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Plural grammar apostrophe

So which nouns get -en in their plural and which ones get -s? Let us assume that all nouns are in principle -en nouns. Below, the characteristics of nouns that take .
The Apostrophe - Commnet
I just pulled out a copy of the MLA Handbook, 6th edition, which is the most current. Rule 3.2.7.g: "Do not use an apostrophe to form the plural of an abbreviation or ...
Forming Plurals (no Apostrophe) - Grammar Monster
The apostrophe (’, although often rendered as '), is a punctuation mark, and sometimes a diacritical mark, in languages that use the Latin alphabet or certain other ...
Plural Apostrophes - English Grammar - English - The Free ...
It’s one of those grammar glitches that makes English teachers twitch, and it’s a perplexing punctuation problem. Knowing when to use an apostrophe and when to ...
Is It Plural Or Possessed? When To Use Apostrophe -s ...
Forming plurals (grammar lesson) ... The English language is quite unusual because the singular and plural forms of verbs in each tense are identical.
Apostrophe - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Using apostrophes. Using apostrophes to show awkward plurals. Using apostrophes to show the plurals of abbreviations, numbers, and letters (grammar lesson)
Dutch Grammar • Plural Ending: -s Or -en?
The form of a noun that typically denotes more than one person, thing, or instance. Contrast with singular. Although the English plural is commonly formed with the ...
Plural - Definition And Examples - About
The apostrophe has three uses: To form possessives of nouns ; To show the omission of letters ; To indicate certain plurals of lowercase letters ; Forming Possessives ...
Apostrophes To Show The Plural Of Abbreviations - Grammar ...
So which nouns get -en in their plural and which ones get -s? Let us assume that all nouns are in principle -en nouns. Below, the characteristics of nouns that take ...
plural grammar apostropheplural grammar apostropheplural grammar apostrophe
Email at

University West, room 129
(361) 570-4288Apostrophes Apostrophes can be used in two waysto show possession and to indicate omission.

Apostrophes Used to Show Possession The rules of grammar require that an apostrophe be used to form both singular and plural possessive Singular Possessive NounsUse an apostrophe followed by when you form the possessive of a singular noun.

the cats litter box the dogs owner

the professors study guide In each of these cases, the noun (cat, dog and professor) is singular, meaning that there is only one of each.

The apostrophe Regular Plural Possessive Nouns to show possession.

the cats litter box the dogs owner

the professors study guides In the examples above, the

after each word indicates that there are more than one cat, more than one dog and more than one professor.

The apostrophe following the

indicates possession.

The best way to determine the differences between singular and plural possessive nouns

is illustrated in the following chart: Singular Nouns Singular Possessive Plural nouns with

Plural Possessives Cat Cats Cats Cats Dog Dogs Dogs Dogs Professor Professors Professors Professors Boy Boys Boys Boys Pilot Pilots Pilots Pilots


If in doubt about whether a word is possessive or not, ask yourself whose litter box?, whose owner?, or whose study guide?

These questions are key indicators that imply ownership.By answering to whom the item belongs, you have just revealed the noun to be possessive and required an

Email at

University West, room 129
(361) 570-4288Singular Possessive Proper Nouns ending in Here, there is only one person having ownership, Charles Dickens in the first case and Charles in the second case.

Charles network The rule of grammar states that if a name has more than one syllable and ends in an , and the last syllable makes an /ez/ sound (as in Texas), then only an apostrophe is needed
plural grammar apostrophe
.(The intention is to make pronunciation book

Jesus glass Socrates view

Texas law Apostrophes Used to Show Omission An apostrophe is needed when making contractions in order to take the place of omitted will


do not


they are


should not

shouldnt I would

Id ***** Although using contractions is a common practice in our everyday writing, contractions are sometimes viewed suspiciously in formal writing.*****An apostrophe

required to omit part of a year.I love the 80s.

The 60s was an era of great musical influence.An apostrophe is

required to form the plural of a number.

In the 1950s

He scored in the 1500s on his SATs.

An apostrophe isneeded to form the plural of abbreviations CDs SATs

PHDs Some grammar guides also state that an apostrophe is no longer required to form the plurals of letters.

*****Follow the recommendations of the publication manual (MLA or APA) concerning apostrophes used to form plurals of letters.Email at

University West, room 129
(361) 570-4288Answer Key:

The ships anchor began to drag across the ocean floor.The candidates press release ignored the issue.

The candidates press release ignored the issue.

I refused to obey the professors warning.

I refused to obey the professors warning.The court ordered the four suspects release.I am not able to assist with the groups project.I wouldnt do that if I were you.They werent friends of mine.The childrens school is being tested this week.Todays lesson is over the bodys ability to fight infection.

Theyre debating this years the years first major crisis.Its my right to speak freely.Texas common law states that your actions are illegal Texas common law states that your actions are illegal.Jamess mother is the greatest woman that Ive ever met.Hot air balloons obstructed the geeses flight pattern.

Sandras dress is red.The spies identities had been compromised.Im a member of the class of 93.

The bear tried to steal the campers ice chest.

The bear tried to steal the campers Copyright 2003 by the Academic Center and the University of Houston-Victoria.

Created 2003 by Bernice Dobbins.

Revised 2005.

In questions 2, 3, and 20 there are two possible answers due to the ambiguity of the possessive adjectives .

In these sentences, the first answer is right if you thought there were more than one candidate, more than one professor, or more than one camper.If you thought there was only one candidate and one professor, In number 13,

could be considered an adjective describing what type of law..
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Really need to stop saying 'IS'.
el a7rif salfa thanya 3ad french grammar is weird. ena the verb after vous (you-plural) always has
Epic grammar fail
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