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Radio shack answers plus card

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radio shack answers plus cardradio shack answers plus cardradio shack answers plus card
End of Course Make-up Review Algebra 1


Algebra 1 End-of-Course Make-up Review 2011 Draft

Table of Contents Introduction .A Algebra 1.1.A ....1
1.1.B/1.1.C 3
1.1.E 5
1.2.A ....

1.2.C 9
1.3.A ..11

1.3.C ...17
1.4.A ..18
1.4.C ...23
1.4.D ..26
1.4.E ...

1.6.A ..

1.6.C ...

1.6.D ..37
1.6.E ...

1.7.A ..39
1.7.C ...44
1.7.D ..46 Answer Key

Algebra 1 End-of-Course Make-up Review 2011 Draft

A Introduction

The Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review packet is available to students who wish to Algebra 1 Make-up Exam.

The packet was designed for students needing a review of key content in Algebra 1.

Students who are eligible to take the Algebra 1 Make-up Exam and utilize this packet must have completed Algebra 1 and be a member of the graduating class of 2013 or beyond.

Students who will graduate in 2011 or 2012 and have not taken a state mathematics assessment while in high school are also eligible to take the Algebra 1 Make-up Exam and utilize this packet.This exam will be administered in the Mukilteo School District during the last three weeks of the academic school year.
We have created the Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review packet for those teaching the Algebra 1 Make-up Review course as well as for the student working independently to review for the Algebra 1 Make-up Exam.The review consists of content reviewing the twenty-four state performance expectations (PE) that will be assessed on the Algebra 1 Make-up Exam.

We have provided a sample of algebra questions which are aligned to the state Algebra 1 and encourage students to complete at least one question from each PE.

There is a description of each PE as well as what students are expected to know.

Each PE is followed by a set of examples.

An experienced team of Algebra 1 teachers from the Mukilteo School District created the Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review packet.

This is our first attempt to create a Algebra 1.

I would like to thank Laurie Gipson (Mariner HS), Tory Kartchner (Mariner HS) and Cathy Mitchell (Harbour Pointe MS) for their contributions and effort.
Mary Ellen Huggins Secondary Mathematics Facilitator Mukilteo School District Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review 3/11/2011 Draft 1

Performance Expectation A1.1.A Select and justify functions and equations to model and solve problems Items assessing A1.1.A will ask students to analyze the rate of change (slope) in a function using a graph or table to determine if the function is linear or exponential.

Students select model for functions and describe appropriate domain restrictions.

Functions are then used to solve problems and interpret solutions in the context of the original situation.These items assessing this PE will include multiple choice or completion questions.Students need to know: How to connect table and graph to a function (linear or exponential) It is important for students to be able to create a table for both linear and exponential functions and then to use the table to graph the function

(a graphing calculator is really helpful) The characteristics of an exponential and linear graph and table and how to explain verbally the differences between linear and exponential That the domain of functions should be written in


Sample Questions 1.

Study the pattern shown in the table.
What is the value of s when r equals 10? r 0 2 4 6 8 10 s 7 11 23 43 71
s = ________
Write an equation that you can use to predict any value of s given r
radio shack answers plus card
had given her on the previous day.



Which function models this situation?

< much will Julie have after 12 days?

__________ Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review 3/11/2011 Draft 2


Mr.Madison gave his students this pattern of white tiles:
He asked his students to write an equation to represent the number of white tiles, t, for any figure

number, n.

Which equation represents the number of white tiles in the pattern?


t 4n 8

t 4n 4

t n 4

t n 2

A cup is 5.2 cm tall, including a 0.8 cm lip.Cups are stacked inside one another.

Draw a diagram to help you see how the height of the stack of cups increases.a)

Find a function that represents the height of a stack of cups in terms of the number of cups in the many cups are in a stack that is 34 cm high?

6 cups

16 cups

26 cups

36 cups


During the month of

August, Jamie will be house-sitting for her wealthy neighbor, Mrs.Gates.
Mrs.Gates offers Jamie two different salary plans: Plan 1:

$100 per day for the 31 days in August.

Plan 2:

$1 fir August 1, $2 for August 2, $4 for August 3 and so on, with the daily rate doubling each day.

Write functions that model the amount of money Michelle will earn each day on Plan


and Plan 2.
Justify the function you wrote with a table a written explanation.
Plan 1____________________
Plan 2______________________

State an appropriate domain for each of the models based on the context.


Which plan should Michelle choose to maximize her earnings?

Justify your recommendation mathematically.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review 3/11/2011 Draft 3

Performance Expectation A1.1.B /A1.1.C

Solve problems represented by linear functions, equations and inequalities (A1.1.B)

and systems of linear functions, equations and inequalities (A1.1.C) Items assessing A1.1.B and A1.1.C will ask students to represent word problems as functions, equations and inequalities.Students must analyze situations, and represent them mathematically.

Students solve problems and check reasonableness of solutions as related to the context of original problems.

These items may be short answer or completion.Students need to know: How to express a word problem as an equation, function or inequality How to solve the problem for or any given variable When an answer is reasonable for the given context How to set equations equal to one another to solve systems That graphing inequalities is helpful when determining solutions

Sample Questions 1.A classroom holds 36 desks.

There are 15 desks occupied in the classroom already.

Which inequality can be solved to show all the number of students, s, that can still have a desk in the classroom?

Complete the inequality below.

The charges of $3 plus $5.50 per game downloaded.

The charges an annual fee of $15 plus $2.50 per game.

For how many game downloads will the cost be the same at both web sites and what is that cost?

Fill in the blank giving the correct number of games and the cost.

____________games and $___________.

per visit fee that includes one hour of labor plus $45 per hour after the first hour.

We-Unclog-It Plumbers charges $100 per visit fee that includes one hour of labor plus $40 per hour after the first hour.

For how many hours of plumbing work would Cly -Unclog-It?
Algebra 1 End of Course Make-up Review 3/11/2011 Draft 4

chocolate) and another cup of 60% milk (the rest is chocolate).

She wants to make one cup of 70% milk.

How much of the 85% milk and 60% milk should she mix together .
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