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Cambridge igcse past exam papers

CIE IGCSE Past Papers and Exams! in Academic Guidance is being discussed at Physics Forums.
Cambridge Igcse Past Exam Papers | Igcse Centre
Posts about cambridge International examinations igcse English Language 0500 past papers written by Mohammad Younis Farid
Cambridge Igcse Past Papers | Online Exam Help
Click on the logo to access past exam papers for cambridge igcse. past exam papers For cambridge igcse (click on the above logo)
Cambridge International Examinations Igcse English ...
2:08 pm - Monday August 19, 9275 Home; past papers. cambridge past papers. CIE / O-Level; cambridge igcse; cambridge A&As-Level
Cambridge Past Papers | Online Exam Help
Cambridge igcse past papers Users can free download all updated past papers, Syllabus, Mark Scheme, Instructions and examiner Report of cambridge igcse past papers:-
Past Exam Papers | Igcse Centre
O Level past papers. Please scroll below to choose the subject, then choose between Edexcel and CIE
Cie Igcse Past Papers And Exams! - Physics Forums
Top Searches . This is official portal for CIE or cambridge International examination. This examination is conduct for 14 to 19 years old boys ...
Cie Cambridge Past Papers, Exams, A And O Levles, Results ...
You are here: John Witney > igcse Spanish > igcse past papers
Ol Past Papers | Igcse Egypt - Igcse Teachers - Igcse ...
CIE igcse past papers and exams! in Academic Guidance is being discussed at Physics Forums
cambridge igcse past exam paperscambridge igcse past exam paperscambridge igcse past exam papers
Pakistan exam cambridge igcse
Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE- Past Paper Order Form Ordering examinations material is a 4-step process.Please complete all four steps before sending in your order.Step 1: Customer Contact DetailsPlease ensure that your contact details are accurate to prevent any delays in receiving photocopy orders.


Mailing > Step 2: Complete the Photocopy Order FormInstructions on Completing the Order Form Available papers are indicated by a tick under the session date; boxes that are shaded grey indicate that the paper is not avaiPlease select the papers that you would like to order by circling the appropriate box.For example, if you want the Biology Paper 1 from June 2007, your form would look like: Subject Paper No.Jun-07 Nov-07 Biology Paper 1 Please circle the papers you would like to order.Grey boxes indicate that the paper is not availableSubject Code No.Nov 2007 Jun Nov Jun 2009 Nov 2009 Jun 2010 Business Studies 0450 Chemistry 0620 Chemistry 0620 Economics 0455 Economics 0455 Economics 0455 First Language English 0500 First Language English 0500 English As A Second Language 0510 attach your copy of the British Council bank deposit slip with this order form.

Customers are advised to keep a photocopy of the British Council bank deposit slip and the order form for their own reference.Please complete this table after making the payment at the bank: British Council bank account number at which the photocopy fee was deposited (please consult the British Council bank Account Details printed above) Name of the bank at which the photocopy fee was deposited

Address of the bank at which the photocopy fee was deposited British Council Bank Deposit slip number

Date on which the photocopy fee was deposited at the bank Step 4:

Mailing the Order Form and British Council Bank Deposit SlipPlease mail this order form and the British Council bank deposit slip to the British Council office by courier.NERCBritish Council 65 Mozang Road P.O.Box 88 Lahore 54650 Please note that all orders will be processed within 10 days of receiving the order form and sent back to customers through courier.

For any further information, please write to: or call us on our toll free number 080022000.
Cie catalog
32 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 17Page 1Page 2 Please complete and return to:TitleExtended TotalUNITED STATESWest Nyack, NY 10994-2133Toll Free: 800 872 7423

Fax: 845 348 4545Georgetown Terminal Warehouse34 Armstrong AvenueToll Free: 800 837 5364

Fax: 905 873 / PROVINCE
ZIP / POSTAL CODE20The Cambridge World Atlas is a new, richly informative atlas that oers instructive insights to the complex issues and processes of the modern world.Features of the book to read and interpret to read index listing over 20,000 place and feature namesNEW!Klett-PerthesCambridge World Atlas

