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Citizen self service portal louisiana

DEQ send reminder on Open Burning regulations Burning waste causes air pollution and the open burning of certain materials is prohibited in Louisiana..
Senior Citizens' Resources |
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Citizen Journalism - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia is an Irish eGovernment website developed by the citizens Information Board. The site provides information on public services and entitlements ...
U.s. Citizenship Test - Homepage | Uscis
The citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice, and by influencing ...
Citizens Advice - The Charity For Your Community
Theory . citizen journalism, as a form of alternative media, presents a “radical challenge to the professionalized and institutionalized practices of the mainstream ...
Citizens Information
Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law of a state that bestows on that person (called a citizen) the rights and the duties of ...
Louisiana Department Of Environmental Quality > Home
Nearly 1 out of every 15 homes in the U.S. is estimated to have elevated radon levels. Elevated levels of radon gas have been found in homes in your state.
A Citizen's Guide To Radon | Radon | Us Environmental ...
HP Helion Consulting services including planning, design and implementation services will help organizations understand the implications of not only the technology ...
Citizenship - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
DEQ send reminder on Open Burning regulations Burning waste causes air pollution and the open burning of certain materials is prohibited in louisiana.
citizen self service portal louisianacitizen self service portal louisianacitizen self service portal louisiana
Sap slides
SAP supports the State of Washington for the long term

Trusted Business PartnerTrusted Business PartnerServing 46,000+ organizations over 36 years; the largest installed base in the enterprise software sector.Deep Commitment to Public SectorDedicated business unit and development team, 1B+ annual revenues in Public Sector.1,500 + Public Sector CustomersGreat Innovation Power$1BiR&Dbifll600dlfd$1B i on busness software annually; on Public Sector Partnershipwith Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, SAP/ Business Objects SAP 2007 / Page 3States using SAPArkansas:State-wide ERPCalifornia:Maryland Gen.Assembly ERPNthCliCalifornia:State Controllers Office -PayrollDepartment of Water Resources-ERPAdmin.Office of the Courts-ERPCA Dept of Corrections-ERPNorCNorth Carolina DOT Financials, Fleet, Maintenance, Project Mgmt.Statewide ERP pDOT-HRMS, FN, Grants, Maintenance, Real EstateState-wide ERP, including DOT and Pensions; Budget Preparation.State-wide Payroll (Convergys)Department of of Mental Health Financials and procurement Statewide ERP


Revenue Child Support payrollWhitStatewide HR/payroll(existing)Statewide Financials (just selected!)WasDept of Personnel: HR, PayrollDNR-Real EstateHow do public sector organizations with SAP?Streamlined Best practicesfrom 27 different industries combined with a government functionalit configured for Operationsgygstandardized multi-department operations with autonomous RegulatoryUp human resource and payovernment regulations pgpyggand guidelines within the system is easy; clear and effective enhance data integrity.AccesstoUnparalleled access to data, usingreal-time and constituents; the latest Business Intelligence End-users will be on .

Elimination of numerous departmental/division shadow systems, costly SlblThe SAP solution will provide a

SAP 2007 / Page 8Scainfrastructure that is critical for supporting future growth and change.Knowledge WorkersGenerate value for the state by analyzing, advising, organizing and sharinginformationsharing Contribute to a knowledge network dan progress SAP 2007 / Page 10Peter Drucker, Lankdmarks of TomorrowState of Washington Challenges Agencies within the State of Washington must understand and track the performance of their programs against GMAP requirements.TkiPfvital financial information, fiscal services and policy that the Governor, Legislature and state agencies need to serve needs to provide to Program Managers and Analysts with access to tlhihblththttildtdtVital Informationtoos which enable y and accurate to users, toolsProvide
(POG) strategic framework for investment decisions
citizen self service portal louisiana
.Display of Key Indicators SAP 2007 / Page 15Most Complete, Trusted, and Agile PlatformChoice of delivery modelAdaptiveandextensibleAd Hoc Query AnalysisDashboards and Data

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SAP 2007 / Page 18Achieving Results with SAPMonette McNicholasApril242008April Fiscal IntegrityBase Expenditure and Revenue ProjectionGeneral Revenues and Program RevenuesPersonnel Costs ProjectionHistoricalModeling and Allocation Budget Request, Review and AdoptionAnalysisElectronic Form Requests and Reviews Decision Packages with Work Flow Controls Reporting, Analysis and Publishing Internal Services mapBudgetReporting and Analysis

Standard Reports Ad Hoc Queries and Reports Review and AdoptionBudgetBudget ControlBudget Versus Actual Budget SAP 2007 / Page 21Fiscal Integrity10000 Expenditures10100 PersonnelFund11000OffiSli10200 OperatinggProject11000Offies11100 Paper80%NoErrorsOrganization11200 Pens13100 Folders90 % Warning and EmailNotification80 %

Document PostsEmail 100 % Error, Posting 10300 Capital SAP 2007 / Page 22Capture Financial EventsVendor 1Vd2Customer 1Customer2AssetsVendor 3Customer 2Customer 3Material1ReceivablesFixed AssetsFixed AssetsyGR/IRFund BalanceEmployee 1Employee3Material 1Material 2Material 3ExpensesCost of Service3Asset 1Asset 2Asset3Travel ExpensesAsset 3 SAP 2007 / Page 24SAP Benefits integrated account structure across all componentsg,gpFlexible structures hierarchies, defaults, etc.All structures have effective controls validations, etc.Flexible budget structures, screens, and rulesFlexible budget vs actual reportingAutomated and flexible availability control rulesResult: Cut down integration efforts across systemsMore useful reporting trust.SAP 2007 / Page 25Organizational ChallengesHigh administrative workloadliitdlillbtiexception based processesinefficient & paper based procurement processlowcontractcompliancelimed supplier collaboraontransparencyImmense maintenance effortslow contract longordercycletimesof purchasing processeslong

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SAP 2007 / Page 38services and

buildings and Process Example: Optimized Space Your AdvantagesFaster response to space requestsppqSave time & resources in contract managementComplete portfolio transparency Master Data ManagementReal Estate SearchCentral Business Partner Management SAP 2007 / Page
self-service apps help cities improve customer satisfaction:
Help honor Americas unsung heroes nominate an Alaskan hero for the Citizen Service Before Self Award:
Mayor Tom Tait Calls For Citizen Service Before Self Honors National Award Nominations
Mayor Tom Tait Calls For Citizen Service Before Self Honors National Award Nominations
And thus the 'citizen journalism'; a man takes a self portrait with [photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters]
self-service apps help cities improve customer satisfaction:
Help honor Americas unsung heroes nominate an Alaskan hero for the Citizen Service Before Self Award:
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