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Intergraph pds training manuals

intergraph pds training manualsintergraph pds training manualsintergraph pds training manuals
Infoplant india intro letter
Design and Engineering Services and Software Products and related Services by InfoPlant Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

InfoPlant Technologies Pvt.Ltd.(InfoPlant India) is a solution company, providing design and engineering services and software related services to the industrial plant markets listed below.

(fossil & nuclear) (onshore & offshore) Refinery Petrochemical Chemical/Process Fertilizers Pharmaceutical Food Processing Paper & Pulp Sugar Water Treatment Steel/Metal Process Ship building Heavy Engineering etc

Services Rendered

Engineering Software highly skilled R&D team develops engineering software products for industrial plant and ship design applications; these products are marketed worldwide.Exhibit B lists the various products that have been developed to date or under development.

In addition, Exhibit-B lists the software products marketed by us in India.

Human Resources

InfoPlant engineers operate out of offices at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai in India and Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

Presently, we have about 100 personnel out of which over 80% are engineers including senior management personnel and a number of senior consultants with over 25 years of 1 of 12

Credentials of our Senior Management personnel with each having over 25 years of experience in their respective fields are given in are well equipped with high-end Workstations running the latest Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems.We currently perform our design and engineering tasks using the following software.

For 3D Plant & Piping Design

PDS modules from Intergraph, USA PDMS, PEGS, REVIEW Reality and Query Access from AVEVA, UK CADMATIC modules from Cadmatic, Finland

For Pipe Flow Analysis:

CAEFLOW from SST Systems, USA

For Pipe Stress Analysis:

CAEPIPE from SST Systems, USA


For Structural Design and Analysis:

CAEFRAME from SST Systems, USA

STAAD-Pro from Research Engineers, USA

For Nozzle and Lug Attachment Stress and Flexibility:

CAENOZLS and CAELUG, both from SST Systems, USA

For 3D Ship Design: (Hull and Outfitting) TRIBON modules from TRIBON in Sweden

For Drafting: AutoCAD from AutoDesk Microstation from Bentley

Projects Executed

Our experienced engineers, using the tools listed above, have executed a large number of projects to our clients, either at our offices or at our clients’ sites.A few of such clients and their projects, in which our engineers were involved, are furnished in Exhibit-D
intergraph pds training manuals
.Many of the projects performed to date involved the development of 3D design models for plants and generation of composite Equipment and Piping layout drawings, structural, cable tray and ducting layout drawings, isometrics and reports such as Bill of Materials from 3D models.In addition, we have conducted comprehensive training on 3D Plant Design software to a large number of clients.Refer Exhibit E for a selected list.

The use of 3D tools has facilitated us to expeditiously complete once through Detailed engineering, by electronically transferring 3D piping layouts from the 3D models to piping flow analysis software (such as SST’s CAEFLOW) and pipe stress analysis software (such as SST’s CAEPIPE).The 3D models have also enabled us to effectively review the layouts to ensure that the operability and maintainability requirements have been taken care of in the 2 of 12

For existing operating plants, we have built 3D models from “as-built” 2D drawings.

We intend to use 3D scanning tools with photogrammetry or lasergrammetry technologies to build 3D models in future.

We have the capability to attach documents to the respective items in the 3D model.This ensures an instant access to the relevant documentation and avoids separate efforts for archiving at a later date.The attached documentation could include Word/Excel documents, AutoCAD drawings, Scanned documents etc., pertaining to the following

Specifications Quality Plans Commissioning Log Design calculations Inspection Reports Operation Procedures Data Sheets Erection Logs Maintenance Procedures

The 3D models so developed with attached documents can be used for monitoring works during execution of projects/ shut down of the plant.

These 3D models can be further utilized during the maintenance of the project to record and query maintenance procedures, schedules, history, spare part list, spare part suppliers, inventory list etc., by interfacing with the in-house or third party maintenance management software system.

In effect, we can develop comprehensive 3D models to serve through the entire Plant life cycle i.e.

commencing from Design phase to Operation & Maintenance phase and for Decommissioning, if need be.

In addition to our 3D capabilities, we have substantial 2D expertise in converting hardcopy P&IDs into “Intelligent P&IDs” where the following information can be attached.

Design data including line properties such as specs etc Line data including flow meters, control valves, relief valves, specialties etc Equipment details including data sheets & drawings Inspection data and history Testing data and testing schedule Vibration data for rotating machinery Maintenance history Inspection & maintenance schedule Suppliers’ List Spare Parts List Tools required for maintenance, inspection etc

Please note that the attached information can be in the form of Word/Excel documents, AutoCAD drawings, Scanned documents etc.The information database so created with such “Intelligent P&IDs” would include security management system, privileges for editing, networking etc.

Encl.Exhibit A: Services rendered by InfoPlant Exhibit B: Engineering Software Products Exhibit C: Senior Managem
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