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Standard notary statement texas

A Texas limited liability company is created by filing a certificate of formation with the Texas Secretary of State in accordance with Chapter 101 of the Texas .
40% Off Texas Notary Seals - American Assoc. Of Notaries
TCLEOSE is the texas licensing commission law enforcement officers in the State of texas.
How To Become A Notary In Texas | Notary Renewal Texas ... texas Unclaimed Property One in four Texans has unclaimed property from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, security deposits and utility refunds.
Tcleose - Texas Commission On Law Enforcement Officers ...
Texas statutes establish notary rules, which set forth what a person needs to do to become a notary public in the Lone Star State. Additionally, texas notary rules ...
Notary Rules In Texas | Ehow - Ehow | How To - Discover ...
NOTARY BONDING SERVICES FOR THE STATE OF texas Offering a program since 1940 for renewal notary services and assisting notaries to become a notary in texas. — Texas Secretary Of State
Lowest Prices & Next Day. texas notary Seals, notary Stamps, notary Journals and notary Supplies online or call All State notary Supplies 800-523-2344
Texas Limited Liability Company — Texas Secretary Of State
Learn how to become a certified Illinois notary public. Free notary applications. American Association of Notaries.
State Of Illinois- Notary Public - Become An Illinois ...
With over 55 years of expertise, the National notary Association is the nation’s leader in providing notary training and education. Incorporating California ...
Texas Notary Seals Stamps And Notary Supplies | 800-523-2344
A texas limited liability company is created by filing a certificate of formation with the texas Secretary of State in accordance with Chapter 101 of the texas ...
standard notary statement texasstandard notary statement texasstandard notary statement texas
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DESCRIPTIONSCUSTOMIZED NOTARY EMBOSSER SEALOur hand-held embosser seal creates a beautiful raised impression every time.This optional seal puts the finishing touch on your notarizations and is widely recognized when used on documents going to other states or international countries.Available in your choice of colors: black, pink, blue or red.

Match it up with a gray, pink, red or blue customized self-inking notary stamp!NOTARY LIABILITY INSURANCE (NOTARY ERRORS AND OMISSIONSNotary Errors & Omissions Insurance is a critical component of any notary’s portfolio.It protects you, the y, against any potentially devastating financial costs of lawsuits that could result from an error you make while acting in your official capacity as a notary.While not required, it’s necessary in today’s litigious climate and is available at affordable rates that coincide with your notary term.

Here are several E&O facts:

be faced with a large legal bill for defending yourself.Our policy covers legal merely protects those you notarize for.

If a claim is filed against your bond, you have to reimburse

the insurance company for any payments they make on your behalf.Unless have Notary
Errors & Omissions Insurance.It provides primary protection and pays the claim first.Employer polices do not protect you.

y, even if you notarize only for work related properly

identifying the person signing the document, and other simple and common mistakes.Errors & Omissions Insurance provides you with peace of mind, protecting you against any claim for an act or omission and personal liability while acting in the capacity of Notary Public.

It also provides coverage for all defense costs and pays from the first cent.

Furthermore, you’ll have no repayment of claims back to the insurance company.No deductible, coverage on and off the job and affordable protection.

Don’t notarize ECORD KEEPING JOURNAL FOR NOTARIESNotaries in Texas are required to keep a record of all notarizations.Our Journal helps you keep a record of your notarial acts and even includes a space for finger prints.Pair it up with our Inkless Finger Printer!INKLESS FINGER PRINTER $10 Easy to use and no mess when used in conjunction with our Record Knal for Notaries.It’s a great fraud deterrent.ROUND SELF-INKING NOTARY STAMPOur round self-inking notary stamp replaces or can be used in addition to our rectangular notary stamp.

Creates crisp/clear impressions every time.NOTARY PUBLIC DISPLAY SIGNOur display sign lets others know you’re a Notary.CUSTOMIZED SELF-INKING NOTARY STAMPNine color choices to choose from and customized with your name, commission number and expiration date.

It’s the “gold” standard among notary stamps.Order an extra one to keep in your car, home or office.1.All forms should be printed legibly.2.We have highlighted the areas in blue that you

must complete.Yto be used as notary public at the top of the form.5.Total your order form and mail it along with your Huckleberry Notary Bonding, Inc.5114 Balcones Woods Dr.XNOTARY ORDER FORM TEXAS CHECK/ MONEY AMERICAN EXPRESSD NUMBER EXPIRATION DATE NAME ON CARD CODE ________________________SIGNATURE OF CARDHOLDER PHONE NUMBER ( _____ ) - ________ - ADDRESS : www.notaries.comSince 19645114 Balcones Woods Dr.Suite 307-356Austin, TX 78759REQUIRED ITEMS DESCRIPTION(Meets/exceeds all requirements of Texas Notary Law)PRICESUBTOTy Package: Includes Four Yequired $10,000 Notary Bond $55

and State Filing Fee $21 + Customized Self-Inking Stamp (9 colors to choose you do not choose a color, you will receive black)$108.00 $108.00 ECOMMEND ITEMS

(CHOOSE ONE$25,000 Notary Errors & Omissions Policy$50,000 Notary Errors & Omissions

Policy$110.00 $100,000 Notary Errors & Omissions Policy$180.00 AL NOTARY TOOLCustomized Notary Embosser Seal (4 colors to choose from)

Circle Seal Color Choice (If you do not choose a color, you will receive black) Black, Pink, Blue, & Red embossers match black, pink, blue and red customized self-inking notary stamps for a uniformed look.$35.00 Record Knal for Notaries (Required in Texas)$15.00 $15.00Inkless Pocket-sized Finger Printer to compliment Journal$10.00 Customized Round Self-Inking Notary Stamp$46.00 D$6.00 $12.41 All Customized Self-inking Notary Stamps come with state required black ink.

