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Microsoft lync hidden emoticons

Does anybody know a way to backup your custom Windows Live Messenger emoticons and restore them after a format? I found some little apps, but they are really bad and .
Microsoft Lync Text Emoticons & Symbols ಊ|• ` ´|个 ...
Microsoft® lync® 2013 is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform that connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other devices, as part of their …
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All of the microsoft Office software you love on the Mac. microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook on the Mac OS.
Lync Product Guide From Microsoft And Atidan
General questions about lync How do I keep my lync conversation window on top of all the other windows on my computer, so I can see it while I work?
Faq About Lync - Lync
Now we’re ready to run the MCXStandalone.msi. First you’ll need to copy the McxStandalone.msi to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Lync …
Microsoft Office For Mac | Office For Mac
Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by microsoft. It was officially launched on May 22, 1990, as a part of the microsoft Office suite.
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Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by microsoft. It was first released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Subsequent versions were ...
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Tom Arbuthnot is a microsoft lync Certified Master and MVP. He is a blogger, regular on The UC Architects Podcast, contributing writer to lync Server 2013 Unleashed ...
Microsoft Powerpoint - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Does anybody know a way to backup your custom Windows Live Messenger emoticons and restore them after a format? I found some little apps, but they are really bad and ...
microsoft lync hidden emoticonsmicrosoft lync hidden emoticonsmicrosoft lync hidden emoticons
Mobility in Lync Server 2010 Jeff Schertz Microsoft Lync MVP Lead Microsoft Solutions Architect, Polycom

Agenda New Components and Services Deployment Approach, Web Services, Mcx Listening Ports Use Cases Internal Access Only External Access Deployment Tips Traffic Flow Client Capabilities

Deployment Approach Prerequisites Cumulative Update 4 New Installation Package McxStandalone.msi Unique Installation Process The .msi is not executed but copied into the setup directory and then bootstrapper.exe is run instead
Web Services New IIS Components Application Pools CSExtMcxAppPool CsIntMcxAppPool Application Directories Autodiscover Mcx Configuration Added to Internal and External Web Sites Mcx only installed on Front End servers Autodiscover goes on both FE and Director

Mcx Listening Ports New Front End server Listening Ports Configurable only in PowerShell Set-CsWebServer -Identity -McxSipPrimaryListeningPort 5086

Set-CsWebServer -Identity -McxSipExternalListeningPort 5087
Internal Access Only Scenarios Mainly used in non-production environments for pilot or testing No requirements for Edge or Reverse Proxy servers Limited to devices attached to local Wi-Fi networks (no cellular data access) Configuration PowerShell cmdlet to force internal web services URL for all client connections Set-CsMcxConfiguration ExposedWebUrl Internal Deploy internal Autodiscover DNS record Access Scenarios Typical production environment deployments Both the Edge Server role and a Reverse Proxy solution are required All clients are redirected to the external web services for Mcx connectivity regardless of location Devices attached to local Wi-Fi networks must be allowed to reach the reverse proxy external interface This addresses both private certificate trust issues and port mismatch issues (80/443 vs.8080/4443) Official Guide: Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Guide Blog Article: Deploying the Lync 2010 Mobility Service

Publishing External Web Services Front End Server Only Deployments For HTTPs: Configure Autodiscover For HTTP: Do Nothing Environments with Director Servers Same guidance as before Mobility was introduced, thus all external web services should already be published Publishing Lync Director Services Publish Autodiscover on Director(s) only Do nothing for Front End servers Mcx access already provided by existing web services FQDN
Publishing External Web Services Autodiscover: HTTP or HTTPS? Balance ease of deployment

against desired level of security Which is more difficult: updating a certificate or allowing TCP:80 traffic? HTTP No changes required to the existing external certificate HTTP 80 must be enabled on the web listener with rule redirection to 8080 Passes redirection command in clear text exposing only the External Web Services FQDN {"\/ :\/\/ "}]}} HTTPS All communications are encrypted Autodiscover request FQDN must match Certificate and Public Names
Mcx Client Connectivity McxService URIs Defined service URIs are unique Get-CsService -PoolFqdn lyncpool.contoso
microsoft lync hidden emoticons
.com -WebServer | Select-Object McxService* | fl

