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Daily catholic general intercessions

Daily issue of the DailyCatholic, a Traditional Catholic publication dedicated to perpetuating the One True Faith and preserving the Traditional Latin Mass in this .
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Apr 29, 2011 · Have the students draw a Venn Diagram. Have them write the similarities and the differences between what the class thinks the general intercessions should ...
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Library of catholic prayers on perseverance, peace, love, devotion, and many more topics. Offers prayers in French, Latin, Spanish and English.
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The Structure of the general intercessions What Who Example • Presiding minister My brothers and sisters …Invitation to pray • Silence • Deacon / Reader ...
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The 1914 catholic Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive resource on catholic teaching, history, and information ever gathered in all of human history.
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Intercession Prayers . Deliver Them from Purgatory My Jesus, by the sorrows Thou didst suffer in Thine agony in the Garden, in Thy scourging and crowning with thorns ...
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sample general intercessions - Free download as Open Office file (.odt), PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. prayer of the faithful
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Daily issue of the dailyCatholic, a Traditional catholic publication dedicated to perpetuating the One True Faith and preserving the Traditional Latin Mass in this ...
daily catholic general intercessionsdaily catholic general intercessionsdaily catholic general intercessions
Of a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation (1 Peter 2:9).

In thatsense, Christians are a holy, priestly people, and stand to pray theThe General Intercessions bring the Liturgy of the Word to a close.Theyform a link between the readings of the particular day and the intentions thatemerge.

In the General Intercessions, the people, having listened carefully tothe whole Liturgy of the Word, are better prepared for the remainder of theLectionary for Mass: Introduction, 30).

That is, they have heardGods words of comfort, love, challenge or hope, and are ready to respond inpraise, thanks and blessing.

The intercessory prayers need to link the dailylives of people (as members of the world) and the particular concerns of thelocal community.One of the parts of the Jewish (synagogue) liturgy was a series of eighteenl and universal needs.

At a veryearly period of Christian history, a similar prayer became a stable part of theliturgy, as Justin Martyr (+165) revealed.

At baptism in Rome, he wrote, theassembly offer prayers in common for ourselves

and for frequently asked the assembly, after his homily, toThese intercessions were the prayers of the baptised, the priestly people ofGod.

Those who were in the catechumenate therefore, left the assembly atthe end of the homily to reflect on the readings of that Sunday.By the fourth century, Solemn Prayers of Intercession in the Roman Ritecomprised nine sets of intentions and prayer.This particular form is nowfound only in the Solemn (Intercessory) Prayers for Good Friday.The Roman Rite took up customs from other places.

It became popular for adeacon to introduce the intentions that were followed by a short responsesuch as Lord, have mercy.

This approach became the norm from the fifthcentury.Examples of General IntercessionsExamples taken from Holy Week:(Sample prayers: the congregation is free to adapt.)a)For the world in which we live:that God may give us health and peace through the blood of Christ.We pray to the Lord.R:Lord, hear our prayer.b)For the sick and suffering:that God may give them courage and strength to share the sufferingWe pray to the Lord.R:Lord, hear our prayer.c)For believers and unbelievers everywhere, for all our brothers andsisters around the world:that the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ may lead us tothe glory of rising again.We pray to the Lord.R:Lord, hear our prayer.

Sacramentary, p.1000.Another style, that links the readings very specifically with the intercessions,is used are the prayers for the ThirdSunday in Ordinary Time, Year A (, January 2005, p.48).Presider:Mindful of our call to discipleship, let us ask the Lord for theFor Church leadersmay they follow in the fproclaiming a gospel of repentWe pray to the Lord.I urge you, brothers and sisters, that there be no divisionsThe Structure of the General to prayPresiding ministerMy brothers and sisters

Invitation toDeacon / Reader /AssemblyMay the light of Christshealing grace ease themake their own prayer.We pray to the Lord.Lord, hear our prayer.Concluding prayerPresiding ministerGod of light AssemblyAmenIn these prayers, the role of the reader is not to address prayer to God,but to announce the intentions to the people.

The you in the form ofaddress to God is out of place.For example:

We ask you, Lord, to sendabundant rain to our dry countryside.A correct form is: For our dry countryside: that our loving creator wouldsend abundant rain.An easy formula for composing is:

For .that This form emphasises the intention.Another form is:For the sick / the tsunami victims / our church.

PAUSE to let thosepresent silently insert a specific intention.

The actual prayer onlycomes with the peoples Lord, hear us.

(Its a bit like pressing thesend button on email!)This form emphasises the silences.Some writers link a phrase or sentence from the readings of the day with theintention.