176 pp.IGCSE: For MathematicsPicture Collection CD-ROMs: Ado About and You like Merchant of Venice A Midsummer Night’s screen from Picture Collection CD-ROM: The TempestCambridge School ShakespearePICTURE COLLECTION CD-ROMSCAMBRIDGE PICTURE COLLECTION CD-ROMSThe Cambridge Picture Collection CD-ROMs are a fantastic collection of production photographs from a wide range of stage and lm versions of Shakespeare’s plays.Online tour available at: worksheet (top) and lesson plan (bottom) from Picture Collection CD-ROM: The Tempest18For a copy of an order form and price list, please visit: : For MathematicsDiscovering Shakespeare’s LanguageRex Gibson Discovering Shakespeare’s Languagephotocopiable resource that can be used to introduce students to Shakespeare, as well as for students who are involved in more advanced study.Discovering Shakespeare’s Language

148 Language CD-ROMRex GibsonThis is an electronic version of Shakespeare’s Language and includes the same worksheets in an editable format.Shakespeare’s Language more resources, visit our web North Face of ShakespeareJames StredderThe North Face of Shakespeare is the perfect resource for all teachers interested in the active approach to Shakespeare.It features over 200 activities, exercises, and games for use in teaching the plays.It brings together the ideas of a wide range of practitioners and draws on the author’s many years of experience in the eld.TEACHER RESOURCESFollowing the principles of active learning that underpin Cambridge School Shakespeare, these resources will support teachers and help make teaching Shakespeare fun and enjoyable.The North Face of Shakespeare

280 pp.

Teaching ShakespeareRex GibsonThis handbook for teachers is a major contribution to the knowledge and expertise of all teachers of Shakespeare.It makes explicit the principles of active learning which are at the heart of Cambridge School Shakespeare and helps teachers to develop their skills through practical examples.Teaching Shakespeare

258 pp.NEW!For a copy of an order form and price list, please visit: School ShakespeareTEACHER RESOURCESIGCSE: For Mathematics1716Each title in the new edition features:A stunning eight-page, full-color section packed with production photographs — there’s no better way to bring the play to life and motivate studentsNew and revised activities throughout to refresh and update this trusted, well-established seriesAn enlarged, fully illustrated section featuring new notes and activities suitable for a wide range of ages and abilitiesAn enlarged glossary providing extra support with the language of ShakespeareNew black-and-white photographs throughout, from the widest selection of stage and lm interpretations of the playsCambridge School ShakespeareFor a copy of an order form and price list, please visit: EditionAs You Like pp.

Julius pp.

King Richard pp.

The Merchant of pp.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream...172 pp.

Much Ado About Nothing...196 pp.

Romeo and pp.

The Taming of the Shrew196 pp.

The pp.

Twelfth pp.
First Edition still availableAll’s Well That Ends Well....188 pp.

Antony and pp.

The Comedy of pp.

King Henry IV Part pp.

King Henry IV Part pp.

King Henry pp.

King pp.

King Richard pp.

Measure for pp.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona156 pp.

The Winter’s pp.

1615New EditionPutting drama center stageAbout Cambridge School ShakespeareShakespeare wrote his plays to be performed and brought to life before an audience
cambridge igcse past exam papers

Using an active approach, the new edition of Cambridge School Shakespeare ensures that students engage directly with Shakespeare’s language, characters, and stories.Cambridge School Shakespeare treats each play as a script to be

actively and imaginatively brought to life.The activities encourage students to ask their own questions, to create and justify their own meanings, and to develop a genuine sense of ownership of the play.Cambridge School Shakespeare encourages active, shared participation, to help students nd dramatically eective ways to explore Shakespeare’s imaginative world.Students can choose from a variety of activities — from performance and discussion to extended essays and assignments — to ensure that their responses are informed and personal.

Everything in the new edition invites and encourages imaginative exploration.Each title ensures an informed and creative response in the knowledge that studying Shakespeare and enjoying Shakespeare go hand in hand.Cambridge School ShakespeareNEW!NEW!NEW!.
G info

2013 (Position as of October 2012) NTRODUCTIONExamination Full Names Targets Levels General Certificate of Education Examinations

International candidates O Level (Nepali only) AS/A


General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations Mainly UK candidates Single level IGCSE grades A* A B C London Examinations, GCE/GCSE/IGCSE Edexcel International University of Cambridge International Examinations, University of Cambridge International Schools interested in becoming Edexcel sub-centres for submitting student entries for the GCSE Chinese examination should complete and submit the Centre Recognition Application Form to the HKEAA before 1 September in the year preceding the examination.Prior to approval by Edexcel, Edexcel will arrange for a one-off sub-centre inspection for ensuring that the sub-centre has suitable premises for teaching purposes and the teachers are aware of the needs of the new specifications.Registration details will be sent to all GCE/GCSE/IGCSE participating schools before the scheduled registration period.GCEXAMINATIONS(a) School Candidates School candidates should submit their entry forms through their school heads.Schools wishing to present candidates for the GCE/GCSE/IGCSE examinations must be a registered school with the Education Bureau.

