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Released taks test by objective

3rd Grade Taks Test Preparation Math Worksheets and Quizzes.
Texas Education Agency - Taks Released Items
Science Grades 5, 8, 10 & Exit Level released taks Problems by objective Table of Contents:
Taks Resources - Texas Education Agency - Welcome
Online taks test Practice. Grade 10 — taks Practice. objective 1 Practice Quiz Take this 15-question practice quiz to test your understanding of issues and events ...
Released Taks Problems By Objective - Contact: Region 9 ...
Download copies of the 2014 Texas STAAR tests, answer keys and curriculum objectives by grade and subject
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Jun 23, 2009 · Social Studies Grade 11; taks Revised Information Booklets. TEA developed taks information booklets to provide a better understanding of taks and …
Grade 10, Online Taks Test Practice, Social Studies, Glencoe
TAKS test directory: taks practice, scores, test dates and online news articles.
3rd Grade Taks Test Preparation And Practice Worksheets
Jun 23, 2009 · Social Studies Grade 11; taks Revised Information Booklets. TEA developed taks information booklets to provide a better understanding of taks and …
Texas Education Agency - Taks Resources
all other interactive released taks test for all grade levels can be found here.
Taks Test Resources - Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Ela
3rd Grade taks test Preparation Math Worksheets and Quizzes
released taks test by objectivereleased taks test by objectivereleased taks test by objective
Daep cip 2007 2008
Southside Independent School District

Mission Statement

faculty, and staff are all committed to

Through a collaborative effort of home, school, and community, Southside students will be provided the necessary experiences that empower them to become productive citizens and life-long learners.

Southside ISD Believes

eve, be successful, and contribute to society, That all students deserve quality facilities that promote academic excellence, That positive, visionary leadership builds,That all students will succeed with community involvement, ve access to information to That all stakeholders can ISD Disciplinary Alternative Education Program

Mission Statement

The Southside Disciplinary Alternative Education Program fosters a positive change in attitude and behavior that permits the student to return to the home campus and provides

Both provide students skills necessary to be successful in learning in the educational setting 5/31/07 Academic Center for Educational Success (ACES)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Center for Education Success (ACES) is to provide a unique academic program for Southside ISD students who are at-risk or dropouts.

The ACES students completes their high school requirements in order to receive a diploma.5/31/07 Alternative Center CPOC Committee Augustus Barnett,
Ella Beal,

English Language Arts
Veronica Gonzalez,
Kate Goodspeed,

Secondary Science
Daniel O’Brien,

Secondary Math Teacher
Thomas Reed,
Michael Sands,
Darlene Vinyard, Elementary/Special Education Teacher
Gary Wiess, District Homebound Teacher
Central Office:

Mr.Larry Villa 5/31/07 Southside DAEP CPOC Meeting Dates/Times

2007-2008 School Year



Location Monday

September 24, 22, 10, 28, 25, 24, 28, 19, Cafeteria 5/31/07 NEEDS ASSESSMENT The DAEP CPOC conducted needs assessments using a variety of indicators and identified the needs listed below.


TAKS results from all students who had been placed in DAEP during the 2006-2007 school year prior to the TAKS administration wereviewed and deficits continue to exist in math and science, with the gap between sending campuses and DAEP closing in reading.2.Attendance:

PEIMS attendance reports were reviewed and although absences continue to pose a challenge to the campus.Attendance rate for last year was 90.62%.

3.Drop-out Rate:

In analyzing AEIS and PEIMS reports, dropouts continue to be a problem.

Some success was noteself-paced methods and materials (such as NovaNet and/or Plato) that is also used at the District’s high school and middle schoThis program needs to continue for DAEP students at the senior level classification.

released taks test by objective
.Retention/Failure Rate:

In reviewing retention rates, fewer high school students were recredits because of collaboration between DAEP and high school in assigning elective work to students while at DAEP.

This program needs to continue and be expanded.

5.Staff Development:

In analyzing results from the staff development survey given to staff, it was noted that staff needs training concentrated on dclassroom management, effective teaching practices, content-area/subject specific training, and curriculum integration across d 6.

Community and Parental Involvement:

A review of parental and community involvement in CPOC meetings, as well as in other aspects of the DAEP program, shows that moto be done to ensure that parents become partners in the educational program at DAEP.


Southside Alternative Center Key Initiatives for Instructional Program Improvement 2007-2008

1.Continue implementation of ACES program rriculum and individual and small group instruction.

Promote program to eligible studecontact and mail.

2.Implement NovaNet and American Preparatorogical tools to assist in ogram.

In addition, American Preparatory Institute self-paced, ESC-4 TAKS remediation/credit recovery curriculum, and teacher-created matwill be used in ACES.


Provide training by ESC-20 to alternative center staff in areas of integrating curriculum across subjects, differentiatingimplementing project-based instruction.

5.Continue to coordinate with high school

Expand program by purchasing self-paced elective curriculum that correlates w 6.

Continue implementation of Boys Town discipline management model to decrease discipli 7.

Promote training leading to ESL and G/T certitive Campus teachers.

8.Use communication strategies to reduce discretionary placements at DAE 9.

Create a positive and disciplinary incentives plan to increase Alternative attendance to 94%.

requirements and the State requirements for “Highly improve the level of student achievement in all subject areas.


To improve academic achievement so that 90% of all students taking TAKS will pass all sub-tests, meeting the state standard by 2012.

SISD Strategic Plan Organizational Oversight - A Technology – 3,4

Strategies/Activities: CORE ACADEMIC SUBJECTS

Staff Responsible of Evaluation and Reporting Accomplishments

Monitoring/ Timeline Budget/FTEs (All DAEP Gen.Ed.

DAEP teachers will be issued notebook computers and provided data projectors to facilitate the integration of technology into everyday instruction.

Use Promethean Board as a tool to facilitate and enhance the use of technology into instructional activities.

Implement Hands-on Equations into elementary and secondary (primarily MS) classrooms to address math deficits.

Serve on district committees to revisit/revise scope/sequence

DAEP teachers will access and implement curriculum materials and frameworks created by di
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