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Harry wong classroom management articles

Wong, Harry; Wong, Rosemary. First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher. Harry K. Wong Publications 2009..
Classroom Management With Harry And Rosemary Wong
Classroom management with harry and Rosemary wong Information About the Premier eLearning Course (Click on the active links in red and underlined to learn more.)
Classroom Management With Harry And Rosemary Wong - Harry ...
Harry & Rosemary wong: Effective Teaching: You Can Teach classroom management: If you are an administrator or staff developer and you want to teach classroom ...
Classroom Management With Harry And Rosemary Wong
Harry wong • Too many teachers do not teach. • They do activities, • And when problems arise, • they discipline. • Many classrooms are unmanaged.
Harry Wong - Yale University
The critically acclaimed best-seller, The First Days of School, comes to life in an amazing eLearning course, classroom management with harry and Rosemary wong.
Harry & Rosemary Wong: You Can Teach Classroom Management
Wire Side Chat: harry K. wong and classroom management
Harry Wong - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
1 of 8 PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE FOR TEACHERS The Well-Managed classroom1 by harry K. wong harry K. wong has over 35 years experience in classroom
The Well-managed Classroom 1 - Thinkcentral
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Education World: Wire Side Chat: Harry K. Wong And ...
Wong, harry; wong, Rosemary. First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher. harry K. wong Publications 2009.
harry wong classroom management articlesharry wong classroom management articlesharry wong classroom management articles
Classroom Management with Harry and Rosemary Wong red and underlined to learn more.) OVERVIEW Classroom Management with Harry and The purpose of the course is to teach the user how to structure and organize a

are also available.Classroom Management with Harry and demand, and anyplace, at school or at home.

unlike and far beyond any eLearning or distance amazing.

The lessons are rich with information.

The course consists of six lessons and will take approximately 20 hours to complete in its entirety.

Lesson 4 - How to Teach Procedures Each lesson features the following:

A set of objectives eachers and schools for examples

Structured assignment given Assignments as homework to reinforce the instructions.

This eLearning course is desigclassroom management skill so he or she can maximize student learning time.


give deeper meaning to the content Pages from ng classroom teachers have adapted the dual pages are provided to complete and put in the binder provided with the course.Hundreds of strategies and practices arevolves into the of this The goal is to produce effective teachers who will improve student learning.resource readings.Throughout the course, referThe First Days of SchoolIt is both PC and Mac compatible and is configured to display with all browsers and operating systems.Classroom Management withFlash Player 9.0Both applications are free and dowAdobe Flash the box to install the Google toolbar. the box to install the Google toolbar.The First Days of SchoolCopies are available at substantial savings toAccess to the Enhanced CD or DVD, assignments in the course.

The Enhanced CD comes free with the 3y K.

Wong Publications.

See the OUTCOME OF THE COURSE pages of plans for organization RESEARCH BEHIND THE COURSE The Classroom Management Action Plan techniques suggested by this course earning was classroom management.(Wang, Haertl, & Walberg, 1993/1994, and The First Days of SchoolTeaching quality is the most critical factor by which to improve student is with a knowledgeable and skillful teacher.

(What Matters Most, 1996) Wyatt, 1998) (Sack, 1999) Sanders, 2000)Sanders, 2000) the first group to benefit from this Sanders, 1996) The achievement gap facing poor and minoritfamily conditions, but to systematic Therefore, quality teaching is the most critical means by which to improve This eLearning course is designed to improve the quality of the teachers HOW TO ORDER

The basic course, Classroom Management with Harry and Rosemaryed with other items items are packaged as described below.

Basic Course, Binder 60 Day AccessThe First Days of School Printing Packet302 pages of printed resources from course Pricing in US$ 1

4 Users $ 89.95 Bundle 1 $104.95 Bundle 2 $109.95 Bundle 3 $124.95

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4 Cost per User5

49 r50

99 r100+ Course Only $

89.95 $ 80.96 $ 71.96 $ 62.97 Bundle 1 $104.95 $ 94.46 $ 83.96 $ 73.47 Bundle 2 $109.95 $ 98.96 $ 87.96 $ 76.97 Bundle 3 $124.95 $112.46 $ 99.96 $ 87.47 Upon order confirmation, users will be emailed a User ID and Password for taking the course.

The binder and any additional course materials ordered in the bundles will be Each User ID and Password purchased is for one user only.

Each user will have 60 days to complete the course.tional cost.

Contact Harry K.Wong

Or when youre home page of this site and click the Order eLearning Course button.

You will be directed to an order form for this course and products related to the course.


If you are a Staff Developer, Trainer, College Professor, or any professional working with large groups of teachers and are considering a purchase of 10 or more users, we can offer you full access to examine the course for 72 hours.

