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English dynasty timeline

Aug 05, 2013 · In this guide I'll be showing how to get the star on the stage; Battle of Nanjun, how to successfully complete the decoy strategy. I have several Star .
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This is a historical timeline of Portugal. Main article: History of Portugal Contents 1 Fourth dynasty: Bragança 1.1 17th Century 1.2 18th Century 1.3 19th Century 1 ...
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Jul 23, 2013 · In this guide I'll be showing how to get the star in the stage; Battle of Chencang. Be sure not to miss out on previous star guides I have uploaded. 1 ...
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Egyptian history beginning with the Lower Paleolithic period and including all Egyptian dynasties including the Greek and Roman periods, through British Rule.
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1485 Beginning of Tudor dynasty, Henry VII assumes the throne Central Royal authority was strengthened and private feudal armies suppressed
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Basin, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, dated 1774, China, Nephrite (jade) (02.18.689) Boulder with Daoist Paradise, Qing dynasty, 18th century, China, Jade (02.18.684)
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Animal pen with figures, Eastern Han dynasty, 1st–early 3rd century A.D., China, Earthenware with green lead glaze (1994.605.21) Central watchtower, architectural ...
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Aug 05, 2013 · In this guide I'll be showing how to get the star on the stage; Battle of Nanjun, how to successfully complete the decoy strategy. I have several Star ...
english dynasty timelineenglish dynasty timelineenglish dynasty timeline
Course and grade level: Library Media Class Grade level fifth/sixth

Kansas World History Assessment History Standard: The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of significant individual, groups, ideas, events, eras, and developments in the history of Kansas, the United States, and the world, utilizing essential analytical and research skills.

Benchmark 3: The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of individuals, groups, ideas, eras, developments, and turning points in the history of the world during the period of the great classical civilizations to Greece, Rome, India, and China.

Indicators: The student:

13.describe the role of Shi Huangdi in unifying China under the Qin dynasty (e.g., Great Wall of China).

Introduction - Purpose Rationale China is a very old country with much history dating baEmperor Shi Huangdi is best known for his ability to unite the warring states to create on empire.

He was of the Qin dynasty.

The word Qin is pronounced chin.

The name China came from this rulers name.

The students will become aware of the accomplishments and failings of Qin Shi Huangdi.

During this time, the people of China invented printing, gunpowder, fireworks, the compass, and kites.

The Chinese workers build the worlds longest wall and its longest canal.

They discovered silk spinning by watching the eating habits of caterpillars.

They also made paper through soggy mixture of old rags, bark, and the role of Emperor Shi Huangdi

State one accomplishment of Emperor Shi Huangdi

State one failure of Emperor Shi Huangdi

Define a a Terra Cotta soldier

Refining research skiThe Seven Chinese Broththe introduction/rationale above.

Then continue by saying that although these brothers are fictive characters, they helped to give justice to the tyrannical Emperor Shi Huangdi.

Through history reports that he actually died in 210 B.C.while on an inspection tour of the empire, just eleven years after creating China.

Begin the explanation given to me by Dr.Graff, my instructor in the East Asian class taken spring of 2002, explaining the name being used for this emperor.

I will be referring to the Emperor in this study by Qin Shi Huangdi (using up-to-date Pinyin rather than older Wade-Giles Chin Shih Huang-ti).

This is his title, not his name.

The word Qin is the name of his state and dynasty, Shi means first, and Huangdi means awesome or sem-divine ruler (emperor).

This could be translated the title as First Emperor of Qin,: or First August Emperor of Qin.

His real name is Ying Zheng.

Ying is his family name, and Zheng is the given name.

In Pinyin the Zh is like a j and the e is close to a u, so Zheng sounds very much like junk except that there is a g at the end instead of a k.

Qin Shi Huangdi was 13 years old when he went out with troops to conquer a neighboring province.

Twenty-five years later, he was the Emperor of China.

He took six independent warring regions and made one huge country named China.

The Emperor had an imperial compound that spread 70 miles.

He had many places he would stay with secret passages so no one would know his whereabouts at any one time
english dynasty timeline

He never slept in the same place twice.

The Emperor led his country as a Legalist ruler.This government would focus on agriculture and war.

The government sets up laws for how people to act accordi 4.

The Great Wall - He ordered his people to link together the different walls of the widespread towns to make the Great Wall.

This was to relieve his worry of an invasion from the north.


He built buildings that were replicas (copies) of the palaces of kings he had conquered.

There were secret passageways.

This was a show of his pride.

Downfallsconvicted on crimes were punished severely be beaten ten strokes for each cash of value, up to twenty cash, and the object written off.

In exchange for two degrees of aristocratic rank, a person may free a father or mother who has been made a convict servant.Debt workers may return home for ten days when it is time to plow or weed.2.

Corvee labor.

This is labor without pay.

The end is seen to justify the means.

Treachery, cruelty and inhumanity toward the people was nothing when it meant what they would have in the end.

A Qin saying has been A thousand die so that a million may live.3.

He persecuted the scholars of the country and destroyed books.

He had his soldiers burn every text they

He even ordered them to bury hundreds of scholars alive!

After his death, the people of China revolted against this government.

The peasant who led the revolt became that next emperor, the first of the Han Dynasty.He taxed people heavily.

Again, those who could not pay would be laborers until debt was paid to the empire.Lesson 2- Tell the kids the book going to be read won was a 1989 William A chops, Chinese Art, inventions, foods, Terra Cotta soldiers, etc.

Lesson 3-Terra Cotta Soldiers

In 1974, laborers digging a well near the city of Xian came upon the 2,200

year- old tomb of the Qin Emperor, Emperor Shi Huangdi.

They had uncovered one of the centurys most amazing archeological finds.

The dead emperors tomb was guarded by more than 6,000 life-sized terra cotta warriors.

Each warrior was created with an individual face and body.

Some were fat, some thin, some had mustaches, some wore special armor.

Some appeared to march.

Others knelt with their bows ready to shoot.

Terra cotta horses pulled terra cotta chariots.

Seven hundred thousand workmen spend 34 years making the tomb of Qin Emperor Shiater Pot 1 cup s

Red and orange food coloring 4 T.paprika

Toothpicks Cheese grater

Cookie sheet

1.Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F.

Boil the water in the pot, then stir in the salt.

Place the flour in the bowl.

Pour the salt water into the flour and mix with the spoon.

Divide into four pieces.2.Place one piece on the cutting board and drip 8 drops of yellowRepeat with other pieces.

Place the finished pieces on the cookie sheet, put them in the oven, and bake for 2 hours, until dry.

Lessons 4 - Project Students will be asked to fine-tune their three interests fr 5

Research, biblios Lesson

6- Research, biblios Lesson 7- Brainstorm with student on presentation format.

Corel Presentations, Story format, Drawing, etc.

Lesson 8- Work on end p-10- Finalize presentations.Lesson 11.
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