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Math worksheets for nursing students

Math for kids, including tips, tricks and printable worksheets..
Printable Math Worksheets |
20,000 K-12 math worksheets for just $29 bucks.
Medication Math For The Nursing Student -
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The problem of medication math errors, ways to minimize them, conversion factors, abbreviations, plus an introduction to dimensional analysis. Home Page
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Math for kids, including tips, tricks and printable worksheets.
math worksheets for nursing studentsmath worksheets for nursing studentsmath worksheets for nursing students
Nursing math
Cynthia M.McAlister

Sandra G.Shapiro


Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University Revised 5/04 Table of ContentsMath Requirements...

5 Math Learning Resources....6 Systems of Measurement and Approximate Equivalents....7 Common Pharmacologic Abbreviations


Roman Numerals12 2.

Fractions..13 3.

Decimals..15 4.

Practice Problems....18 PART B MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS1.

Ratios and Proportions.22 2.

Metric System24 3.

Practice Problems....24 4.

Household System...25 5.

Practice Problems....25 PART C DOSAGE CALCULATIONS1.

Single-Step Calculation.

26 2.

Multiple-Step Calculation..28 3.

Dosage by Weight....

31 PART D PRACTICE DOSAGE CALCULATION EXAMSCriteria for Grading Dosage Calculation Exams34 Practice Exam #1

34 Practice Exam #2

39 PART E PEDIATRIC MEDICATIONSPediatric Medications....43 Practice Exam #345 PART F PARENTERAL MEDICATIONSDirections for Calculating IV Flow Rates

46 IV Formulas..47 MATH REQUIREMENTS One of the major objectives of nursing is that the student be able to administer medications safely.

In order to meet this objective, the student must be able to meet the following math competencies.

1.Translate Arabic numbers to Roman numerals.


Translate Roman numerals to Arabic numbers.

3.Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers.

4.Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.


Add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals.

6.Convert decimals to percents.

7.Convert percents to decimals.


Set up and solve ratio and proportion problems.

9.Convert from one system of measure to another using:

a) metric system

b) apothecary system

c) household system

10.Solve drug problems involving non-parenteral and parental medications utilizing metric, apothecary, and household systems of measurement.


Solve IV drip rate problems.Preparation for the math in nursing is a personal independent student activity.

In order to facilitate this task it is suggapproach.1.Take the self-diagnostic math test.

Allow 1 hour for self-test.

2.Use an assessment sheet to pinpoint problem areas.3.Use the suggested resources to work on the problem areas.


Retake the diagnostic test to determine the need for further help.Students are encouraged to follow the above procedures.

It will organize their own learning efforts and also serve as a basis for assistance from tutors or clinical G

IV Drip Calculations contains material that will be tested on after the first semester.

Refer to this section beginning in the second semester to solve practice problems.ConversionsThere are three measurement systems commonthe metric, household, and apothecary system.

In order to compare measured amounts in the systems, approximate equivalents have been developed.

An example of an approximate equivalent is 1 teaspoon is approximately equal to 5 milliliters.

Because the meas, a conversion which e as accurate a value as a conversion which takes only one step.

For example, it is more accurate to convert from on factor directly from teaspoons to teaspoons to ounces to milliliters.


Always convert from one unit of measure to another by the shortest number of steps possible.Systems of Measurement and Approximate EquivalentsThe following conversion table will have to be memorized in order to accurately calculate dosage problems.Metric Apothecaries Household VOLUME

1 minim (m) 1 drop (gtt) 1 milliliter (ml)(cc) 15-16 minims (m) 15-16 gtts 4 milliliters (ml) (cc) 1 dram (dr), (4 mls or 1 teaspoon (t) (4-5 cc), 60 drops 15
Booklet with copyright
Nursing &PharmacologyMathNotes andPractice TestsPrepared by Kent Marsden & David Blackhawk Technical College Central Campus Learning CenterJanesville, WI 53547-5009April 21, 2004, 7 Editionth1/26/06 revisionsCopyright 2010 Blackhawk Technical CollegePharmacology MathNotes and Practice TestsThese notes and practice tests are designed to prepare Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)students with the instruction and practice they need to succeed in properly calculating medication.The notes explain how to perform the mathematical operations while the practice problems give the students an example of the questions on the pharmacology math tests.Table of ContentsReview of Basic Math 1Using the Computer to Calculate