For example:For Church leadersmay they follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ by proclaiming agospel of repentance for the people who walk in darkness

(pause).We pray to the Lord.(from , January 2005, p 48).For more examples, refer to the next two pages.Writing and Reading the General IntercessionsAs the petitions need to be attentive to the current needs of the world and thelocal community, the Intercessions for Mass are not to be found in the ritualbook.

There are Books of Intercessions available and collections on theInternet (of varying quality).

These may serve as models.The weekly task of writing intercessions for the Sunday Eucharist may beundertaken by an individual or group within the parish.

Reading andprayerful reflection on the scriptures of the day are encouraged before writingthe Intercessions.

A group of readers and others usually has a number ofadvantages over an individual, in terms of breadth, interest base, vision, lesslikelihood of unconscious bias etc.

Well-written intercessions have strongideas and are expressed simply.45.
Csa resources
[Type text] Some suggested intentions to be used during week-ends leading up to Commitment Sunday.1.That we grow as a community of believers who join A Faith Journey Giving of Yourself to Others

to assist in carrying on the work of the Church, we pray ..


2.That God may strengthen our faith and grant us the spirit of Christian stewardship by opening our hearts and hands to the Catholic Services Appeal, we pray .


3.That the Holy Spirit may continue to guide the work of the Church in our Diocese and that Christs message of love may be realized by all, we pray .


4.That each one of us will answer the call to bring forth gifts to the Catholic Services Appeal that supports both our Diocese and parish, we pray For Commitment Sunday week-end:5.

That we may grow to a deeper understanding of the relationship between (parish name) and the diocese, 6.For all those in need, that they may find guidance and assistance from the many services available through our generous support of the Catholic Services Appeal, we pray 7.In thanksgiving for all within our parish family who understand that the needs in our diocese are ever present and who graciously give each y8.

For all members of [Parish Name], and the members of our Diocesan family, may we all take comfort in knowing that a gift from one will become a gift to many, we pray Intercessions to be used during follow-up week-ends:9.That we grow as a community of believers who A Faith JourneyGiving of Yourself to Others

to assist in 10.For those who made commitments to pray and fast during this Lenten Season, we pray .



For all who financially supported the 2012 Catholic Services Appeal, that their generosity may be rewarded with the growth, love and joy that giving generously brings, we pray...12.

That those who have not had an opportunity to make a decision about the Catholic Services Appeal will listen to their hearts and make a generous commitment for the greater work of our Diocesan Church, we [Type text] We strongly encourage parishes to repeatedly mention the Catholic Services Appeal prior to and on Commitment Sunday.

For the Weekend of February 4/5 On Weekend of February 19, everyone will have an opportunity to make their gift to the 2012 Catholic Services Appeal.

Our parish goal is $________ and we would like to see all members of our parish make a gift to support this Appeal
daily catholic general intercessions

The theme of the CSA is A Faith JourneyGiving of Yourself to Others.

It is when our Church joins together to further the mission and ministry of our Diocesan Church that we truly are witnesses to Christ.

We will be reminded over the next few weeks why it is important for us to support the CSA.

We ask that you reflect upon the information provided to you regarding the CSA.

All of it will help you better understand why the CSA is conducted each year, what this Appeal supports and why you should give each year.

Please take the time to prayerfully consider what you are able to give to support the CSA.

For the Weekend of February 11/12Next Sunday, February 19, will be Commitment Sunday for the 2012 Catholic Services Appeal.

Hopefully you have received and have read the information in the special CSA issue of Faith Magazineparishioners to review and reflect upon all CSA information being shared during this time.

In addition to the support provided to our diocesan Church, the CSA will enable our parish to


Be prepared to make your pledge next Sunday, and please be as generous as you can.

So much is done by our Church because of your gifts to the CSAFor the Weekend of February 18/19 Today is Commitment Weekend for the Catholic Services Appeal.

Hopefully everyone has taken time to reflect upon all the information that has been shared the past few weeks.

We hope that all parishioners will prayerfully consider the opportunity today to offer a gift to the CSA.

We would like everyone to participate and help our parish reach its financial goal of $_________.Those who have given before know we are grateful.

We need your help again this year.

Those who have not given before, please make this year your first gift to the CSA.

Everyones help is needed.

Please also remember that any amount raised above our goal stays in this parish.

Thank you for being a part of the Catholic Services Appeal.

For the Weekend of February 25/26 The 2012 Catholic Services Appeal is off to a great start.