Client Provisioned URLs Client-facing Web URLs are the same value when passed to the client
Push Notification Clearing House Apple iOS Devices Cellular Network Preference Even when on WiFi Push Notifications will attempt to use the cellular network, with fall back to Wi-Fi when needed Outbound Connections Devices will attempt outbound connections to Apple Push Notification Services (APNS) over TCP 5223 Return traffic must be allowed back in any internal Wi-Fi networks Windows Phone Devices Lync Online (Office 365) Federation Android Devices Not applicable
Deployment Tips Director Servers McxStandalone.msi Prerequisite Check Failure Install Web-Dyn-Compression even though it is not used by the Autodiscover service Lync Certificate Wizard Issue Must manually add the Mobility Autodiscover FQDNs to the Director certificate request Reverse Proxy Deviate from TechNet Guidance IP addresses, reuse existing web listeners
Hairpinning Looks like a hairpin Corporate Firewalls Allow outbound traffic (80/443) from internal hosts to reach the Reverse Proxy external interface Typically addressed by stateful inspection Looping back into a DMZ is often prohibited (or simply not configured) Benefits Single route for all mobility traffic All traffic handled by same web service External public certificates leveraged
Client Connectivity Process Autodiscover DNS Query Autodiscover FQDN LyncDiscoverInternal LyncDiscover HTTP & HTTPS GET External Web Service FQDN Connects to Autodiscover service HTTPS POST Web Ticket Service HTTPS GET In-band Provisioned URLs passed Internal/Mcx & External/Mcx 1 1 2 2 3 3 Client Policies Limit Mobility Features Enable Mobility and OutsideVoice (Call via Work) New|Set-CsMobilityPolicy Assign New Policy to Specific User Settings Global, User or Site scope Behavior Autodiscover Override Must append "/" to the server URL on client Address Book Search Address Book Web Query (ABWQ) Only Contact Photos Active Directory Integrated Photos Only, federated contacts photos not supported Media Voice is cellular carrier network only, VoIP and Video calling capabilities not included Push Notifications Devices will prioritize Push Notifications to use cellular data networks over Wi-Fi
Capabilities by Client Feature/capability

Windows Phone 7 Apple iOS Android Join Meetings Calendar Application Meetings Tab Calendar Application Visual Voice Mail Voice Mail Tab Call via Work Single Number Reach Dial Pad Push Notifications N/A Sign Out Option Sign Out Behavior Return to Sign-In Screen Return to Sign-In Screen Exit Application Save Password Option New IM Vibration Send Location / Map Contact Information Contact List - published numbers from contact card only Contact Search - numbers from Lync AB only Multiple sources merged with all numbers displayed Multiple sources merged with all numbers displayed Test Commands Test-CsMcxPushNotification Test Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging Test-CsMcxP2PIM $cred1 = Get-Credential \user1" $cred2 = Get-Credential \user2" Test-CsMcxP2PIM -TargetFqdn "" -SenderSipAddress -SenderCredential $cred1 -ReceiverSipAddress -ReceiverCredential $cred2 Test Multi-Party Conference Test-CsMcxConference $cred1 = Get-\user1" $cred2 = Get-CONTOSO\ $cred3 = Get-CONTOSO\user3" Test-CsMcxConference -TargetFqdn -OrganizerSipAddress -OrganizerCredential $cred3 -UserSipAddress -UserCredential $cred1 -User2SipAddress -User2Credential $cred2
Troubleshooting Sign-In Name User Name field hidden in each client SIP Address matches User Principal Name? Sending Logs Enable Diagnostic Logging About Lync

Send Diagnostics Logs Requires an email profile to be defined on the device Reviewing Logs Attached as .log (iOS) .zip (Android) or .jpg (WP7) Each client is unique with different logs message formats
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Free Business Apps 4 Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone from Microsoft Corporation -
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