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Frankfurt germany military housing

OCONUS Off Post Housing: Information, OHA Rates, and tips to finding that perfect place off post.
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Existing installations US military bases in germany as of 2008. (Partially) foreign military bases in germany as planned for 2020. Artillery Kaserne, Garmisch ...
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Illesheim housing, unfortunately this building has not been renovated like the other ones around us.
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Frankfurt am Main, commonly known as frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth-largest city in germany, with a population of 701,350 ...
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Wiesbaden Military Community | Your Home In Germany!
OCONUS Off Post housing: Information, OHA Rates, and tips to finding that perfect place off post
frankfurt germany military housingfrankfurt germany military housingfrankfurt germany military housing
Only few cuts A new Stryker Combat Brigade Moron [AB], Spain, open because they have large ramps that can handle large numbers of aircraft.” “One of the things we like about Ramstein, for example, is the footprint of one strategic flight without refueling for an airlifter,” Wald said.“You can take off from the States, no refueling, [and] land at Ramstein.”

But Ramstein is not only a big air hub it is the place of the command bunker of the Warfighting .When US-president Bush visited Albania on June 10th, the Warfighting Headquarters in Ramstein provided the security.


Hereby were engaged: - 43 military planes - the landing craft "US Bataan" with several thousands marines - more than 800 airmen of the USAFE :

- F-16 pilots from the Aviano Airbase in Italy

- F-15C fighter jets from the RAF airfield in Lakenheath (England)

- Refuelling-planes of the 100th air-refuelling-squadron of the RAF airfield in Mildenhall (England)

- 1 AWACS-plane (E-3 Sentry) from the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma (USA)

(AWACS = Airborne Warning and Control System).

This military action was planned before.2000 participants trained this in the Warrior Preparation Center in Einsiedlerhof (part of Kaiserslautern).This centre for virtual war games is managed together by the US Army in Europe and the US Air Force in Europe (20).

In Ramstein all the radar dates are collected, analysed and coordinated, taken from air, water and surface.When US-troops from the war theatre in Afghanistan and Iraq ask for help by the Air Force, Ramstein gives the commands to the fighter planes, which are deployed nearby - also to the bombers deployed in le that there is always enough supply of bombs and rockets, which are brought steadily toAs happened during Bush's visit in Albania Ramstein commands also units of the US Navy.The "US Bataan" is a hi-tech landing craft with marines, who can invade every coast with helicopters and amphibious vehicles - also in Iran.I am sure, that the targets for the air strike against Iran are already in the computers.Coordinators in the Warfighting Headquarters of the 3rd Air Force in Ramstein will also care for the refuelling of the long distance bombers in the air when they return after the bombardment.Also the AWACS-planes of the NATO-base in control the whole air space in Europe and the Middle East in a circle within 500 km.

NATO command CC-Air HQ Ramstein orders the reconnaissance flights of the German Tornados in .

The order of every air attack in Afghanistan comes from Ramstein.Many women and children were killed in these attacks (21).

Not far from Ramstein you find the biggest US Military HospitalLandstuhl.43.807 wounded warriors from Afghanistan and Iraq landed in Ramstein (status from August 2007).

They "Landstuhl Regional Medical Center /LRMC" or to the stopover "435th Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility / CASF" in Ramstein for a further transport to another hospital.On July 10th US-president Bush came on board of a C-17, which had landed on the Air Force Base in Maryland with 24 wounded soldiers.The plane came from Ramstein (23).Of the 68,000 US soldiers stationed in Germany today, the US Army maintains nearly 59,000, along with a

squadron of US Air Force and the European headquarters of the Marine Corps.A main contingent of the army is the V corps in Heidelberg (approx.

42,000 soldiers) under the command of lieutenant general Ricardo S.Sanchez.Because of his involvement in the tortures at Abu Ghuraib prison, Sanchez war replaced as commander-in-chief of the US troops in Iraq (2), but he still serves as commander of the V.Corps in Germany.After the return of the 1st Infantry division in Wrzburg (3) to the USA the 1st Armored Division Wiesbaden (4) is still subordinated to the corps.

