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Commercial property inspection checklist form

Jun 13, 2014 · Preparing an inspection checklist lets you know what to look for during an inspection..
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NACHI Certified Master Inspectors: (800) 727-3608
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Jul 29, 2014 · A commercial property inspection is typically ordered by a developer, lender, insurer or investor to check out the land on which construction will take ...
Commercial Property Inspection Checklist | Ehow
Real estate investors conduct commercial property inspections to determine the condition of a property and the cost to make repairs. Investors may hire an inspector ...
Commercial Property Inspection Checklist |
A property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a physical property review resulting in an inspection report of facts and objective opinion based upon those facts ...
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Us: Our PROJECTS: Our SERVICES: commercial property Condition Assessments and Building inspections We specialize in ASTM E2018 baseline Due Diligence property ...
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Jun 13, 2014 · Preparing an inspection checklist lets you know what to look for during an inspection.
commercial property inspection checklist formcommercial property inspection checklist formcommercial property inspection checklist form

Research Pty Ltd DETAILS Time & date of inspection

Building or Estate Name Address Owners Contact Details Name:


Email: Agents Contact Details : Agents Address Street Directory Ref:
GPS ref.Lat.

Long Previous Sale Prices Title Particulars Zoning & Council Land Measurements Front:


RHS: Easements Covenants/Heritage Registered Proprietor Council Rates Water Rates Land Tax SITE Previous usage

pollution evidence, underground tanks etc.Aspect & View Visibility Access

(both directions) Surrounding Development Distance to Services Meals:


Banks: Parking No.

Covered: Support Services for Proposed Use Fill Slope Existing Property - Feasibility Study Inputs Page 2 Finance & Property Research Pty Ltd Drainage Flood Liability Bushfire Ground improvements/ landscaping Retaining Wall Paving Fencing Semi Trailer Access Truck Wash & Drainage

Compliance? External Lighting SERVICES Water Supply:


3 Phase?

Sewer or Septic

Kerb: : Security Service Availability: BUILDING Diagram, measurements & site map on reverse Building Sizes Age of Building Structural Faults Repairs Required Offices Office Floor Coverings Heating/Cooling Staff Amenities : Other Amenities Wall Height Vehicle Access Door Mezzanine Area & Height: Frame Construction:
Portal? Walls Cladding Floor Strength Details: Floor Height Fire Protection Roof Type & Materials Power Outlets + Lights Crane Truss/Hoist Capacity Internal Subdivision Possibility Existing Property - Feasibility Study Inputs Page 3 Finance & Property Research Pty Ltd
commercial property inspection checklist form
.com Tenants fixtures/Plant Ownership: Statutory Compliance Ventilation Disabled Access Repairs & Maintenance Pest Control

History Heritage Car Accommodation Security System Security Provisions External Lights:

Window Cover:

Wall Mesh: Past Use?
Environmental Residues? Available Details? Vendors Solicitor Lease & Location? Survey Certificates Building Plans Photographs Building Depreciation Sales Contract Figures Other Depreciation Sales Contract Figures Property Manager
Rev.September 2012equest for an Electric Inspection Checklist(________Interim or _________Final Inspection Requested)Job Address:Borough:Case ID#:Contractor Num: ________Dates: Faxed:Inspection Requested:Confirmed Appt:Any interim or final inspection requests made prior to issuance of our Services Layout (280) will be discarded.Upon receipt of the Service Layout, if new duct is required, complete the interim items first and immediately notify the company for a minimum days is required to coordinate Con Edison street digging activities.

Additionally, Con Edison’s service work is generally completed within 10days upon completion of its street digging activity, receipt of “Certificates” and passing Final Inspection.

Please indicate “Y” in the applicable box for completed items and “N/A” where items do not Category Action Description Completed


N/A Interim Sweep/Sleeve Installed and Grouted Flush
Property line Box Installed

Curbs, Water and Sewer Installed w/site at Final Grade
Current Transformers Installed
Final City/UW Certificate Issued (#____General Approved Metering Equipment Installed
Meter Pan Bonded, Installed and Wired to Specification
Equipment installed to Specification and Part Supplied marked
Main Disconnect Switch Installed

Water Pipe Ground Installed (within 5 feet of the water service point of entry.

Westchester has no constraint on ground location on water service for industrial or commercial application.)

Driven Ground Installed
OH Customer Property Line Pole Installed
Standpipe and Mast Height Installed to Specification

Weatherhead and Anchor Bolt Installed to Specification
Permanent Connection Made, as per Specification
UG Endline Box Installed to Specification

Copper Detail, Crabs and Ring Bus Installed to Specification
Customer Service/Gap Cables Installed
-point Wiring Installed to Specification
Effective November 2011, failed inspections will result in a $1, plus taxes, service charge to you.Using this checklist can help avoid inspections and delays in service work.We will work with you to help ensure that your job(s) go smoothly and are satisfactorily coordinated with our activities.CE Inspection Performed By: : _____________Fax this form Staten Island .
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