Schools may write to the HKEAA to apply for becoming a GCE/GCSE/IGCSE participating school.A copy of the registration certificate and fees certificate issued by the Education Bureau should be attached to the application.Registration details will be sent to all GCE/GCSE/IGCSE participating schools before the scheduled registration period.(b) Private Candidates Private candidates should submit their entry forms to the HKEAA.Registration in person will take place at Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, San Po Kong Office, 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon.

About one week before the postal registration period, the Entry Form and the Notes for Persons Entering for the Examination will be availablat the Authoritys web-site ( and the following offices: San Po Kong Office : 3/F, 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon (Registration & Distribution of Entry forms) Wanchai Office : 12/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Distribution of Entry forms ONLY(C)ERIODRegistration Period Private candidate Examination Examination Date School candidate (through school) By Post In Person London Examinations, GCSE (Chinese only) May/June 2013Early December 2012Jan/Feb 2013Early September 2012Late August 2012 Early September 2012London Examinations, IGCSE May/June 2013 Early December 2012 Late November 2012 Early December 2012Jan/Feb 2013Early September 2012Late August 2012 Early September 2012London Examinations, GCE AS/AL May/June 2013 Early December 2012 Late November 2012 Early December 2012Oct/Nov 2012 Late June 2012 Early July 2012 University of Cambridge International Examinations, IGCSEMay/June 2013 Early December 2012 Late November 2012 Early December 2012Oct/Nov 2012 Late June 2012 Early July 2012 University of Cambridge International Examinations, GCE O Level (Nepali only), GCE AS/ALMay/June 2013 Early December 2012 Late November 2012 Early December 2012APERSCopies of the Syllabuses and Past Question Papers for the GCE/IGCSE Examination are available for purchase at the Publications Unit, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, G/F, 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon.

Syllabuses are also available on the awarding bodies websites.NQUIRIES Telephone No.

: 3628 8761 / 3628 8787

Facsimile No.: 3628 8790 E-mail Address : Website : / UBJECTS FFERED THROUGH THE The HKEAA only administers the subjects in GCE, IGCSE and GCSE which have a general demand in Hong Kong.ONDON XAMINATIONS A/ASSubject January May/Jun A Level only: Law N/A

AS Level and A Level: Accounting Arabic N/A Biology Business Studies Chemistry Chinese N/A

Economics General Studies Geography Government & Politics Greek N/A Japanese N/A Mathematics Further Mathematics Pure Mathematics

Psychology NTERNATIONAL XAMINATIONS Subject May/Jun Oct/Nov A Level only: Accounting Business Studies Chinese N/A

Economics Geography Mathematics Further Mathematics

Psychology Sociology

AS Level only: English Language


IGCSE 2009/2011 spec.Subject May/JunMay/Jun January Accounting

Arabic (First Language)

Art & Design :

Fine Art

N/A Art & Design :

Graphic Design

N/A Biology

Human Biology

Business Studies

N/A / Mandarin)

N/A Language (Specification A, Route 1)

note 4

English Language (Specification B)

note 4

English as a Second Language

N/A English Literature (Route 1)


N/A Geography

N/A German

N/A History

N/A Mathematics (Specification A / B)

note 5

Further Pure Mathematics
Religious Studies

N/A Science (Double Award)


N/A Urdu


1 The IGCSE examinations are held in May/June examination series with some subject availability in the January examination series.

2 Edexcel updated IGCSE specifications for English Language A, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science (Double Award), History, Geography, Chinese, French, German and Spanish in 2011and the specifications for these subjects are 2011 specifications.For the remaining subjects, the specifications are 2009 specifications.3 The GCSE Chinese 2009 examination involves coursework and internal assessment, and therefore will only be offered to candidates of schools which have registered with Edexcel as an HKEAA sub-centre.

Schools which are interested in becomin
Webinar for teachers of Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise running on 15 Nov. Book here
Professional Development Webinar for Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise running on15 Nov. Book here
this is the whole syllabus for of scince gcse and i am just learning what weve been taught
Teaching or considering Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise? We've a Webinar on 15 Nov. Book here
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