924-Hour Clock (Military Time)10MetricSystem11Terminology and Abbreviations15Acceptable Answers17Calculating Dosages in Metric Units19 Apothecary System28Table of Equivalents30 Roman Numerals35Unit Dosages37Weight-Based Conversions47Hints for Application Problems49 General Applications50IV Flow Rates53 IV Drip Rates56Advanced Applications62Sliding Scale Dosages65If students do not understand any of the instructions or could use more help in any way,please contact the Learning Lab.The staff there is familiar with these tests and would be happy tohelp you.Study groups can be organized in the Learning Lab to help groups of students with similar needs.Copyright 2010 Blackhawk Technical College
Help?Get help in the Learning Lab.We offer a variety of help in math, metrics, reading, and study skills.TutorsClassesComputer ProgramsAdditional ProblemsMetric DemonstrationsPharmacology Demonstrations1Copyright 2010 Blackhawk Technical CollegeReview of Basic Math NotesDecimalsa.Comparing DecimalsCompare the left-most non-zero place > (4 is less than 5, therefore, 45 is less than is more 2, therefore, 0.04 is more than 0.023)
0.0084 vs.


(2 is more than 0, therefore, 0.02 more than 0.0084)
0.37 vs.0.365

(3 = 3, 7 is more than 6, therefore, 0.37 is more than 0.365)Note - Since the symbols below are often confused they should not be used, but should be written out.

means Less than

- note it looks like the letter L

means More thanb
math worksheets for nursing students
.Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Write Vertically and make sure the place values are lined up vertically, add zeros if it helps.2

10 103.1 - 0.48 = .Multiplying Decimals1.

Multiply as if there were no decimals2.Write vertically3.

The number of decimals in your answer is equal to the total number of decimal places in the

numbers you are multiplying.0.13

0.2 = 133 decimal 2010 Blackhawk Technical College Multiplying by 10, 100, or 1,000Move the decimal point to the right by the number of = (3 zeros = 3 places to the right)430e.Dividing Decimals

Move the decimal place in both numbers to the right, the same number of places, so you are dividing by a whole =(move both decimals 2 places to the right) 2* 360


Dividing by 10, 100, or 1,000Move the decimal point to the left by the number of zeros.ex.

0.57 / 10


(one zero = 1 place to the left)0.057Fractions a.Finding the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD)

Find the lowest multiple of the highest denominator, (bottom number), that can be evenly divided by the other of 8: 8, 16, , 32, 40, 48, etc.)))

68Multiples of 6: 6, 12, 18, , 30, 36, etc.24 is the lowest multiple of 8 that can be evenly divided by 6LCD = 243Copyright 2010 Blackhawk Technical Collegeb.

Changing Fractions with Different Denominators to Fractions with the Same DenominatorsMultiply the numerator, (top number), and the denominator by the same number that makes the denominator the LCDex.

> )))<>))) .Reducing Fractions
Divide numerator and denominator by the same whole numberex. out of every 25 patients tested positive for TB.What fraction of patients tested positive?15
Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions
(Needed to multiply and divide fractions)

1.Multiply the denominator by the whole and add to numerator

2.Express this sum over the > 3



6 + 1 = Improper Fractions to Proper Fractions
(Answers should not be Improper Fractions - They're Top-Heavy)

1.Use Long Division

(The number on top goes in the box - Box Top)

2.The quotient is the whole number
The remainder is the numerator and the divisor is the denominator

R * 13

3 )))<> 14Copyright 2010 Blackhawk Technical Collegef.Comparing FractionsIf the denominator is the same...the fraction with the larger top number is the larger fractionex.

(3 more than 1


more than ) the top number is the same...the fraction with the smaller denominator

is the larger fractionex.

