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Sound of a panther screaming

A Collection of my Scary Sounds of Halloween Albums available for you to download. Halloween Sounds just for your Haunted House or your Halloween Parties..
Panther Scream By Ultimate Sound -
images: (without ads) Captain america III#21, p13, pan1 Black panther III#5, p10, pan3 (human form) Secret Wars I#9, p19, pan4 (sliced form) Black panther III#26, p22 ...
Leopards And Black Panther Sounds -
Free Lion & panther sounds: Royalty Free Lion & panther sound Effects
Klaw (master Of Sound; Black Panther, Avengers, Fantastic ...
While creating a video for my parents KODAK Picture Frame, one of my old friends tells his story of hearing the panther that attacked his farm animals.
Panther Screams - Youtube
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While you can’t be sure whether this is a person or the fisher cat animal, you can be sure that being in such environs and hearing such a scream will run a chill ...
Fisher Cat Sound And Audio – Sounds It Makes | Fisher ...
After I had read about panther chameleons, it was time for me to decide where to buy one. Well, after all the looking around in Pet shops in New Jersey, I came across ...
Cougar & Mountain Lion Sounds -
A Collection of my Scary sounds of Halloween albums available for you to download. Halloween sounds just for your Haunted House or your Halloween Parties.
sound of a panther screamingsound of a panther screamingsound of a panther screaming
Issue12 103111
Issue 12October 31, 2011 IndexSta PageEntertainmentStudent LifeHaunted NewsStudent Interest

9The Back PageIn This IssueI Know What You Did Last NightPage 2A short story starring several of Jackson ghosts, zombies, and more.Written by Savan-nah Jones.Death in a CanPage 4Christie Medlin tells you about the consequen-ses of drinking energy drinks.Girls Cross Country Set For

An-other Region CrownPage 6Senior Spotlight: Matthew ComptonPage 9Don’t know who Mat-thew Compton is? Clare Nunley and Christie Medlin tell you all about him.Don’t Text and TalkPage 10Olya Dulyanytska tells you what she thinks about people who are

constantly on their phones while trying to hold a conversationAYP Approved: Raising The BarBy: Taylor Hays Every year, the education uses a formula to see if schools were successful.This is based on Georgia High School Graduation Test scores, attendance and gradua-For the past couple of years JCCHS has barely missed it for different reasons, but not this year!!! AWE-SOME!!! “Teachers and students have worked really hard” says Mr.We have great ELT classes that help students get ahead.

So no matter how much we complain about going to ELT every day, it pays off! So keep up the good work students and teach-ersGlobed: A Haunted CemetaryBy: Rebecca G.Funderburkby a place that someone said was haunted, and felt the need to check it out yourself Since childhood I feared the dreadful cemetery that clanged the title “Jeffer-son Woodbine Cemetery” or what most call the Jefferson Cemetery.The title itself screamed haunted.Could you feel your heart race as mine did?

Hearing this I could feel my heart race to the rhythm of a Metal-lica song, yelling at the top, I heard myths so de-tailed it was as if the watch-ful crow of the cemetery with it’s breath of death the cheek grew cold just in thought
sound of a panther screaming
.It told me of the blue globe, that grows big-ger and bigger until you breathing hard, almost as if you couldn’t breath at all.

I was curious as to how true this myth was, so I made a date.My cousin and I went to check it out with, of course, the help of my ever so impatient brother.We ar-rived thirty minutes from midnight.

It was cold and dark and I didn’t want to be there.I could have made the had different thoughts.

He dragged me into the center of the cemetery.Once there I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures and try not to get in trouble by the police, considering we were out at an indecent hour tak-ing pictures of tombs and Every picture we took turned blurry (my cous-in stated that it was a good thing if paranormal was what I was after).Continued on Page 5The Situation: GDCBy: Addie Gooby and Erin GentryFor months rumors of a new gym and Chorus/Drama facility have roamed the halls of JCCHS.The board has got-ten everything approved for the new building such as the These new facilities at JCCHS are projected to cost around 10.6 million.-cit by nearly a million, but the additional revenue needed to break ground for the proj-ect is expected to come from SPLOST, which stands for “special-purpose local-option SPLOST is a tax on Georgia goods.Money is used to fund the building and main-tenance of schools, parks, roads and public facilities.

The idea of using SPLOST money on these new facilities was proposed 4-5 years ago, before the economy took a The new gym, which and wrestling facilities (simi-lar to the East Jackson gym), will be located beside the au-ditorium, taking up

parking space that borders the stadi-um; the Chorus/ Drama facil-ity will be located directly in front of the auditorium where the trailers are.Future Site of new gym, drama, and chorus facilities.To the left is where the new drama and chorus builing will be and on the right is the site of the new gym for basketball games and wrestling practice.

This girl across from me is talking about "Lebron is a god.." and these guys in front of her is dying cause she sound dumb lmao!!
A-Loo loo! A-loo Loo! thats the sound of a Chief Trick!
" Pls close ur mouth wen u r eatn/chewn n don't mak any funi sound with ur mouth wen u drinkin out of a bottle.."Longtin 4 9ja"
Wtf!!! Am here listenin to my music then all of a sudden the shit start sound like gibberish. -______-
"I love when my hair's still a bit damp and I hear it sizzle in the strightener." "..that's the sound of your hair frying mel."
That moment when wake up in the middle of the night and step on something the produces a crying sound
yup i really like ock that discover a new genre of music dont stick with 1 genre of music keep up for xpriment of new sound
but this is perhaps a better example of sound quality:
Surprised my house is in one piece after that thunder. Literally sound like someone dropped a MOAB outside of my window.
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