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Intercessions for catholic funeral mass

See also: Mass (Catholic Church), Divine Service (Lutheran) and Divine Liturgy.
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I am a catholic convert, and I have attended very few catholic funerals in my life. A friend of mine just attended her first, and is curious about the incense.
Catholic Funeral
Processional Hymn/Music. The funeral mass may start with the singing of a hymn. Please choose either a Hymn or Music.
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I don't know if it helps but since you have not yet inurned or burried his ashes, wouldn't it be better to have a funeral mass? Usually Memorial masses take the place ...
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A catholic funeral is the funeral rite in use in the Roman catholic Church. catholic funerals can also be referred to as ecclesiastical funerals.
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The funeral mass is the central liturgical celebration for the deceased. The Christian community reaffirms in sign and symbol, word and gesture, that through baptism ...
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A Roman catholic lay person, married (since 1996), with one adopted child (since 2001). I serve in worship and spiritual life in a midwestern university parish.
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A Requiem or Requiem mass, also known as mass for the dead or mass of the dead, is a mass in the catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or ...
Catholic Funerals -
See also: mass (Catholic Church), Divine Service (Lutheran) and Divine Liturgy
intercessions for catholic funeral massintercessions for catholic funeral massintercessions for catholic funeral mass
> Diocese of San Diego Office for Liturgy and Spirituality


The Catholic Funeral Rites in the Order of Christian Funerals (1989) are celebrations that enable the Christian community to mourn as well as to hope by focusing on the mystery of the death and resurrection of Christ.

These guidelines are offered to assist pastors and their pastoral staffs in effectively preparing the funeral rites with individuals and families.

The Order of Christian Funerals is the only canonically approved liturgical rite in English.

Liturgical books in other languages must be approved by their proper Episcopal Conferences.

Ministers serving in communities with diverse languages should take care that they are using the current approved translation of the Latin, Ordo Exsequiarium.


Every Catholic, unless specifically excluded by the norms of law, is entitled to the Churchs ministry at the time of death.

1.In coordination with the pastoral staff, the family of the deceased and the funeral director chosen by the family arrange the place and set the time for the Vigil, the Funeral Mass and the Rite of Committal.

2.The Funeral Mass is ordinarily the central element of Catholic funerals in the Diocese of San Diego.

The Funeral Mass is a prayer for Gods mercy for the deceased and a solace for the living, including the entire faith community.


Catechumens may be given Catholic Funeral Rites.

4.Catholic Funeral Rites, including the Funeral Mass, are permitted for a deceased baptized non-Catholic who might reasonably be presumed to desire or prefer the Catholic rite.

Such a decision would be appropriate when non-Catholics worship regularly in the Catholic Church or identify with the Catholic Church more than any other.

5.To foster and respect family bonds, non-Catholic members of Catholic families may be interred in a Catholic cemetery.

Clergy of other communions may conduct the cemetery rites according to their tradition, if the family so desires or if it was the expressed wish of the deceased.

6.The Church encourages the burial of Catholics in Catholic cemeteries (Canon 1180.1).

Burial in the consecrated ground of a Catholic cemetery is a sign of baptismal commitment and gives witness, even in death, to faith in Christs resurrection.

7.A child who dies before baptism, or a stillborn or miscarried child may be given Catholic Funeral Rites if the parents intended to have the child baptized.

The remains of fetuses or stillborns should always receive reverent Christian burial if this is at all possible.

These remains may be placed either in specific individual graves or in a common burial area.

2 8.

The Order for Christian Funerals provides a complete funeral liturgy for children who have died (OCF #234-342).

The various texts for a baptized child or a child who died before baptism make these rites fully adaptable to various situations, and offer consolation for those suffering the extraordinary grief which comes with the death of a child.


There is no objection to Catholics making prior arrangements to donate their bodies or parts of them, after certain death, to advance medical science.

Upon eventual disposition of the body or its parts, there should be reasonable assurance that the remains will be disposed of in a proper, reverential manner.

The family of such a donor should be encouraged to celebrate a Mass as soon as possible after death.

Whatever remains of the body after an organ transplant or medical research should be given appropriate burial.

The rite of final committal with final commendation (OCF #224-233) offers a model for concluding prayers for the donor and the donors family.


Since the ministry of consolation belongs to the entire Christian community, the entire community is to be involved in caring for the dying, praying for the dead and comforting those who mourn.

1.Regular catechesis is encouraged to help parishioners understand their role in ministering to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

2.Parish policies, procedures and ministerial resources are to be developed in light of these guidelines and communicated clearly to parishioners so they can take full advantage of the services available to them at the time of death.


Funeral directors provide an invaluable service to families and to the Church.

Often the funeral director provides the first response to a family who has experienced the death of a loved one.

It is important for parish staffs and local funeral directors to cultivate an attitude of mutual respect and effective collaboration.

Annual meetings with funeral directors within a parish or cluster of parishes are encouraged.

Funeral directors are encouraged to include study of the Order of Christian Funerals as part of their regular in-service study, and are invited to call upon the services of the Office for Liturgy and Spirituality.


In keeping with the norms found in the Order of Christian Funerals, priests and deacons are to share the responsibility for planning and implementation of the Order with qualified lay , as teachers of faith and ministers of comfort, preside at the funeral rites, especially the Mass; the celebration of the funeral liturgy is especially entrusted to pastors and associate pastors.