It consists of 16,500 soldiers, 159 M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks, 173 M2 Bradley IFV, 36 howitzers M109A6 Paladin, 18 M270 MLRS and 18 helicopters AH-The Allied Land Component Command Headquarters Heidelberg / ALCC HQ HD ist responsible for all army forces of

NATO and therefore also for theground combats in Afghanistan.

Heidelberg just in August 2007 was moved for 6 month to Afghanistan.The ALCC is one of the 6 NATO "Joint Force Component Commands".Until July, 1st, 2004 it's name was "NATO Joint Headquarters Centre" JHC (and before "Allied Land Forces Central Europe" LANDCENT).The change into the Component model marks NATO's definite break from territorial defennse.The

"Component Command" has no definite geographic responsibility anymore.

Instead the Land-, Air-, and Navy-components are fit to provide commandi

national courts cannot exercise legal jurisdiction over U.S.military personnel who commit crimes against local people, except in special cases where the U.S.military authorities agree to transfer jurisdiction."2.

You can find the legal frame for Germany in the NATO-Status of forces agreement (SOFA) from June, 19., 1951.There are Additional Agreements to SOFA (ZA-NTS) between Germany,Britain, Netherlands, Belgium and France, which have been modified 1993.There are special agreements for admission and coordination of manoeuvers from March 18., 1994.

Also for three US-German training shooting and bombing ranges there are administration agreements, which adapt regulations to the practice of the Bundeswehr.The same happened with three shared

UK-German, and one shared

range with Belgium, France and Netherlands.

The question is if the "allied forces" will obey this regulations, and if not what happens.

I remind the incident in 1998 in Cavalese (Italy) where a US warplane killed 20 people of an alpine carriage lift while flying at dangerously low (and not permitted) levelsfound the pilots not guilty.

with US bases, violators and criminals will not be punished.They act
When your arrival date to Germany is determined, immediately call the Krystall Inn Guest House on Vilseck to make reservations for temporary lodging.

Rooms on post are in limited supply and if not available, you will be referred to an off post hotel.

The telephone number/bldg number to Krystall Inn is bldg# 275, DSN 476-1700/2555, civilian additional information or questions pertaining to On and Off Post Government and Leased housing, contact the Vilseck Housing Office at 476-2236/2808 CIV.011-49-9662-83-2808/2236 or e-mail TO VILSECK AND ROSE BARRACKS.All US Army personnel in a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) status to Germany will arrive at Frankfurt International International Airport.

NCOs from the 64th Replacement Detachment will greet you at the airport terminal and transport you to The 64th Replacement Company in Hanau, Germany, (adjacent to the airport)..After a brief in-processing stop in Hanau, the Soldiers, family members, pets and belongings will then be transported to their local military community via a bus or van, depending on the total number arriving to Vilseck.

The driving distance from the 64th Replacement Detachment to (Rose Barracks), Vilseck, Germany home of the 2D Stryker Cavalry Regiment is approximately four hours.

There are two airports which are in close proximity to Vilseck, Munich International Airport and Nurnberg Airport.

If arriving to Munich International Airport, the travel time is approximately two hours and if DRIVING DIRECTIONS FROM FRANKFURT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT


Start out going SOUTH on K2.

2.1 next roundabout and take 1st exit onto K2.

0.2 next roundabout and take 2nd exit onto B50/E42.
32.2 kilometres


Merge onto A61 toward LUDWIGSHAFEN/MAINZ.

21.4 onto A60 via EXIT 50 toward onto A67 via the exit on the LEFT toward onto A3 via EXIT 1 toward onto A9 via EXIT 88 toward the B85 exit, EXIT 44, toward GRAFENWHR TRAINING LEFT onto B85.

22.8 kilometres


Turn RIGHT onto slip road.

0.3 kilometres


Merge onto ST2166
frankfurt germany military housing

8 RIGHT onto slip road.

0.2 onto ST2123.

