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Caterpillar 3516 service manual

We offer Caterpillar tractor manuals and a variety of other items and parts for the Caterpillar tractors.
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Cat 3516 Problems - Gcaptain Forum
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Complete listing of caterpillar Tractors - Parts & manuals and other items for the caterpillar farm tractors
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I am curious if any engineers on here work with 3516's and if so are you having trouble with dropped valves, and excessive valve recession. The vessel
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The Cat ® 3516 Industrial Diesel Fire Pump Engine is offered in ratings ranging from 1417-1480 bkW (1900-1985 bhp) @ 1460-1750 rpm. These ratings are non ...
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Caterpillar manual Full - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online.
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1 file:///C:/Temp/1/circular-march-2007.htm 1 von 31 26.08.2007 22:28 1.) Cat 3516 genset YOM: 1994 Make: caterpillar Model: 3516 moduel Hours: 1500 since new
Cat | Cat® 3516 Fire Pump | Caterpillar
We offer caterpillar tractor manuals and a variety of other items and parts for the caterpillar tractors
caterpillar 3516 service manualcaterpillar 3516 service manualcaterpillar 3516 service manual
3638 caterpillar 3516b dp2 system
CATERPILLAR 3516B DP2 SystemCONTENTSSystem Overview
3Offshore Rig or Ship DP2 Package
3Main Generator Diesel Skid

Main Generator Diesel Engines
3Instrument, Alarms and Automatic Start/Stop System
4Main Generator Diesel Control Panel
4Main Generators
5Instrumentation & Control
Electrical System
6Containerized Diesel Generator Sets
6General Arrangement Drawing - Auxiliary Generator Pkg.
7Power Distribution and Control (w/ Diagrams)
8Fuel Oil System (Tanks, Supply, Pumps, Transfer Pumps and Piping)
9Lubrication Oil System for Thrusters
9Duplex DP, Thruster Control & Joystick Systems (w/ Diagram)
9Fresh Water Cooling System (Box Coolers, VSD Coolers and Expansion Tanks
10Variable Speed Drives, UPSs and Frequency Diagram - Main Power Distribution
10Emergency 440V Power Distribution Panel (w/ Diagram)
11Thruster Auxiliary 440V Power Distribution Panel (w/ Diagram)
12Azimuth Thruster MV3000 Drive Networks to DP System (w/ Diagram)

13Column C3 - 230V AC Supply Distribution for Sensors (w/ Diagram)
14PME Cabinet KVM System Overview Diagram
15A Series Thruster Control Desk Diagram
16ATC/AJS Workstation Diagram
17Summary of Control Equipment
18Summary of Control Equipment (continued)
19Thruster Electro Motor Diagram
20690V Hyundai Generators Diagram
21440V Hyundai Generators Diagram
22Caterpillar 3516B DP2 System
Page 2 of 23SYSTEM OVERVIEWOffshore Rig or Ship DP2 Package! Containerized CAT 3516B Generator sets.! Alstom Duplex DP2 System with VS Drives.Generators and DP2 System are Lloyds Marine Certified Complete with all Controls and Switchgear.All Units are NEW 2008, never put into service, warranty transferable.Product as follows:! 8 / ea.Units 3516B rated @ 1,840-kW cont.

690 volt 60 HZ @ 1,800 rpm Hyundai Generators ! 3 / ea.Units 3516B rated @ 1,840-kW cont.440 volt 60 HZ @ 1,800 rpm Hyundai Generators ! 1 / ea.Unit 3412C rated @ 500-kW emergency standby 440 volt 60 HZ @ 1,800 rpm CAT SR4B Generator ! 1 / ea.NEW CAT Synchro System for Gensets.

! 8 / ea.NEW Alstom MSV 3000 VSD Drives provided.! Not provided or included - 8 / ea.

Wartsila FP Retractable Thrusters 1.6MW ! 8 / ea.NEW Hyundai Thruster Motors 1.6MW provided.! 1 / ea.

Complete Alstom DP2 Duplex System provided, all controls, drawings and certs available.! 1 / ea.Hatenboer Fresh Water Osmosis System ! 1 / ea.

Atlas Copco Air Compressors Model LT3-10 KE (10 bar (g) pressure)General description of CAT / Hyundai Package Containerized Generator sets: ! Main Engines:8 / ea.1,840-KW Prime 690 Volt Caterpillar Diesel Hyundai Generator Skids, Containerized equipped with ventilation insulation and exhaust for supply of power to the Azimuth Retractable Thrusters.! Auxiliary Systems:3 / ea
caterpillar 3516 service manual

1,840-kW Prime 440 Volt Caterpillar Diesel Hyundai Generator Skids, Containerized equipped with ventilation insulation and exhaust for the supply of 440 volt for auxiliary systems to be transformed to 230VAC 1 phase + neutral.! Emergency Systems:1 / ea.500-kW Prime 440 Volt Cat Diesel Cat Generator Skid, Containerized equipped with ventilation insulation and exhaust for the supply of 440 volt for emergency systems to be transformed to 230VAC 1 phase + neutral and 24VAC 1 phase.Main Generator Diesel Skid:! Eight [8] Containers of A-0 in walls and roof to be delivered for Eight [8] Diesel Engine and Generator Skids for supply of Electrical Power 2,300 kVA, 690 V, 60 Hz for the Steer-Able Thrusters.! Free access distance between engine/generator and container walls to be preferable 600mm.
! Each Container shall have Two [2] A-0 Sliding Doors.One door installed on each side of the container.When the containers are placed alongside each other, the sliding doors to meet for entering from one container to the next one.The doors are not to protrude outside the container.! Each Container has a Ventilation System with registers in and out.! The Containers are arranged as separate Engine Rooms with Fuel System, external top-mounted Exhaust System, Lube Oil System, Cooling Water System based on Air-Cooled Radiator System with Internal Radiators, Starting System, Bilge System, Light, Fire Fighting System, Instrument, Alarms and Automatic Start/Stop System according to class requirement.Brackets for installation of Fire/Flame Detectors to be installed.! Lifting Eyes for Chain Blocks are installed above all Diesel Engines in container for maintenance work such as lifting in/out pistons or cylinder liners.! All of the Containers are supplied with One [1] set of Standard Tools for maintenance of the Diesel Engines.Tools are located at wall-mounted Tool Panel inside the containers.! All the Containers are equipped with heating according to Class notation.

This is to prevent frost damage of all installed equipment during lay up in winter season with an outside temperature of 20degC.Main Generator Diesel Engines:! A standard built-on factory supplied Fresh Water Cooling System based on Air-Cooled Radiator System with Fresh Water Pump, Radiator (in machinery space) with Electrical Driven Cooling Fans, Electrical Water Heater with Circulation Pump.(Flexible pipe connections to engine)Caterpillar 3516B DP2 System
Page 3 of 23! A standard built-on factory supplied Fuel System with Fuel Injection Pump, Fuel Feed Pump, Primary Fuel Filter Duplex Element-Filter with Water Separator, Secondary Fuel Filter, double walled high pressure Fuel Lines, flexible fuel connections, Woodward Pro Act II Actuator mounted on engine, Woodward 2301 D (or similar) Electronic Governor.! The Fuel Oil System includes: Internal separate A60 insulated Fuel Tank in each container for 8-hours running at 100% load.

Internal A60 insulated Fuel Tank for 18-hours running at 100% load installed in the Emergency Diesel Generator Container.! A standard built-on factory supplied Lube Oil System consisting of direct-driven Lube
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