To date, we have received ____ gifts/pledges totaling $_______ towards this years Catholic Services Appeal.

But we need all of you to contribute.

If you have not yet made a gift to the CSA, we invite you to do so today.

Every dollar raised to make our goal supports important Diocesan services and every dollar raised over our goal will be kept in the parish to help us ________.

For use when your parish reaches its goalThank you to all who responded so generously to the Catholic Services Appeal.

The 2012 CSA has been a success because of you.

Your support is greatly appreciated in both your parish and your Diocesan Church.

For those who have not yet contributed to the 2012 CSA, particularly those who have given before know there is still time to join with those who have given.

[Type text] Monthly Where your CSA Dollars Go Bulletin Reminders Do your parishioners ask questions about the financial support that goes to the Diocese?

More information and consistent education are keys to helping your parishioners answer this question.

strongly encouraged to publish these notices each month in their bulletins to help better educate your parishioners about the services that are supported through the CSA.

updates between March 2012 and December 2012: The Youth
The General Intercessions Guidelines for the Archdiocese of Hobart Enlightened by Gods Word, the people exercising their priestly function,

intercede for all humanity.GIRM 45, LMI 30

interceding Church Seated at the right hand of the Father, Jesus is the most powerful intercessor for believers in all the struggles of daily life.The Church, the Body of Christ, makes its prayer in and through Christ who is the head.

We join our prayers with Christ who brings salvation through his life, death, resurrection and coming again.The prayer is the fruit of the workings of God in the hearts of the faithful.The General Intercessions is the prayer of faithful believers who have confidence in Gods mercy and goodness.Prayer can also change our own attitudes so that there is more room in our hearts for those in need.God wants us to ask for our needs; in and through our prayer, we are reminded that God, alone, provides for us.HistoryLiturgical prayer Structure of the GeInvitation to Pray

(Presiding Minister) Silence Intentions Intention (Reader) SilenceInvitation to respond Response(Assembly) Concluding Prayer

(Presiding Minister) Assent (Assembly) Writing intercessions It is helpful to read and reflect on the scripture readings assigned to the liturgy and allow one or two key phrases, strong verbs or images to colour the prayer.The psalms can be particularly helpful.The General Instruction of the Roman Missal Lectionary for Mass: Introduction Robert Cabie The Church at Prayer: The Eucharist, ed.A.

Martimort et al (trans.M.ODonnell), The Liturgical Press, Walter Huffman The Prayer of the Faithful: Understanding and Creatively Leading Corporate Intercessory Prayer, revised edition, Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, 1992 Ralph Keifer To Hear and Proclaim: Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass, The Pastoral Press, Washington DC, 1993 Michael Kwatera Preparing the Intercessions, The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, 1996Intercessions, however, are not a personal response to the readings or the homily but more about the concerns of the faith community.

Current events in the Church, in the wider world, nation, local area and parish should be reviewed in the writing process.The General Instructions indicates four categories of intentions to be included and suggests that the order moves from the general to the particular (GIRM 46).

The 4 categories of intention: 1.The Church.

2.Public authorities and the salvation of the world.3.The suffering.4.The local community.Intentions should be specific, rather than abstract, and avoid offering partisan views or solutions to political issues or be didactic.Courage is also needed to pray about some real and controversial issues.Inter-cessions are included for the sick and the dead, especially on Sundays.

A single pattern or style is devised before writing the intentions.A pause is included for each intention and a consistent phrase calls the assembly to prayer.About 5-7 intentions are included.

In keeping with the Roman tradition, the length of each should be shorter rather than longer.Beginning the prayerThe brief invitation to the people by the presiding minister is addressed to the assembly, not God.It is a simple invitation to pray.

Intentions Employing a single pattern or style, the intentions should be simple and brief : That the sick, especially N., will be comforted by ChristPrayers of thanksgiving i.e.We thank you Lord are not intercessory in character and belong to other ritual prayer forms.SOME SAMPLE PATTERNS:For someone, (pause) that they will That someone will know the Lords .

(pause)For someone.(pause)That the

of the Lord will do

for (or in) someone.(pause)SOME READERS' INVITATIONS:We pray to the Lord.To God we pray.In your goodness.For this we pray.Concluding Prayer Loosely based on the structure of an opening prayer, the concluding prayer is addressed to God.It asks God to hear the petitions and neither repeats or adds new intentions.

It concludes with a formula such as through Christ our Lord a reminder that we do not pray on our own but with and through Christ, our most powerful intercessor.Liturgical Commission, Archdiocese of Hobart June 2004.
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