1.7 RIGHT onto VORSTADT/AS5.Continue to follow AS5.


0.1 At Vilseck, 92249, DE

Total Est.Time: 3 Hours 28 Minutes Total Est.Distance: 420 kilometres




0.3 LEFT to stay on FLUGHAFENSTRASSE.Go through 1 roundabout.


1.7 becomes BIERWEG.


Continue to follow B2.

1 onto A3 toward onto A9 via EXIT 88 toward the B85 exit, EXIT 44, toward GRAFENWHR TRAINING LEFT onto B85.

22.8 RIGHT onto slip road.

0.3 kilometres

Merge onto ST2166.

8 RIGHT onto slip road.

0.2 onto ST2123.

1.7 RIGHT onto VORSTADT/AS5.Continue to follow AS5.
0.2 kilometres



0.1 At Vilseck, 92249, DE


Total Est.Time: 1 Hours 1 Minutes Total Est.Distance: 88.3 kilometres








0.6 STRAIGHT to go onto ZENTRALALLEE/ST2584.

Continue to follow ST2584.



7.3 kilometres


Merge onto A9 via EXIT 4 toward onto A93 via EXIT 65 toward the B14 exit, EXIT 27, toward LEFT onto B14.

10.3 RIGHT onto KINDLASER WEG/AS19.Continue to follow AS19.Go through 1 roundabout.

8.6 RIGHT onto ST2123.

2.3 kilometres



Continue to follow ST2123.

7.4 LEFT onto FROSCHAU/ST2123/AS5.

Continue to follow AS5.


0.1 kilometres


End At Vilseck, 92249, DE

Total Est.Time: 1 Hours 50 Minutes Total Est.Distance: 205.4 kilometres.
Cv e complete
Curriculum vitae , Technische Universitt Darmstadt, Germany 1973


sinology, Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universitt Frankfurt, Germany 1974 Summer-School Salzburg, Austria (Bakema to build

or not to build) 1977

1978 post-grad.studies architecture, University of California Los Angeles

1978 travel grant UCLA: town-planning and architecture in Peoples Republic of und Rang architects, Frankfurt 1979


lecturer, Technische Universitt Darmstadt, Germany 1981


Berghof Landes Rang architects, Frankfurt 1984 travel grant architecture and urban planing in the U.S.

Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the United States, USA 1991 founding member of Global School of Architecture

Schule des Sehens, Bhaktapur, Frankfurt, Moscow, San Fransisco 1991

professorship design, University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt 1996


Atelier Wolfgang Rang, Frankfurt 2001


Rang und Volz GmbH Architects, Frankfurt lectures: Darmstadt, Berlin, Tuczno, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Fransisco,

Portland, Eugine, Bhaktapur, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main urban design and landscape architecture 1985 Garden City Hoechst, masterplan and rules for architecture, 500 apartments for employees of

Hoechst AG with Christoph H.Mckler und Heinz Kleinehanding

Radiant Frankfurt - Architecture of Light with Christian Bartenbach (light-technology) and Josef Anton Riedl (music) 1986 survey: Restauration of the National Monument Rmerstadt Frankfurt" with Dudler Welbergen 1988

"Frankfurt City East", masterplan, 400.000 m apartments, offices and industrial area 1989

Olympic Games Frankfurt: masterplan, in co-operation with A.Speer & Partner, Frankfurt.1990 survey: Green Belt Frankfurt, masterplan,

survey: "Development Habour Frankfurt", 300.000 m office and industrial area 1991 survey: "Rebstock Frankfurt", 250.000 m apartments and offices.

1992 survey "Re-use of American military camps in Frankfurt 1993 - 1998 Parkstadt Unterliederbach, masterplan and rules for architecture (600 apartments) 1998 survey: Urban design Parkstadt Unterliederbach West 1995 - 2000 Parkstadt Unterliederbach, co-ordination of 18 architects involved in the process of building 2001 survey Pfaffenwiese Frankfurt (2000 townhouses) 2002 survey Gladbeck (80 townhouses) architecture 1979 - 1988 headquarters German National Bank Hessen in Frankfurt,building complex for 800 employees,

with Albrecht Jourdan Mller, Frankfurt 1985 - 1991 Rottweiler Platz Frankfurt, urban ensemble with social housing, offices, civic center 1988 - 1989 Police Headquarters Frankfurt (preliminary design) 1990 Civic Center Baumansky-District, Moscow

