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Printable scattergories lists 1 12

May 19, 2014 · Flu free resources include print materials, matte articles, web tools, and video and audio tools - CDC.
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May 19, 2014 · Flu free resources include print materials, matte articles, web tools, and video and audio tools - CDC
printable scattergories lists 1 12printable scattergories lists 1 12printable scattergories lists 1 12
NWT Literacy Council NWT Literacy CouncilHow To Kit was developed to help organizations celebrate literacy in the NWT.

It is one in a series of How to Kitsyou can download from the NWT Li.You are welcome to photocopy and use the activities in your programs, or1-2-3 Rhyme with Me

Community Book Swap Family Reading Party Games Night Literacy Treasure Hunt Pyjamas and Book Party Reading Circles and Story Scattergories Storytime on the Radio Family Literacy Activities Night Book MakingLiteracy Games for Adults Get Caught Reading & Other Promotion Ideas Environmental Print Games

Involving Families in Children's Literacy Activities for Holidays – Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Puppet Making

Culture and Traditions Facilitating a WorkshopTalking BooksReaders TheatreFamily Literacy Activities

Night 2 Books in the Home ForeverWord & Picture Bingos welcome to download and use.NWT Literacy Council

Yellowknife, NT

X1A 2N6 Phone: 867-873-9262 Fax: 867-873-2176

Toll Free in the NWT: ! NWT Literacy CouncilThere are many activities that families can do together to support their childrens literacy development: reading or telling stories together, cooking, saying rhymes, playing games, or making family books.This How to Kit and ideas for activities that you can do with families to literacy activities or you can run a series of evenings.Whatever you do, make it fun! How to KitIdeas for some simple activities that parents can do at home with their children.

Posters and invitations to advertise your NWT Literacy CouncilWhy is oral language development so important? Oral language development is later move on to understand print
printable scattergories lists 1 12
.Many families in the NWT have a rich tradition of oral language.What can I do to help my childreTalk to your children regularly to let them hear the your children to use language.Rhymes.

Finger plays.Use your childrens first language.

Tell your children stories or ask your children to tell you NWT Literacy CouncilWhat can I do to help my Write shopping lists Let your children help when you are writing by: Helping with a shopping list.Drawing a picture that goes wiLet your children scribble and draw.

This is the beginning stages of writing.Pretending to write is OK too.Make sure you always have writing materials Old envelopes or greeting cards for kids to NWT Literacy CouncilGames are a great way to spend time with your children and a great way to help them learn.

They teach all different kinds of Why are games an important way to learn? Board and card games help children to match pictures and words.This is an important reading skill.

Board games teach visual skillsrecognize symbols, signs, leEven simple games, such as Snakes and Ladders, can help children with numbers.Games, such as Scrabble, encourage your children to Games are easy to make.You can design some specially You can make and play games in any language.NWT Literacy CouncilNew words.

Enjoyment of a story.How to use their imaginations.The connections between words and pictures.The relationship between words and sounds.

m left to right.Sharing and enjoyment of a special activity.NWT Literacy CouncilYou can do it either as a whole group activity or as a centre activity with a smaller group.Heres how to do it.Have lots of books available for families to choose from.Give out small prizes to the rSet up a reading circle in the room and have a volunteer read a story to the families.Hand out family literacy ti.
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