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List of chemical abbreviations

To find your medical abbreviations use the links above or the search on the side. This is the complete list of medical abbreviations we currently have available..
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The Oxford English Dictionary: list of abbreviations ... A: a. (in Etym.) adoption of, adopted from: a (as a 1850) ante, 'before', 'not later than'
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To find your medical abbreviations use the links above or the search on the side. This is the complete list of medical abbreviations we currently have available.
list of chemical abbreviationslist of chemical abbreviationslist of chemical abbreviations
Approved abbreviations 2010

Page 1 of 39 Some abbreviations may have more than one meaning.Please use in the context outlined below.ABBREVIATION DEFINITION CONTEXT 5-FU 5-fluorouracil General A fib atrial fibrillation General A fib atrial fibrillation General A V block artrioventricular block General A&O alert and oriented General A&Ox3 alert and oriented to person, place, event General a.m
list of chemical abbreviations

before noon General A2 Aortic second sound General A2 aortic second sound General A2=P2

aortic second sound equal to pulmonic second sound General aa of each General AAA aortic abdominal aneurysm General AACG Aortic second sound General AAE active assistance exercise General AAL anterior axillary line General AAS Acute Abdominal Series General AB apnea bradycardia General abd abdomen General ABG arterial blood gas General ABI ankle brachial index General abort or ab abortion General ac before meals General AC IOL anterior chamber intraocular lens General ACA Anterior cerebral artery General acc Accommodative General accom accommodation General ACF Anterior cervical fusion Orthopaedics/Neurosurgery ACG Angel closure glaucoma General acid phos acid phosphatase General ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament General ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support General ACOG American college of Obstetrics and Gynecology General ACTH adrenocortocotropic hormone General ad lib at pleasure General AD or ad right ear General ADA American Diabetic Association General adeno CA adenocarcinoma General APPROVED DOCUMENTATION ABBREVIATION LIST FOR UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE Revised on 01/06/2012

Page 2 of 39 ADH antidiuretic hormone General ADHD attention-deficit hypertensive disorder General ADL activities of daily living General adm admission General AdvDir Advance Directive General AE above the elbow General A-F bypass aorto-femoral bypass General AFB acid fast bacilli General AFGE air fluid gas exchange General AFIP Armed Forces Institute of Pathology General AFO ankle foot orthrosis General AFP alpha fetoprotein General AGA appropriate for gestational age General AHA American Heart Association General AHF Anterior hyaloid face General AHG antihemophiliac globulin General AHL Auditory Hearing Level General AI aortic insufficiency General AICD Automatic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator General AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome General AIH autoimmune hepatitis General AION Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy General AIU Ambulatory Infusion Unit General AJ ankle jerk General AK above the knee General AKA above the knee amputation General AL Axial length General alb albumin General alcl3 Aluminum Chloride General ALD alcoholic liver disease General ALIF Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion General alk phos alkaline phosphatase General ALL acute lymphocytic leukemia General all allergies General ALS advanced life support General ALT Alanine Transaminase General am before noon General AMA against medical advise

General AMBU Ambulance General AMI acute myocardial infarction General APPROVED DOCUMENTATION ABBREVIATION LIST FOR UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE Revised on 01/06/2012

Page 3 of 39 AML acute mylocytic leukemia/acute myelogenous leukemia General Amnio amniocentesis General amp ampule General Ampi Ampicillin General amt Amount General ANC Absolute Neutrophil Count General anes Anesthesia General

ANS Autonomic nervous system General ant anterior General AoAs ascending aorta General AODM adult onset diabetes mellitus General AoDt descending aorta General aort regurg aortic regurgitation General aort sten aortic stenosis General AP anterior posterior General A-P and Lat anteroposterior and lateral General A-P diameter anteroposterior diameter General AP/PA anteroposterior/posteroanterior General APC Argo Plasma Coagulation General APCT Alternative prism & cover test General APD Afferent pupillary defect General APN Advanced Practice Nurse General approx approximate General APS Anesthesia Pain Service General aPTT Activated partial thromboplastin time General AQ aqueous General Aq Pen Aqueous Penicillin G General ARA-A vidarabine (adenine arabinoside) General ARA-C cytarabine (cytosine arabinoside) General ARBC Autologous Red Cell Unit General/Hematology ARC Abnormal retinal correspondence General ARD Acute respiratory distress General ARDS Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome General ARF acute renal failure General ARG Angle recession glaucoma General ARM active range of motion General AROM artificial rupture of membranes General art arterial General arth arthritis General AS Aortic stenosis General APPROVED DOCUMENTATION ABBREVIATION LIST FOR UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE Revised on 01/06/2012

Page 4 of 39 ASA aspirin General ASAP as soon as possible General ASCUS atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance General ASCVD arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease General ASD atrial septal defect General ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease General ASO antistrepholysin -0 titer General ASO4 Atropine (as the sulfate) General asp aspirate General ASPVD arteriosclerotic peripheral vascular disease General AST Aspartate Transaminase General AT

Atrial tachycardia General ATLS Advanced trauma life support General AU Assessment Unit Hospital Department/Location (MUPC) AU or au both ears General AV arteriovenous General A-V artrioventricular (A-V node, A-V conduction) General AVF arteriovenous fistula General AVM Aterio-venous malformation General ax axilla General Ba Barium Chemical Element BAL blood alcohol level General BARBS Barbiturates General BASO basophile General BBB bundle branch block General BBBB bilateral bundle branch block General BBBD Blood Brain Barrier Disruption General BBS Bilateral breath sounds General BC Bone Conduction General BCBS Blue Cross - Blue Shield General BCC basal cell carcinoma General BCE basal cell epithelioma General BCG Bacille Calmette-Guerin General BCP birth control pills General BCR bu
Paper 12
0B12.List of Mineral by the IUGS Subcommission on the Systematics of Metamorphic Rocks: Web

and Rolf Schmid J.Siivola, Department of Geology, University of Helsinki, Finland R.