The Amount Enclosed

for more information.RedIf your order cannot be completed within 9 months of submitting your information to Huckleberry Notary Bonding, Inc., and it’s Product Descriptions on Reverse.

Notary law handout
Originated in 197831Attorneys, including 4 of counsel 21 staff, of which 5 are paralegalsCommercial Litigation, including insurance defenseIntellectual Property (trademarks, copyrights, patents)Arbitration / MediationOil & GasReal EstateWills, Probate, Trusts, TaxEmployment LawFamily LawFranchise LawwhitakerwhitakerNotary LawThe information in this outline is believed to be current as of 4/14/07, but you should verify that the statutory or case law citations are still correct before relying on them
standard notary statement texas

Neither the Texas Association of Legal Professionals nor the author warrants that this material is completely free from errors and, in fact, it is very likely that it does contain errors.

The opinions stated are solely those of the author and not TALP.Drafting DocumentsDrafting DocumentsDrafting DocumentsKEY ETHICAL ISSUESKEY ETHICAL ISSUESNotary Law Key Ethical IssuesTexas Disciplinary Rules of Professional ConductRules have been in effect since January 1, 1990.Rules are found in the paperback edition of Texas Rules of Court --State, starting at page 477of the 2005 edition.Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesConfidential InformationRule 1.05 generally prohibits a lawyer from revealing information relating to representation of a client unless the client consents after consultation Exceptions:when the lawyer reasonably believes it necessary to prevent the client from a criminal act when it is necessary to establish a claim or defense involving the lawyer in a criminal or civil or disciplinary proceeding Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesConfidential Informationincludes:Privileged information" (within the scope of the lawyer-client privilege)Unprivileged client information" (all information relating to a client or furnished by the client, other than privileged information, acquired by the lawyer during the course of or by reason of the representation of the client) Rule 1.05(a) Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesConflict Of Interest: General RulesA lawyer shall not represent a person if the on will be directly adverse to the interests of another client.(Rule 1.06) A lawyer may represent a client in

circumstances otherwise prohibited by the general rule if: (1)

the lawyer reasonably believes the representation of each client will not be materially affected; and (2) each affected or potentially affected client consents to such representation after full disclosure of the existence, nature, implications, and possible adverse consequences of the common representation and the advantages involved, if any.

(Rule 1.06called the standard of informed consent.Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesConflict Of Interest: Prohibited Transactions"A lawyer shall not enter into a business transaction with a client unless:

(1) the transaction and terms on which the lawyer acquires the interest are fair and reasonable to the client and are fully disclosed in a manner which can be reasonably understood by the client;

(2) the client is given a reasonable opportunity to seek the advice of independent counsel in the transaction;

and (3) the client consents in writing thereto."

(Rule 1.08(a))Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesConflict Of Interest: Prohibited TransactionsRule 1.08 does not apply to "standard commercial transactions between the lawyer and the client for products or services that the client generally markets to others."

(Rule 1.08(j)) This Conflict of Interest Rule is different from prior rules in that the new rule adds the test that the transaction must be "fair and reasonable to the client" and the requirement that the client's consent be in Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesDealing With Non-ClientsTruthfulness in Statements to Others"In the course of representing a client a lawyer shall not knowingly:

(a) make a false statement of material fact or law to a third person; or (b) fail to disclose a material fact to a third person when disclosure is necessary to avoid making the lawyer a party to a criminal act or knowingly assisting a fraudulent act perpetrated by a client."

(Rule 4.01).Comment 1 to Rule 4.1 recognizes that "Whether a particular statement should be regarded as one of material fact can depend on the circumstances." Notary Law Key Ethical IssuesDealing With Non-ClientsCommunication with One Represented by Counsel"In representing a client, a lawyer shall not communicate or cause or encourage another to communicate about the subject of the representation with a person, organization or entity of government the lawyer knows to be represented by another lawyer regarding that subject, unless the lawyer has the consent of the other lawyer or is authorized by law to do so."

(Rule 4.02(a)) Comment to Rule 4.02 explains that this prohibition is directed at efforts to circumvent the lawyer-client Notary Law Document ProceduresBasic ProceduresNotary Book and SealQ:

Must the record book be signed by the person who is being notarized?A:

No.The current law (since 9/1/89) does require the persons signature in the record book.

Even though not required, it is still good practice to get the signature.Notary Law Document ProceduresBasic ProceduresNotary Book and SealQ:

What happens to the notarys record book when?A:

If a notary resigns, is removed or dies, then the record books and public papers are to be obtained by the county clerk and retained as official public records.

Tex.Govt Code 406.022.A notary who moves from the address shown on the notary commission is required to notify the Secretary of State within 10 days after the change of address.

Tex.Govt Code 406.019.

Notary Law Document ProceduresBasic ProceduresNotary Book and SealQ:

Must you always use a seal, or can the information on the seal be written or typed?A:

Always use a proper seal.

A properseal must satisfy the requirements of Section 406.013 of the Texas Government Code.

The seal must clearly show, when emb
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