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Pictures of ho chi minh

Early Life. The son of a poor country scholar, Nguyen Sinh Huy, Ho Chi Minh was brought up in the village of Kim Lien. He had a wretched childhood, but between the .
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The Legend of the ho chi minh trail, there are few brand names to match that of the ho chi minh Trail, the secret, shifting, network of deep jungle tracks that led to ...
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Ho chi minh City, the new official name for Saigon since 1975, is by far the largest city in Vietnam, home to more than 7 million, and the economic engine of the country.
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Ho chi minh. Born: May 19, 1890 Nghe An, Vietnam Died: September 3, 1969 Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnamese revolutionary and president. ho chi minh was the founder and …
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Early life . ho chi minh (Chinese: 胡志明) was born Nguyễn Sinh Cung (as appeared in a letter from the director of Collège Quốc học, dated August 7, …
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Ho chi minh City , formerly named Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam. It was once known as Prey Nokor, an important Khmer sea port prior to annexation by the ...
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VEF Oral Examination Orientation. On June 9, EducationUSA hosted an oral examination orientation for the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) Fellowship and Visiting ...
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Early Life. The son of a poor country scholar, Nguyen Sinh Huy, ho chi minh was brought up in the village of Kim Lien. He had a wretched childhood, but between the ...
pictures of ho chi minhpictures of ho chi minhpictures of ho chi minh
Cu chi tunnels revised
SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!1The Tunnels of Cu ChiRamon W.AlmodovarJ.David Rogers“No one has ever demonstrated more ability to hide his installations than the Viet Cong; they were human moles.”General William WestmorelandSAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!2PurposeTo provide the class with an overview of the Cu Chi Tunnels and how they impacted the Vietnam War.

SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!3References•The Tunnels of Cu Chi by Tom Mangoldand John • / / / refer/map1/indexjs.htmlSAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!4Outline•Area of Operations•History of Cu Chi Tunnels•Tunnel Construction•Viet Cong Tunnel Fighting•Cu Chi Base Camp•Operation Cedar Falls•Tunnel Rats•Tunnel EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!5Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, east of Cambodia and Laos, south of China and bordered on the east by the Gulf of Tonkin/South China Sea.SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!6SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!9The Iron Triangle was a known Viet Cong stronghold.

It was 40 square miles of jungle and briar with an intricate network of interconnecting tunnels and bunkers, extending over 200 km!

The remained in oerationthroughout the war.From the preceding map you can see the proximity of the Iron Triangle to Cu Chi base.The Iron Triangle, the HoBoWoods and the BoiLoiWoods were defoliated and their original populations relocated.

The red Xs mark VC/NVA headquarters locations.SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!10A LITTLE BACKGROUNDSAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!11•The tunnels stretched from Saigon to the Cambodian border•By the end of the war approximately 200km of tunnels were constructed.•The tunnels were used to connect villages, districts, and provinces together so the guerrilla fighters could move between areas undetected.•They were originally dug as hiding places for the Viet Minh, nationalist guerillas who fought the Japanese during World War II and France afterwards (1946-54).•The tunnels were subsequently expanded in response to pressure brought on by conventional ARVN and US forces.•No central entity designed the tunnels or oversaw their construction.

They evolved out of necessity.•Aircraft, bombs, artillery, and chemicalsforced the Viet Cong to station themselves underground.SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!12TYPICAL TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION(1 of 6)SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!15•Most of the tunnel entrances were well concealed, covered by boards 1cm thick and 2 to 3 cmswide arranged in two frames, one horizontally, the other vertically.•A nylon sheet was then glued between the 2 frames
pictures of ho chi minh
.•The door was then covered with sponge rubber and wax, so that itwould feel like natural ground when walking across it.•The sides of the trapdoor were beveled downward at an angle so it could take considerable overpressure, even from vehicles.•Most of the tunnels were filled with camouflaged trap doors.

These were also concealed by covering them with earth.•If a door led to the exposed ground surface, dead foliage was used to camouflage the door and was changed every three days.•Entrances had to resist fire, flood, and chemical warfare, so they were located in dry, elevated, and generally well-ventilated areas.•Some doors were even hidden in pig pens because the VC knew thatAmerican soldiers would not want to check such places thoroughly.SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!16TUNNELS EXPOSED TO REVEAL LAYOUT CHARACTERISTICSSAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!17These are pictures of the tunnels with their earthen cover removed.Tunnels were usually excavated in a zig-zagpattern, at angles between 60 and 120 degrees.

This was intended to prevent

linear lines-of-fire and help deflect explosive blasts if the tunnel complex was invaded by enemy troops.Communications passages were constructed no wider than 1.2 meters, no narrower than 0.8 meters, at a height of 0.8 to 1.8 meters, with a minimum roof thickness of 1.5 meters.

Big fellaswould have a difficult time negotiating such openings.

These dimensions were strictly adhered to as a standard that ensured uniformity and sound construction.SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!18Tunnel Construction(4 of 6)SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!23When bombing of the tunnels in the Iron Triangle was intensified late in the war, new tunnels were excavated with conical A-shaped shelters, geometrically designed to better resist deep-penetration artillery and bomb blasts.The conical shape also amplified the sound of approaching B-52’s.

The terrifying impact of B-52 carpet bombing was only learned after the war concluded.

SAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!24VC Tunnel FightingSAPPERS EAGLE!SAPPERS EAGLE!AIR ASSAULT!AIR ASSAULT!27•This aerial view of Cu Chi Base Camp was taken during the monsoon season.What appears to be a river in the upper part of the photo is actuallyflooded lowlands.

Source: Danny Driscoll.•From the outset of the War US forces were aware that Cu Chi and the Iron Triangle were strongholds for the Viet Cong, so the 25thInfantry Division placed their base camp in Cu Chi as a supposed deterrent to VC activity in the area.•In January 1966 Operation Crimp was launched to clear the area for the base camp.

The operation successfully cleared the land, but failed to clearthe VC tunnels in the area.•Suffice to say that 25thID was surprised when their base was attacked from INSIDE their perimeter.

This went on until they finally cleared all the tunnels lying within the camp.•Cu Chi Base
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