(4 less than 8


more than d) the both numbers are different...make the denominators the same, and then compareex.

3 larger 24

8g.Add and Subtract Fractions only when the denominators are the Same

If not, 1.Find LCD

Raise the fractions so that all have LCD
3.Add or Subtract as usual
4.Change improper fractions into mixed

and reduce to lowest terms


2 a2 ))
12 + 1
+1 ))



13 ))
2010 Blackhawk Technical Collegeh.Borrowing in Subtracting Fractions


Decrease the whole number by 1


Add the numerator

to the denominator

and express over the denominator

4 c3



1 > )))))))))<> 8ex.


One patient is 68" tall, another patient is 59" tall.

What is the difference in their height?

)) > > -59





Multiplying Fractions
2050letter evewknd 101
Follow the link in the For Students section for Forms and Documents for Nursing Students.RI Hospital forms for Department (444-5221), located in the basement level of thwill issue badges.

Information given by clinical instructor at orientation.

and include complete name (first and last) and mother's maiden last name for computer access.This must be sent by the Student Health Office at the Warwick Campus at 825-2103.V.

Clinical Practicum Regarding clinical placement, if a serious need or circumstancecontact Mrs.Cheryl Donovan (Lead teacher for Nursing 2050) via experiences will be at Woman and Infants Hospital and Newport Hospital

experiences will be at Hasbro Childrens Hospital and St.

Annes Hospital in Fall River

begins the week of January 25th 2010.

begins the week of March 15 week of eachclinical rotation may be different than the schedule you will have for remaining weeks of that rotation.

Plan accordingly! (Always check the UNIFORMS:Maternity Rotation:

Scrubs will be provided by the hospitals for some maternity rotations.(More details about this will be given on lab day.) Uniforms are to be worn to the clinical units.A

over scrubs when going off the unit (provided by the student).Other than above statement, CCRI uniform Lab coats and student ID must be worn to pick up patient assignments.Refrain from smoking while wearing hospital scrubs or CCRI uniforms.Optional clinical experiences mlieu of a clinical day within that rotation)

this is arranged with the clinical instructor.

Faculty advise students to plan work schedules so one can adequately prepare for clinical assignments and get appropriate sleep to ensure a productive clinical learning experience.


Math testing: A practice math exam is available on the Forms and Documents webpage.Pedi math and IV calculations are included on the Nursing 2050 math exams.

90% passing score is required.

90% on a math exam results in clinical probation.

math Exam (for 90% on exam # 1) to be taken during

week of semester.(date TBA)

math Exam (for 90% on exam # 2) to be taken during

week of semester.(date TBA) 90% on math exam # 3 results in clinical failure and automatic dismissal from the course.Potts and Mandleco (P&M), Pediatric Nursing, 2nd Ed.Rebeschi & Brown Pediatric Nurses Survival Guide, 3 Delmar, 2007 Maternity Text: Ricci, (R) Essentials of Maternity, Newborn and Womens Health Nursing, 2nd Ed.

Ricci, (R) Essentials of Maternity, Newborn and Womens Health Nursing, Study Guide 2nd Ed..
I have two math worksheets to do I'm in Advanced math then I have an essay for reading :) Yup. That's half my weekend :)
> the math worksheets they had finished and get the materials for our art time ready. Of course that would leave me five minutes to eat >
Still have math hmwk n all of the worksheets for chem my frnehc worksheet n history project. N then review for math.
Asked the Grade 8 teacher for math worksheets to help my child. She told me to go look for them at Walmart.
Still have math hmwk n all of the worksheets for chem my frnehc worksheet n history project. N then review for math.
My brother got a 2 worksheets for LAL & then 3 worksheets for math
Damn I just got all comfy in bed and realized i have a paper to finish for tomorrow and 2 worksheets for math!
The fact that my friend Ashley will go to math and get all the notes and worksheets for me cause I feel like poop >>>>
Failing math for sure because i failed both long quizzes andbi failed the pt and i didnt pass my worksheets.
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