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Examples of operational objectives

Nov 01, 2013 · Monitoring Service Level Objectives by Using Operations Manager. Updated: November 1, 2013. Applies To: System Center 2012 - Operations Manager, ….
Resume Objective Examples - Lovetoknow
Here is a sample job description for Leadership job. Leadership Job Description: Writing an effective leadership resume objective is the very first statement what an ...
Operations Manager Resume: Sample Resume For An …
This resume objective sample lists examples of attractive resume objectives. Since employers look at your career objective first, learning how to write it determines ...
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Short-term goal whose attainment moves an organization towards achieving its strategic or long-term goals. Also called tactical objective.
What Is Operational Objective? Definition And Meaning
The following sample is good for any title of operations managerial position in many fields, such as - IT operations manager, retail operations manager, sales ...
Attractive Resume Objective Sample For Career Change
Jun 25, 2014 · Sample of Career objectives for Retail Management. Career objectives inform a potential employer of your career goals. These are typically placed near the ...
Monitoring Service Level Objectives By Using Operations ...
Vast collection of resume builder templates and cover letters from different industries. One stop destination for great sample resumes objectives online.
Sample Resumes - Sample Resume Objectives And Samples ...
Here are resume examples for a variety of management jobs including customer service, finance, human resources, operations, technical and general management positions.
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Nov 01, 2013 · Monitoring Service Level objectives by Using Operations Manager. Updated: November 1, 2013. Applies To: System Center 2012 - Operations Manager, …
examples of operational objectivesexamples of operational objectivesexamples of operational objectives
Mod5 ems
Quality Enhancement UnitQuality Enhancement Unit Environmental Management SystemEnvironmental Management SystemModule 5Module 5Operational ControlOperational ControlModule 5 ObjectivesWhat are Operational Controls?ISO 14001 RequirementsNCDOT EMS Framework RequirementsExamples of Operational ControlsPreventive MaintenanceWhat are Procedures?Module 5 ObjectivesWhat are Standard Operating Procedures?When is a Written Procedure Required?Writing ProceduresResponsibility for Maintaining ProceduresSupplier/Contractor Expectationsimplemented to ensure that the potential for the significant environmental aspects.ISO 14001 RequirementsThe organization shall identify those operations The organization shall identify those operations and activities that are associated with identified and activities that are associated with identified significant environmental aspects in line with its significant environmental aspects in line with its policy, objectives, and targets.The organization policy, objectives, and targets.

The organization shall plan these activities, including maintenance, shall plan these activities, including maintenance, in order to ensure that they are carried out under in order to ensure that they are carried out under specified conditions by:specified conditions by:(a)(a) Establishing and maintaining documented Establishing and maintaining documented procedures where the absence could lead to procedures where the absence could lead to deviations from the environmental policy and deviations from the environmental policy and objectives and targetsobjectives and targets(b)(b) Stipulating operating criteria in the proceduresStipulating operating criteria in the proceduresNCDOT EMS Framework RequirementsOperational control procedures Operational control procedures must be developed for must be developed for operations associated with operations associated with aspects with significant aspects with significant impacts.impacts.Operational Control procedures Operational Control procedures stipulate operating criteria and stipulate operating criteria and instructions to ensure instructions to ensure operations and activities are operations and activities are carried out appropriately.carried out appropriately.Examples of Examples of Operational ControlsOperational ControlsTypes of Operational Controls:Standard Operating ProceduresContract LanguageSignageLog BooksCheck ListsControls may include:Electronic or mechanical technology to reduce emissionsRoutine preventive maintenance programs to reduce wear and breakdown of equipmentMonitoring and observation of equipment performance Preventive MaintenancePreventive MaintenanceThe goal of preventive The goal of preventive maintenance is to avoid or lessen maintenance is to avoid or lessen the consequences of equipment the consequences of equipment failure.failure.

Much time, effort, and money Much time, effort, and money could be saved if organizations could be saved if organizations invested more in routine invested more in routine maintenance procedures to stop maintenance procedures to stop problems before they appear.problems before they appear.What are Procedures?What are Procedures?A procedure is an activity carried out in accordance with A procedure defines who has the conduct the activity, what resources are needed, when the Writing ProceduresWhen writing procedures for operational controls, determine the environmental performance, and write procedures to ensure that the objective will be met.Keep the procedure simple and concise.They should include the appropriate actions precautions, and notifications required.Involve people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the operation, activity, or task.Standard Operating ProceduresStandard Operating ProceduresA Standard Operating Procedure A Standard Operating Procedure is a set of instructions having the is a set of instructions having the force of a directive, covering those force of a directive, covering those features of operations that lend features of operations that lend themselves to a definite or themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness.loss of effectiveness..
Mod6 rev
MODULE 6: DEVELOPING OPERATIONAL CONTROLSMODULE 6: DEVELOPING OPERATIONAL CONTROLS118storage & handling of raw materials and chemicals,several steps which are discussed in more detail below.

