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George washington socks chapter questions

Degrees Offered throughout the State. The School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs is located on two campuses of Washington State University, at Pullman and .
Literature: "george Washington's Socks" By Elvira Woodruff ...
Three-Sentence Overview of this Lesson: Inspired by the chapter book george washington’s socks by Elvira Woodruff, the students will be writing a fact-based …
George Washington's Mount Vernon
So fantastic seeing our new, beautiful building filled with students for orientation! We'll be posting a photo album after the day's events, so stay tuned...
A 6-trait Lesson Inspired By " George Washington ' S Socks ...
The george washington University (GW, GWU, or george washington) is a private, coeducational research university located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of ...
George Washington University - Wikipedia, The Free ...
George washington's Mount Vernon website is your place for information on visiting washington's home and in learning more about the remarkable life of george washington.
Home | - George Washington University
From: Loftus, E.F. & Ketcham, K. (1994) The Myth of Repressed Memory. NY: St. Martin's Press. To order: Write: St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Ave.
Wsu Philosophy - College Of Arts And Sciences - Washington ...
HISTORY IS A REAL TRIP. You are about to embark on a trip back into time. So get ready, hold on to your socks, and let's enjoy this patriotic adventure of a lifetime.
Iadventure Title
Apr 20, 2011 · George washington Sear a/k/a Nessmuk is one of the most widely read authors in the bushcraft community. His book Woodcraft and Camping, published …
The Myth Of Repressed Memory - University Of Washington
Degrees Offered throughout the State. The School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs is located on two campuses of washington State University, at Pullman and ...
george washington socks chapter questionsgeorge washington socks chapter questionsgeorge washington socks chapter questions
Ccgps ela grade 4 unit 2
Georgia Department of Education Dr.John D.Barge, State School Superintendent

April 2012

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Is This For Real?

The Amazing Events and Heroics That Gave Birth to the United States of America

EXTENDED TEXT: by Elvira Woodruff

THEMATICALLY CONNECTED SHORT TEXTS (mixture of literary and informational): 1.ary War Diary Book # 3 by Kristiana Gregory

2.The Revolutionary War on Wednesday by Mary Pope Osborne


The American Revolution (History of the World) by Don Nardo


If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution by Kay Moore (informational question and answer book)

5.The American Revolution by R.G..The Moon by Seymour MATERIAL:

Visuals: Crossing the Battle of Bunker Hill > GRADE 4

2nd 9 Weeks
This unit is provided as a sample of available resources and tasks; it is for informational purposes only.

It is your responsibility to investigate the resources listed here to determine their value and appropriateness for your district.

GaDOE does not endorse or recommend the purchase or use of any particular resource.

Georgia Department of Education Dr.John D.

Barge, State School Superintendent

April 2012

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Audio: Yankee Doodle Dandy Save The King WRITING FOCUS:

Opinion / Support a position

1.Opinion: In the book s by Elvira Woodruff, five children are mysteriously thrown back Continental Army crossing the Delaware River in 1776.

This was a time for many American colonists to make a courageous decision.

Should they join the Patriots and their fight for freedom from British control or remain loyal to King George and support his rule?

If they decided to support the Patriots, they risk the brutality of the British soldiers and if they decided to support the Loyalists, they could forever be disowned by their family members and their fellow Americans.

Think about which side you would choose to support if you lived back then.

Cite examples in the text for your choice (e.g., the British soldiers providing protection for the colonists or the American colonists ordered to pay taxes by King George III).

Use your social studies book and informational texts to build support for your opinion.

Include a topic sentence and a closing with your position.

Take notes as you read and research in order to build support your aloud This speech was given on March 23, 1775 in Richmond, Virginia.

He spoke with no notes as he desperately begged the delegates to stand strong and fight against British rule.

His famous words came at the end of his speech after which the delegates narrowly voted to fight against the strong British army.

Discuss the meaning of this famous speech and its intentions.

Guide students to understand how important this moment in time truly was.

Note his references to the past ten years in which he spoke of the colonists being no more than slaves to the British Parliament.

Have students write their own speech to persuade the colonists to join the fight for freedom.

Explain to the students that historical details should be included in the speech that will help to build a stronger argument.

Invite students to create a slogan ttheir position in the opening and the conclusion of their speech.

Have students present their speeches to the class.

Narratives: Write a short narrative essay about your experiences as you traveled back in time or to the future.

Which time period would you enjoy visiting? Who would you most want to meet?

What would you want to know?

Include a beginning, middle, and end for your essay.

