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Cool christian youth group names

Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukhizhizniki — books, fellowship, holidays, prophets and songs. Классификация .
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In 1990, Sonic youth released Goo (their first album for Geffen), which featured the single "Kool Thing" on which Chuck D from rap group Public Enemy guested.
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Taxonomy Of 3 Spiritual Christian Groups: Molokane ...
Christian Bale, Actor: The Dark Knight. christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK on January 30, 1974, to English parents …
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Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukhizhizniki — books, fellowship, holidays, prophets and songs. Классификация ...
cool christian youth group namescool christian youth group namescool christian youth group names
Llll draft youth material edited revised
Love Life Live Lent: youth group material

Welcome, and thank you for taking a look at th There is enough material for over an hour’s session each week, or you can use just one or ss time available.If you want to, ‘mission impossible’ and ‘rewind’ features are most suitable.You don’t have to use every idea each week.

Pick the ones that would be most appropriate for your y something new with them

Some of the sessions will need more preparatiof things that will need to be prepared in advance, so you should not get caught out.

role.There are ideas for them to take outcome of the activity.

Getting young people infuture leadership.

your group through Lent.

Pray for them, and with them, that God will open their eyes to new ways of serving him and their neighbours this Easter time.After all, ‘God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power at work within us.’ Ephesians 3.20

1Each session is linked to the one of the themes from the Love Life Live Lent1 and is in six sections, as follows:


Play A game or activity to begin the session.A quieter time of Bible study, woSomething to do that takes the section and applies it in a practical waRewind

A look back at one of the previous week’s actions from the

booklet to see how individuals fared with the challenge.r someone in the group to

take on a specific action from the booklet, will report back on the success of the mission.An opportunity for members of the the session.Each week someone prepares a medley of songs with links to the week’s theme for the others to listen to in one of the unstructured moments of the session, such as the refreshments slot.
1 supplied material for the ‘Environment’ theme as there are now many other resources available and click on ‘Free resources’.

2Love Life Live Lent theme: Home & Family Advance preparation Happy families game –sticky notes with famous family members written on them from paper, one for each young person in

String thing – large ball of string Fast Forward – A4 card, colouring/writing materials Mission Impossible – a card with action 6 from the booklet written out on it, an ‘Family’ can be a sensitive issue for all kinds of reasons.You will need to consider if some of the activities in this session may raise difficult issues for some of the group and substitute alternatives if necessary.Why not spend a few moments committing your young people and their individual family situations to God?

Play Happy families Write out a collection of names of members of famous families on small sticky notes – anything from the Simpsons family to one of the families from a popular soap opera such
cool christian youth group names

Stick one note to each young person’s forehead, without letting them see the name on it.They have to go and find the rest of their ‘family’ by asking questions about themselves, e.g.Am I a man? those who answer can only say yes or no.How quickly can the families come together?

Pause Bible study and discussion Read the story of the Lost Son from Luke 15.11-32.left home, wasted his inheritance and return 3received with love and welcomed back into the family.

However, there is another Read verses 25 to 32 again.Open a discussion about ‘fairness’ in families: Do different people in your family geerential treatment? Is there something going on at home that really isn’t fair at the moment?

Prayer challenge – give each young person in the group a piece of paper shaped like a person.Ask them to think of a situation at home that doesn’t seem fair or about which they feel resentful.Which family members are involved?

Ask them to commit to pray for one of those people each day in the coming week.The paper cut-out can be stuck up somewhere at home as a prompt.Ask them to see, as the person.What might God be asking them to do to help the family members be reconciled to each other?

String thingfamily to say thank you to God for and say it else across the circle from them.

That person thing about his or her family that he or she for.

That person then until everyone has had a go.You should now have a big web of string in the middle of esent your families, who are acts of kindness – ask your group to think of the people in their families.

These people spend their time supporting, encouraging and watching over them, so this week is the week of ‘random acts of kindness’.Think of one member of your family you could do something kind for today – e.g.Mum – make her a cup of tea and get her to sit down with send her a text to say what a great sister she is and how much you appreciate her leseems more exciting! When you start to do this more often, it will become a habit.


This activity will not be possible for the first session as there will have been no ead take a moment to explain the

Like Advent, Lent is a time of getting ready, preparing your heart and mind for one of the big events in the Christian calendar – this time it’s Easter.

This year a booklet has been provided to help you as you go through Lent to think about the ways in which Jesus would have lived out his faith.

neighbour, someone who lives

Mission Impossible Prepare a card with one of the actions from wPut this into a large envelope marked Mission Impossible and seal it.Gather the group together and issue a challenge, ‘Who thinks they can complete my Mission Impossible?’ Explain the rules: the person must complete the challenge on the card within the week ccessful mission at the

5Make a great drama of presenting the enveRead the challenge aloud and wish them luck!


Ask s
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For who i am when i told him i was a christian he didn't flip he just said " cool so am i im in a youth group" so he likes me for being me.
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