Theseoperational controls and for reviewing the success of thedetermine the cause of the impact.

In some cases, the causeproblem is not the most obvious cause.

Use the root causeanalysis described in Module 5 to help your EMS team get to thecause of the impact prior to developing your operational controls.MODULE 6: DEVELOPING OPERATIONAL CONTROLS Tipexamples.

See theperformance indicators.

The targets should reflect correction ofthe root cause identified above.

Measurement indicators shoulddocument changes in the causes identified above
examples of operational objectives

Using thehelping you meet your objectives.Next, for each significant aspect which you have decided toaddress with procedures, draft operational controls.

(For someexplained in Module 4.)

Review each of the causes identified inenvironmental impact of a significant aspect.

Address the causeswritten procedures that describe operational controls, and whichaspects will need to have procedures developed.

In some casesmeet your IEMS objectives.

Worksheet 6-1 below will help youAspectIndicator(s)efornoneyes / newContact Person:Date Completed:*Corresponds to OC-01 in the Company Manual Template.MODULE 6: DEVELOPING OPERATIONAL CONTROLSpage 121procedures in drafting them.

You can accomplish this in severalprocedures.

Discuss the environmental objective desired,then draft (or revise) operational controls.

Have theand notifications required.

Focus on activities that maylead to significant impacts and avoid getting overwhelmedcontrols and for reviewing them to ensure that procedures arefollowed and deviations corrected.

Generally, the workersresponsible for the significant aspect under consideration will beresponsible for implementing the operational controls.

Theregular review of the controls.

It is helpful to list those peopleresponsible for each set of procedures.

Worksheet 6-2 will helpMODULE 6: DEVELOPING OPERATIONAL CONTROLSpage 122 Tipoperational controls.Procedures (list)Responsible forinstructions for return ofContact Person:Date Completed:significant aspect depends upon making sure that each personadequate training.

After operational controls are drafted, developtraining plan.

This worksheet helps you identify, plan for, andtrack the training needs of your employees.

Include this trainingtraining plan for your IEMS.

See the John Roberts case study atthe end of this module for an example of training materials one AspectProceduresTrainWhen/ LengthBudgetoCartridgesFor When assignedduties/ 20 minN/AContact Person:Date CompletedMODULE 6: DEVELOPING OPERATIONAL CONTROLSpage 124 Tipas possible to meet environmental objectives.

Use the process inpage 1251.On the first turn of the cylinder, use a solvent saturated shop towel pad (as is the2.With a second shop towel pad that has been first dipped into water and then wrung out,3.Start the press as before.It is not necessary that the blanket be absolutelypage 126CASE STUDY FROM THE JOHN ROBERTS COMPANYExample of Training for Operational ControlsAs part of training, the Director of Environment and Safety distributed additional materials toall employees involved with press blanket cleaning.

Because this operational proceduredocuments a new and standardized method, there were many questions from employees.

Thedirector prepared additional written information, including: 1) a background sheet tellingemployees why this procedure was important, and 2) a Q&A list addressing issues that hadcome up in training.These materials and the associated training were done to ensure that employees knew why theprocedure was needed and what part they were to play in consistently implementing it.Training for Press/Blanket Washing New Procedures Background As some of you may already know, the elimination of Blanket Wash 2215 is necessitated bythe tightening of environmental regulation.Blanket Wash 2215 is a blend of solvents that includes the chemical 1,1,1 Trichlorethane(TCA), a chemical that has been banned internationally by the Montreal Protocol..The reason for this is that TCA is an upper level ozone depleter, destroying the ozone layerthat shields us from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet radiation.While still being manufactured today, TCA is being taxed at ever higher rates until it will nolonger be manufactured in 1995.Additionally, because Blanket Wash 2215 evaporates readily to the atmosphere, the other chemicals in the blend contribute volatile organic compounds (VOC's), which when combinedwith nitrogen oxides (from the burning of fossil fuels) and sunlight, leads to the formation ofsmog in the lower levels of our atmosphere.The replacement for Blanket Wash 2215 will be the use of the much less volatile, and thus lessharmful, Press Wash.Because Press Wash solvent works at a different rate that the discontinued Blanket Wash2215, a new cleaning procedure will have to be followed.This new procedure, though somewhat different than today's method, will work nicely to cleanpress 127the cleanup of the blanket.

Understanding that the blanket does not need to be completely drypage 128Can I just use a dry shop towel pad to wipe the blanket completely dry instead of a secondwater wipe?

Would I be better off?Well, for the reasons listed above, it's not recommended to use a dry shop towel second wipe.Aside from the fact that some feel a dry shop towel is harder to move across the blanket (ittends to drag), how would you clean the blanket of water solubles such as starches, clays andpaper dust?

The only reason I can think of to completely dry the blanket would be to easeyour fear of throwingsolvent drops on the work after start
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