When no priest is available, deacons, as minister of the word, of the altar, and of charity, preside at funeral rites
intercessions for catholic funeral mass

When no priest or deacon is available for the vigil and related rites or the rite of committal, a layperson presides<
Deacon funeral arrangements
Date of latest located at company number ________________________________ Attorney Name/Address/Phone I have arranged my funeral Name/Address/Phone Costs prepaid

Cemetery prepaid


funeral home


Street Address
Phone number Presiding Minister

Music Minister Scripture
Reader: Intercessions to be prepared by family

or Church

Reader: Individual(s) offering reflection on life of the deacon: FUNERAL MASS REQUESTS* Music and Scripture Entrance Song: Song at Preparation of Gifts: (may be instrumental)

Communion Song: Recessional Song:

Old Testament Reading:
Reader: Psalm:

New Testament Reading:
Reader: Gospel Acclamation: (will be sung) Gospel:
Reader: (Priest or Deacon) Intercessions to be prepared by family

or Church

Reader: Other Ministers of the Liturgy Presider: Deacons: of the Word:

of the Eucharist:Music Minister Altar Servers: 1)
2)Gift Ministers of Holy Communion: 1)
2) Optional:

Those involved in the placing of Christian Symbols Pall:

Book of the Gospels:
CruIndividual offering post-Communion reflection on life of the Deacon: of Deacon

Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany

FUNERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR A DEACON OF THE CHURCHere it will be easily found upon your death.)Final Directions and Instructions upon the Death Please notify the following as soon as possible:

Bishop Hubbard Office 518.453.6611

Residence 518.462.3804 And one of the following Directors of the Diaconate

Deacon Mike McDonald

518.239.6228 Ray of this form have been given to: Office of the Diaconate

Wife > Address/PhoneOther relative _____________________________ > Executor Name/Address/Phone Funeral Director Name/Address/Phone Deacons full name of Date of Birth ______________________ Place of Birth _______Fathers full name Living

Mothers full name Living

Wifes full name (including maiden , addresses and telephone numbers of other children, living brothers and sisters

Occupation , addresses and telephone numbers of persons to notify upon death
Additional sheets as necessary In a spirit of hospitality, those who have participated in the funeral Mass and Committal may be invited to participate in a simple meal following the celebration.IV.

ADDENDUM The circumstances of an individual will dictate the location of the funeral rites: A retired deacon may be buried from the church he last served, where he last resided or another as pre-An active deacon is normally buried from the church where he is serving.The Order of Christian Funerals allo offer reflections on the life of the deceased:

the Vigil for the Deceased (wake service) or Vigil for the Deceased with Reception of the Body at the following the Prayer After Communion during the Funeral Mass and

at the Rite of Committal.

It is most appropriate to invite this reflection at the Vigil for the Deceased because of its more intimate setting and the greater amount of time available for telling the story of the deacons life and ministry.

If the family desires to have a reflection on the life of the deacon, following the Prayer after Communion during Mass, out of consideration for the mourners, only one person should speak and for no more than three minutes.A grave space or mausoleum crypt will be provided to deacons of the diocese free of charge at any cemetery managed by the Diocese.

Interment charges are waived.

If a deacon wishes to purchase a plot with his family, one grave space within that plot will be provided at no charge.

Additional grave spaces within that plot for the Deacons immediate family members are discounted 25%.

(Albany Diocesan Cemetery Office, 518.432.4953) Parishes and communities are encouraged to pray for their deceased members always, but especially on the anniversary of a deacons death, as published in the diocesan ordo.At the time of a celebration of funeral rites, the main entrance of the church may be decorated with floral arrangements (except during Lent) or bunting to show to the wider community that the congregation is mourning.III.

THE FUNERAL RITES VIGIL AND RELATED RITES AND PRAYERS The pastor, or another priest/deacon who is designated ordinarily presides.Lay ministers/family members may assist with music, readings and reflections on the life of the deceased.

It will be helpful to include the times of services in the may do so.Vigil for the Deceased

The body of the deacon may be waked in a funeral home (Order of Christian Funerals, 69-81) or a church (Order of Christian Funerals, 82-97.) The rite consists of hymns/psalms, readings, homily, prayers, intercessions (Order of Christian Funerals, n with the Vigil for the DBody at the Church.The Celebration of Evening Prayer from the Office of the Dead The celebration typically occurs at the conclusion of viewing hours and concludes the wake.In extraordinary situations, to accommounity might desire to celebrate a Eucharistic liturgy, in addition to the Funeral Mass.

In preparing for this celebration, consideration should be given to the time best suited for the parish to come together.At this Mass, as well as the Funeral Mass, the appropriate roles of liturgical ministry should be respected.

(GIRM58-73).The coffin should be closed for this celebration and covered with the pall, without ceremony.

Prior to the Funeral Mass, Morning Prayer may take place.

The casket is closed.

The pall is placed and the Christian symbols (Book of the Gospels, crucifix) may be placed on the pall at this ti
Hello dear tweeps. Been a while. Morning prayer begins shortly on the 0732 train. Can I pray for you in Blessed day 2all
Peace: Intercessions for 16th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 20)
Jesus is still sitting at the Right hand of the Father making intercessions for you and meand God is still on the Throne!
I used Magnificat Mag. as a resource for 2 Communion visits today. (Intercessions and Day by Day reflection.) Really great visits!
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