Please call Emily Macomber at 650-965-7896 to arrange a time to preview the course.


Wong Publications,
With wongs way modifying student behavior
] Don Deresz Biscayne Nature Center for Environmental Education 6767 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL

33149 M-DCPS Mail Code:

9771 305-361-6767 Ext. For information concerning IMPACT II opportunities, such as interschool visits, Adapter and Disseminator grants, please contact: The Education Fund 305-892-5099, Ext
harry wong classroom management articles
.18 web TABLE OF CONTENTS Goals and Objectives
3 Overview
4 The Student and the Process
5 The Systems Approach
7 Rationale
10 Counselor Referral Notes
11 Notes
12 References
13 Appendix

The Procedure:

Basis of the Conduct Grade Elementary Code of Student Conduct:

Violations and Disciplinary Actions Secondary Code of Student Conduct:

Violations and Disciplinary Actions

Adapter Application

[after the Appendix]


4 OVERVIEWWith Wongs Way:

Modifying Student Behavior Using A Viable Systems Approachprovides a framework to assist teachers to manage a classroom using suggestions from The First Days of School by Harry K.Wong and Rosemary T.Wong.

Each class of students represents a different learning environment with a varied palette of learners; this suggested program has improved student learning by providing a process that promotes an environment for the classroom community that is conducive to learning.

This program scaffolds from the procedures and structure recommended by the Wongs book.

This systems approach requires a recording process as suggested in The First Days of School and reflects a blend of strategies from several other pedagogical books and articles, as well as the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Code of Student Conductcourse of action.

Most importantly, this systems approach promotes student engagement to seize independent responsibility for their behavior.

5 THE STUDENT AND THE PROCESS Harry K.and Rosemary T.Wongs excellent book that describes how to become an effective teacher, The First Days of School, provides many helpful suggestions that a teacher can use to improve their management of the classroom.

Certainly, every first year or struggling teacher should own this book as a reference.

The authors note in the early pages of the book that their manual is not a plan, nor a model.

They recognize that every class of students differs from every other class, as well as noting that differences exist between physical environments of any educational facility.

In other words, no two learning communities are alike.The systems approach suggested here to modify students behavior recognizes that no two learning communities are alike.

However, to the delight of several teachers that have used this systems approach:

it works! ********** Many school boards are demanding that teachers and guidance counselors document a plan to improve a students chronic misbehavior in the classroom.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools has published elementary and secondary documents in accordance with a School Board Rule (6Gx13-5D1.08) entitled Code of Student Conduct, () or the Code.

The Code is a rather comprehensive review of the District policy regarding the rights and responsibilities of our Schools students.

The Elementary edition is especially very

6 student-reader friendly and contains worksheets and puzzles to assess comprehension of the material.

There are chapters within the elementary and secondary documents that describe categories of violations as well as lists or plans of subsequent possible or mandatory disciplinary actions (see Appendix, p.


The Elementary edition cleverly adds the titles, Breaking the School Rules for the groups of violations And What Happens Next for the ensuing plans.

The Code was published to provide disciplinary policy to students, parents, school administrators, and school personnel.

An initial premise of the policy holds that students need an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

Furthermore, as students progress through the public schools, it is reasonable to assume that an increase in age and maturity implies a greater responsibility for their action.

Although, the last statement has an aura of existentialist philosophy, the assumption unfortunately, may require teacher intervention in an effort to modify student behavior.

Upon deconstructing the Disciplinary Action Plans written in the Code, the reader may note that delineated repetitively to students among the Plan are:

talking to your parents, meeting with appropriate school personnel, meeting with you and your parents, teachers, and administrators,

in-school and outdoor suspension, or other alternatives such as a possible assignment to Opportunity School.

It is important to note that there arent any references at all to the simple action of the teacher talking with or counseling the student.

7 THE SYSTEMS APPROACH This proposed systems approach to modify student behavior reflects, sequentially:The teacher counseling the student about their misbehavior.Written or phone contact with the parent.

Formal guidance by a counselor; informally poll the students other teachers. conference.Finally, other appropriate steps that the students pattern of behavior warrants (e.g., administrative action, suspension, alternative-school placement).

The disciplinary policies at many middle schools recognize that the early, adolescent years are a period of time when young adults seek independence.

An idealsystems approach should utilize this prediction of their behavior and promote the development of student self-responsibility leading toward the students goal
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Theatre is full of excited educators 4 Harry & Rosemary Wong's presentation "How 2 b an effective classroom teacher"
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The Last: WATCH THIS. It's like Harry Shum Jr. and Wong Fu called me and made a vid about the way I feel!
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