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Chilled water btu meter

How to correctly size a chiller Simple instructions to assure proper cooling for your Industrial application.
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LCD Display btu meter Cost $699 plus installation. Simple in-line installation near the indoor water tank.
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Chilled-water and Cooling-tower AC Units. Although standard air conditioners are very popular, they can use a lot of energy and generate quite a bit of heat.
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Water-Cooled Condensers & Chiller Barrel Fundamentals. water-cooled condensers and chiller barrels are specialized heat exchangers. They exchange heat by removing ...
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iCON – 0.5TR : iCON – 1.0TR to 7.5TR : iMAT – 10TR t0 30TR : water Cooled Chiller – 5TR to 120TR : iMAX – 40TR to 120TR : Pump & tank station for iMAX
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The day is scorching hot and Bob gets a call to go to an office building because the air conditioning system is off. It is a water-cooled chiller located in the ...
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A water chiller keeps a device or area cool by transferring heat from water to a refrigerant. This protects equipment and can increase production by maintaining a ...
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How to correctly size a chiller Simple instructions to assure proper cooling for your Industrial application
chilled water btu meterchilled water btu meterchilled water btu meter
15545 chilled water system


15545 CHILLED WATER temperature differential is critical to the operation of LSC, which is a large noncontact cooling system based on 3941F deep Cayuga Lake water (no mechanical refrigeration is used).

A higher temperature differential increases the capacity of the facility.

The system is operated year round with a campus supply temperature of 4345F, and a supply/return pressure differential of 2 to 30 psid depending on the location in the system.Each chiller has a constant volume loop with a dedicated constant speed pump that is separate from the distribution pumps.The LSC facility heat exchangers are piped in a parallel arrangement, which in turn are in series with the distribution pumps.

The number of heat exchangers line is dependent on the total chilled water flow through the plant.

The LSC plant chilled water pumping is a variable volume, variable head loop out to the campus distribution system using variable speed pumps in parallel.

The distribution pump speeds are varied to maintain constant differential pressure at various low differential points located in the piping system.BUILDING CHILLED WATER CONNECTIONSBuilding chilled water service connections to thecampus distribution system is accomplished using a variable volume, primarysecondary interface with a temperature controlled twoway mixing valve.

The recirculating loop control valve is modulated to maintain a mixed building supply water temperature of47F when needed for summer air conditioning; and when needefor winter air conditioning and process coolingloadsThe hydraulic separation (primarysecondaryinterface) at each building consists of a short section of full size pipe and a lopressuredropline size globe style, silent lift check valve with isolation valves.

This section of pipe is referred to as the recirculating loop bypass line.A portion of the campus distribution system is coated steeland has cathodic protection to prevent external corrosion.

For building systems that connect to the steel campus main distribution piping, a monolithic dielectric isolation fitting shall be provided on the building side of the main isolation valves.

No hangers or connections (other than capped vent and drain valves) shall be installed between the isolating joints and the wall penetration.

Monolithic dielectric isolation fittings are not required when connecting to HDPE campus distribution piping systems.

The consultant is instructed to contact Cornell for project specific design parameters.Building chilled water connections are to be accomplished as shown in Cornell Standard Detail 3.1.2, Building Chilled Water Piping Schematic
chilled water btu meter



PART 2:DESIGN goal should be to design a system that can function as close as possible to variable flow constant temperature rise over the entire load range (all seasons).

The designer should attempt to get as high a temperature rise as possible.For facilities with chilled water loadsat an elevation over 940 feet above sea level, a pressure sustaining valve shall be used as shown in Cornell Standard Detail 3.1.Pressure Sustaining Valve Detail.

Acceptable models shall be as follows:Model 750Watts Regulator Model FDo not pipe any equipment drains directly to drain.

Provide isolation valve, brass hose adapter, cap, and chain on all vents and drains.In general, dnot connect refrigeration condenser heat rejection systems to the campus chilled water system.

It is preferable to use air cooled condensers and mechanical room ventilation.

The use of campus chilled water for this application should be a last resort, requiring a process chilled water loop separated from the campus chilled watersystemwith a plate and frame heat exchangerMajor building renovations should include replacement of the building isolation valves with epoxy coated high performance butterfly valves.PUMPINGThe building chilled water pump head shall be selected with a reasonable safety factor for strainer plugging and future pipe roughness and flow.

Providing extra capacity (flow) is acceptable.

The building pump head is only necessary for piping, accessories, coils and process heat exchangers within the building loop.Loads with similar pressure drops should be grouped together on a single building loop.More than one building loop can be designed into each building.Process (continuous) loads and air conditioning loads(seasonal)shall be separated into separate loops.

Design process loops with as high a supply temperature and temperature rise as possible.DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION STANDARDSCORNELL UNIVERSITY



If the process chilled water loop service equipment other than fan coil units in the lab spaces, the process loop or the loads must be separated from the campus system via a plate and frame heat exchanger.

Do not provide user connection points to campus chilled water.Large air handlers can be designed with “pumped coils.”

This entails bringing thedistribution piping to each air handler and setting up a dedicated constant volumesecondary loop for each air handler coil and controlling the mixing valve on leaving airtemperature.uilding chilled water pumps will be variable speed to enable pump capacity controlwith minimum energy usage.

Pump speed should be controlled by one or more differentialpressure transducers located at remote points in the building piping.

Show the transmitter locationon the plans and schematic riser diagram.“Booster” pumps in series shall not be used unless they are variable speed.Provide two 100% pumps instead of multiple smaller pumps.All pump schedules included on the contract dr
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Pippa says drinks can be chilled with ice made by filling trays with water well before your party | The Times
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