Think about the problems you might encounter and how you will solve them.

Use a graphic organizer to organize your ideas.

Research Connections: American Revolutionary War George Washington or King George III Tax Acts repealed by the British Hessian soldiers / British soldiers/ American soldiers Lexington and Concord Yorktown Committees of Correspondence Georgia Department of Education Dr.John D.Barge, State School Superintendent

April 2012

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Routine Writing Opportunities:

1.Journal writing 2.Summarizing 3.Historical newspaper 4.Response to literature 5.Research notes 6.

Predictions from the text 7.Connecting text to actual historical events


george washington socks chapter questions

In the book by Elvira Woodruff, five children are mysteriously thrown back in time to Delaware River on that cold night in 1776.

Many colonists had to make the difficult decision of whether to join the forces of the Patriots or remain loyal to King George of England.

If they support the cause of the Patriots, it could mean death.

If they support the British, it could mean losing loved ones.

Choose a position prior to writing.(Patriot or Loyalist)

Think of your position or opinion as the unit progresses while building support for your essay.

Cite and describe details used in the text that support your opinion.

Do you think the fight for liberty was worth the sacrifices so many American colonists made back in 1776?


Note: tasks may take more than a single day.

Include a task to teach EVERY skill students will need to succeed on the assessment prompt above.

Language, Foundations, and Speaking/Listening standards must be incorporated so that all standards are adequately addressed throughout the year.


How do we use fiction and nonfiction text to gain a deeper understanding of historical ev
Fifth grade leads unit 2
Unit 5-2:

Breaking Away SS Topic:

Colonial America

Core Novel

The Mystery of the Lost Colony

Guided Reading Easy

Matchlock Gun

George Washington’s Socks

Guided Reading At Level

Night Journeys
Guided Reading Challenge

Give Me Liberty
Or Give Me Death
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
1 Independent Reading /Research:

Pearson Leveled Spanish in FloridaCutlerQ40820g Points in the Fight for FreedomMcCarthyThomas Jefferson - A Man of IdeasMcCarthyO34700On the Road to RevolutionRossiW44+1120Choosing FreedomRossiR40980Conflict in the ColoniesRossiT441030The Jamestown ColonyClampittS44+890Making Connections-American Indians and SettlersDiMartinoT441000Authors of LibertyCashoreV44+990Words of FreedomCashoreU44+890The People Who Gave Us the US ConstitutionCashoreS44+820Pearson Leveled Readers

Teacher Resources: Core/Guide Reading Websites:

-Roanoke: The Mystery of the Lost Colony: cib/0112/miller.htmlThis site from the Library of Congress has some background information about the non-fiction text and the process in which the author constructed and supported her more information on the theories and primary

5 8Suggested Student Activities: -Cultural comparisons can be made amongst the colonies using the T-Chart provided in the resource

Theme Introduction Activities:

Present students with the following video clip from Kids Nation, a recent reality television show found at , much like they viewed their colony?

Students can then be instructed to create visual representations of their brainstorming

areas to explore are government, belief system, hen students have completed there brainstorming class.

Look for overlapping ideas and guide the class tonecessary components on chart paper and use them as a of the European colonies.

Core Text Activities: -

Listen to daily read alouds.-

Select key vocabulary and clarify word meanings.-

Make predictions and interpret ideas through discussions and journal entries.-

Critique and appraise decisions made by the characters, citing specific examples from the
text.rmation and providing supporting evidence.-

Create whole group timelines and/or maps for the visual learners.Short Term Projects that could result in a long term PBL: ~Colonial Kids: Using the websites or www.history.orgstudents will explore the lifestyles of children during the colonial period.

Students should use the

-Home of Events Students will use a graphic organizer to take detailed notes about colonial children and create a comparison to modern day children in America.

In(Please note that the suggested wr children and contains some
9 ~Graveyard Biography: Students will create a gravestone for nial era.

Students should

-Birth Date

-Death Date

-Age at Death

-Familial Life

-Colonial Contributions Students should create a gravestone inscription and construct a visual representation of the tion.

(See resource packet for suggestions)
~Map Production: ons of the European colonies.

-Geographic Location

-Natural Life

pass on their visual representation.
~Colonial Brochure:

one of the three major European colonies.

as additional resources students should explore the following

-Reason for Settlement

-Natural Life (ex.architecture, roles tion in persuasive format, a page border, and include a map representation location of the colony you chose..
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George Washington turning over in grave as military allows sodomy Help reverse and save military
forgot he raised money for George W. Bush? Our Washington's ad is accurate.
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