Schmid, ETH-Centre, Zrich, list contains abbrevations for 240 mineral species, series, subgroups and groups.

It mainly reviewed and adapted to the current classification and nomenclature of minerals.182 of the 192 abbreviations listed by Kretz have been accepted.

58 new abbreviations have been added, in part new mineral names, and in part names for groups of mineral specgenerate abbreviations for numerous other mineral names based on the same root term.mineral abbreviations is also explained

Importance of recommended mineral abbreviations

The use of systematic compound names as recommended by the SCMR (Schmid et al., this vol.) requires all the mineral names to be given as prefixes to the structural root term.This may result in very long names.If the mineral names are replaced by abbreviations, the length of the terms can be reduced to more than the half.

Also in phase diagrams, databases and for many other purposes mineral abbreviations are very helpful.

3BBasis of the list

In 1983 Kretz published a list of mineral abbreviawidely accepted and its use is recommended by several journals (e.g.American Mineralogist).1.Due to incompatibility with the list of mineral species in Mandarinofour mineral names, carnegieite, fassaite (for ferrian aluminian diopside or and thompsonite are removed.

2.Acmite (Acm) is replaced by aegirine (Aeg) 3.Cam and Cpx which currently stand for ‘Ca-clinoamphibole’ and ‘Ca-r clinoamphibole and clinopyroxene.4.Chrysotile (Ctl) becomes a group name comprising the polymorphs clino-, ortho- and 5.The abbreviations Fac, Fed, Fts, Mkt and Mrb are replaced by Fe2-Act, Fe2-Ed, Fe2-Ts, Mg-Kt and Mg-Rbk.

Though longer, these abbreviations follow the general rules for using abbreviations as outlined below.

The list of names for minerals and mineral examined and a number of prominent names for minerals and mineral groups were selected for ith no entry in the last column).Farther names for groups or subgroups which are not found in Mandarino & Back (2004) but Table 12.1 with the entry ‘’ in the last column).These new names do not have, of course, the same character and rank as names listed by Mandarino & Back (2004).The latter are here termed encompassing all other names not given by Mandarino & Back.

All of these additional names were three letters (three letters symbols for chemical elements, and to allow sufficient flexibility for further abbreviations in the future), only 4 important mineral groups tions, namely: ‘amphibole’ (Am)mineral’ (Cb) and ‘opaque mineral’ (Op).

4BRules for using the abbreviations

a)Mineral or chemical component? Distinction made by using capital or lower case initial letters in the mineral name or abbreviation If in a paper the same mineral name or mineral abbreviation is used for a natural mineral as well as for a chemical component (end member), ations is meant, it is recommended that the mineral name and its abbreviation are written withite, Ab) and that lower

a chemical component (e.g.

albite, evident that a mineral is meant, lower case initial letters may be used for both the mineral name b) specifying the chemical composition of a

The chemical composition can be specified by placing chemical element symbols with other elements) may be indicated by Fe2 or Fe3, for example, CaMgFe2-Grt (grossular-pyrope-almandine garnet).Prefixing of chemical elements in front of mineral names or their abbreviations should follow the same rule as prefixing mineral names or mineral abbreviations in front of rock names (see below and Schmid et al., order of increasing abundance.This means, in thample given above that CaMgFe2 (grsprpalm).

Element symbols are not seperated from each other by hyphens, but a hyphen is placed between the element symbol(s) and the mineral name or its abbreviation.

c) The glossary of mineral names 004) contains many more mineral names than those present in , consist of compound names containing as a root term one of the names listed in Table 12.1, modified by one or more or ferro-, ferri-, magnesio-, calcio-, hydroxy-,

It is simple to create abbreviations for such names using the following

3Johannsenite Jh 0 1 Identical

Kaersutite Krs 0 1 Identical

Kalsilite Kls 0 1 Identical

Kaolinite Kln 0 1 Kln-Srp 1 0 New abbreviation (expanded from Kln and Srp)

Katophorite Ktp 0 1 Identical

K-feldspar Kfs 1 0 Identical Not mentioned but useful for Alkalifeldspar containing more or- than ab-component Kieserite Kie 1 1 abbreviation

Kornerupine Krn 0 1 Identical

Kzulite (Kozulite) Koz 0 1 New abbreviation

Kyanite Ky 0 1 Identical

Laumontite Lmt 0 1 Identical

Lawsonite Lws 1 1 Identical

Lazulite Laz 1 1 abbreviation

Lepidolite Lpd 1 0 Identical

Leucite Lct 0 1 Identical

Limonite Lm 1 0 Identical Not mentioned but useful for hydrous Fe-oxides, mostly Goethite Lizardite Lz 0 1 ) Lo 1 1 Identical

Maghemite Mgh 0 1 Mg-Hbl 0 1 New abbreviation ( Mg-Ktp 0 1 Mkt; New abbreviation ( Mg-Rbk 0 1 Mrb; New abbreviation ( Mg-Sdg 0 1 New abbreviation (expanded

Magnesite Mgs 0 1 Identical

Magnetite Mag 0 1 Identical

Marcasite Mrc 1 1 abbreviation

Margarite Mrg 0 1 Identical

Marialite Mar 0 1 abbreviation

Meionite Mei 0 1 abbreviation

Melilite Mel 1 1 Identical

Merwinite Mw 0 1 abbreviation

Mica Mca 1 0 abbreviation

Microcline Mc 0 1 Identical

Minnesotaite Mns 0 1 abbreviation

Molybdenite Mo 0 1 Identical

Monazite Mnz 1 0 Identical

Monticellite Mtc 0 1 Identical

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