Chamber Theatre Arts Center, Hermitage Park, Moscow, with Thomas Baumgarten 1992 - 1993 condominiums in Bad Schwalbach, Eppstein, Wettenberg with 50 units each 1992 - 1994 Water Springs Pavilion, Bad Schwalbach 1993 laboratories Society for Ion Research, Darmstadt 1994 - 1998 apartment house Gartenstrasse, Frankfurt, 52 units

1993 - 1998 Parkstadt Unterliederbach, 110 Jordan Pavilion, Expo 2000 Hannover, with Akram Abu Hamdan Associates, Amman 1998

1999 survey: Fire-department headquarters Frankfurt

2001 observation tower Dietzenbach 2001

2003 open air theatre Wetzlar 2001

2004 ice skating rink Innsbruck, Austria with Michael Volz 2002

2005 apartment house Maria-Theresien-Strae, Gladbeck, (90 townhouses) interior design seit 1985 furniture series Frankfurter Mbel in co-operation with Studio Draenert, Immenstaad/Bodensee.seit 1987 design consultant of WERU, Rder, roto, Rasch, anthologie quartett, Louis Poulsen, legnomagia, Melchers.1987 - 1990 DEKA/DESPA headquarters Frankfurt, interior design 1991 Design Hotel Bad Homburg, Interior Design 1993 Schlohotel und Kongresszentrum St.

Emeram, Regensburg, Frst Thurn und Taxis, with Volker Albus
Japanese restaurant Kabuki I, Frankfurt 1994 Toostmann advertising company, Frankfurt 1995 Japanese restaurant Kabuki II, Frankfurt 1998

2000 Georgia and Palestina stands Expo 2000, Hannover

competitions 1979 Cementery of Heiligenstock, Frankfurt 1.prize

civic center, Frankfurt 9.prize

headquarters Landeszentralbank Hessen in Frankfurt, with PAS 1.prize 1980 townhouse complex Mnstergasse Mainz honorable mention

Brgerhaus Griesheim Frankfurt 1.prize 1983 Musikhochschule Frankfurt 2.prize 1985 Romarktpassage Frankfurt honorable mention

urban renewal Rottweiler Platz Frankfurt 1.prize 1986 headquarters Deka/Despa bank, Frankfurt 1.

prize 1987 metro-station Rmer Frankfurt 1.prize 1990 urban design Dortmund-Wellinghofen


Office Center Airport Frankfurt honorable mention 1991 urban design "Am Wolfhartweg" Darmstadt 2.prize

urban design Wiesbaden Sauerland

honorable mention 1992 Chamber Theatre Arts Center Moskau,mit Thomas Baumgarten 1.prize

Office Center Kaiserlei Offenbach honorable mention 1993 urban renewal Theodor Stern Kai Frankfurt 2.prize

bridge Oberhavel Wasserstadt Berlin with Hock+Reinke, M.Cuadra 4.prize 1994 apartment house Gartenstrasse, Frankfurt 1.prize 1998 Gallipoli Peace Park Trkei honorable mention 1999 Georgian Stand, Expo 2000, Hannover 1.prize

2000 residential area Bedburg Hau 2.prize 2001 residential area Pfaffenwiese Frankfurt


open air theatre Wetzlar 1.prize

ice skating rink Innsbruck with Michael Volz 1.prize 1.prize awards 1990 German Natural Stone Prize (Deutscher Hessen in Frankfurt; with Albrecht, Jourdan, Mller 1991 Award for Housing (Wohnen in Stadt und Land), Hessen Ministry of Planning, Housing, Agriculture, Forestry: urban renewal Ensemble Rottweiler Platz, Frankfurt 1993 Design Award (Auszeichnung fr gutes Design) Industrie Forum Design Hannover:

"Zeitwnde", with Ettore Sottsass for Tapetenfabrik Gebr.Rasch GmbH
That was in Germany-Frankfurt Frankfurt zeil travel Europe military
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