includes renowned players in the oil drilling industry.Through client feedback, as well as technological developments and breakthroughs over the lastdecades, QBOP was established to specialise in the design, manufacture and marketing of BlowoutPreventer for oil and gas drilling and production.World - class facilities, World- class - leading innovationsQBOP is strategically located in Singapore within close proximity to well-known rig builders such asKeppel Fels.

The manufacturing facility making the QBOPs products is

fully equipped withcomprehensive range of state-of-the-art machineries which integrate our design and engineering.All our BOPs are stringently tested accordance to the API 16A in our factory to meet the exactingdemands of our global customers.Customers have full access to our facilities to witness the manufacturing process of their equipmentas well as the testing of the bops or stack at all times.This adds to the customers confidence in ourmanufacturing practices, as well as our delivery of high standard products.2BOPQBOP Ram Style Blowout PreventerEngineered for high performance surface drilling and well interventionPrecisely forged out of special alloy high strength steel, QBOP Ram Style Blowout Preventer have an ultraresilient body that is heat treated and ultrasonic tested, with each component rigorously tested for forgingdeficiencies.Our forging processes are stringently monitored by ABS to ensure the highest quality, reliability anddurability.In addition, our BOPs are API 16A monogrammed, fulfilling and exceeding the requirements ofthe latest editions.Available in bore sizes ranging from 11 to 21 1/4, QBOP Ram Style Blowout Preventer are engineered foroperating pressures ranging from 2,000 to 15,000 PSI.As they are also designed for HS service incompliance with NACE MR 01-75, all areas exposed to corrosion such as ring grooves and sealing facesare overlaid with Inconel.To meet the ever increasing challenges of pipe shearing, QBOP Ram Style Blowout Preventer

can befitted with large bore shear bonnet assemblies with tandem boosters.A mechanical locking system is fittedon each bonnet assembly to ensure that the blowout preventer remains closed in case of loss of hydraulicclosing pressure
blowout preventer animation
.Quality Blowout PreventerKey features and parts for effective inventory controlAll components made from Special Alloy Forged Steel underABS supervisionProtective coatingInconel inlay on exposed surfaces for lasting protectionagainst corrosionOptional Offset Design allows easier access to lower ramblockOne size of booster can fit to 13 5/8 5,000 PSI WP, 13 5/810,000 PSI WP, 20 3/4 3,000 PSI WP and 21 1/4 2,000 PSIWP MODEL 100/ 100X BopsRam Blocks fitted with highly resistant wear pads to decreasewear on relevant surfaces3Our outstanding line-up designed to raise performanceMODEL 100Single and Double Ram Style Blowout PreventerMade from Special Alloy forged steel, API 16A monogrammed to thelatest edition.Designed with interchangeable parts for effective inventorycontrol.MODEL 100XOffset Design Double Ram Style Blowout PreventerThe unorthodox design from QBOP, have its top ramcompartment offset at 45 from the bottom ram compartmentto facilitate easy ram block maintenance.Other related products and servicesReplacement partsA comprehensive range of Ram Assembly, Repair Kits and Ram Rubbers are also manufactured atour own quality seal making facility under the most stringently controlled environment.All parts areinterchangeable with the prevailing equipment currently used in the field.QBOP Tandem Booster Assembly Packages (JPB 101)Engineered to enhance the shearing performance of ram-type blowout preventers,QBOP Tandem Booster can serve as a retrofit package to one of your existingBOPs or as an option on the QBOP MODEL 100 or 100X.Our retrofit packages make shearing high grade drilling pipe effortless whilemaintaining the operational integrity of our BOP.QBOP can provide retrofitpackages for BOPs ranging from bore sizes 11 to 21.Benefits of QBOP Tandem Booster Assembly Packages:Ram blowout preventers can shear stronger and thicker walls pipes.Easy to install and service in the field.One size of booster can fit to 13 5/8 5,000 PSI WP, 13 5/8 10,000 PSIWP, 20 3/4 3,000 PSI WP and 21 1/4 2,000 PSI WP MODEL 100/ 100XBops.BOPQuality Blowout Preventer4BOP11 3,000 PSI4.054.17287.3:12.5:111 5,000 PSI4.054.17287.3:12.5:111 10,000 PSI4.054.17287.3:12.5:111 15,000 PSI5.75.8329.8:12.2:113 - 5/8 5,000 PSI6.557.18337.0:12.3:113 - 5/8 10,000 PSI6.67.1337.0:12.3:113 - 5/8 15,000 PSI 10.410.64510.6:13.6:118-3/4 10,000 PSI21.323.1547.4:13.7:120 - 3/4 3,000 PSI99.6467.0:11.3:121 - 1/4 2,000 PSI99.6467.0:11.3:121-1/4 5,000 PSI27.330547.2:14.0:121-1/4 10,000 PSI2729.7517.2:14.0:126-3/4 3,000 PSI10.110.8587.0:11.0:1Bore size & WorkingPressureGals to Open PipeRamsGals to Close PipeRamsLocking Screw TurnsClosing RatioOpening RatioStandard Bonnet Operating Data and Fluid Requirements11 3,000 PSI6.872712.0:14.8:111 5,000 PSI6.872712.0:14.8:111 10,000 PSI6.872712.0:14.8:113 - 5/8 5,000 PSI10.510.93212.0:14.5:113 - 5/8 10,000 PSI10.510.93210.8:14.5:113 - 5/8 15,000 PSI16.116.24516.2:16.0:120 - 3/4 3,000 PSI14.314.94610.8:11.7:121 - 1/4 2,000 PSI14.314.94610.8:11.7:1Bore size & WorkingPressureGals to Open PipeRamsGals to Close PipeRamsLocking Screw TurnsClosing RatioOpening RatioLarge Bore Shear Bonnet Operating Data and Fluid RequirementsProduct (in)*A1(in)B (in)**C (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)H (in)Wt ( - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - and Double Blowout Preventer Dimensions and WeightsThe above apply to the standard specifications to QBOP ram type blowout preventer.QBOP blowout preventers have clearly labelled CLOSE and OPEN ports located on its body.The connectors to the hydraulic operating system are 1 NPT (customisation will be available upon request),with all API ring groove provided with Inconel Inlay.please consult our QBOP representative.Dimensions*A1 - Length when bonnets are opened and locking screws are unlocked** C - Width with no side outletsSingle Ram BOPDouble Ram SizeA1(in)C1(in)G1(in)I1 (in)Wt(kg)13 - - - - - Booster - Dimensions8I1G1C1QBOP Pte LtdNo.

22 Jalan Terusan Singapore 619299Tel: 65 6265 8806Fax: 65 6265 3394E-mail: sales@qualitybop.comWebsite:
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Continued: Enhanced Subsea Blow out Preventer (BOP) Stack Testing
The blowout preventer never closed well properly and automatic function didnt work.
I uploaded a video Blowout Preventer - Wiki Article
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