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Storytown fourth grade spelling words

4th Grade Dictation Sentences (36 weeks /4 pages) Download Dictation Sentences (PDF) Use two sentences from the list during each spelling test. After writing all the .
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A complete set of printable spelling word lists, ABC order worksheets, and word scramble puzzles you can use with your 4th grade students.
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Fourth grade spelling help by parents for the weekly spelling test of an assigned weekly list of spelling words can start as a weekly ritual as early as first grade.
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Enjoy our fourth grade spelling lists plus practice these spelling words for 4th grade online or create your own custom lists all for free.
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Fourth grade spelling words Here's our mammoth list of 300 fourth grade spelling words gleaned from a variety of souces, including textbooks and leading online ...
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StoryTown 4th grade. Harcourt storytown 4th grade provides instruction for phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and grammar. storytown Student Editions are …
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Free 4th grade spelling Word Lists & Online Interactive Tests | Lessons | Games with Daily and Weekly spelling activites & Printable & Reporting
Fourth Grade Spelling Words,4th Grade Spelling Words
4th grade Dictation Sentences (36 weeks /4 pages) Download Dictation Sentences (PDF) Use two sentences from the list during each spelling test. After writing all the ...
storytown fourth grade spelling wordsstorytown fourth grade spelling wordsstorytown fourth grade spelling words
4th grade pacing guide0910
Fourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year1LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabulary
Weeks 1-6

Lesson 1-5
Book 4

Winning Catch

Theme 1 - Facing ChallengesLesson 1The Hot and Cold SummerSkill:

Character's Traits and Motivation
Strategy: Use Story StructureWords with Short Vowels & Vowel Diagraphs
Spelling: pact, brand, brick, crop, broad, tread, film, else, gram, gum, dread, spend, past, plot, check, split, sting, strap, task, twin

AccuracyForm: Character Description
Trait: Voice

Declarative & Interrogative SentencesBelow: The Secret Word
On: The Backpacking Trip

Above: A Laugh a Minute pact, queasy, foisted, venture, annoyed, deprivingLesson 2Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out QueenSkill:

Character's Traits and Motivation (review)
Strategy: Use Story Structure (review)Words with Long Vowels & Vowel Digraphs

Spelling: cheese, heel, season, boast, chief, gape, aim, brain, fluke, crayon, eagle, throw, rose, student, goal, woke, ripen, cube, rainbow, scrapeAccuracy (review)Form: Descriptive Paragraphs
Trait: Voice

Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences: InterjectionsBelow: Annika Sorenstam: A Big Day
On: Bart Starr: Star of the Ice Bowl
Above: Miki Gorman: The Amazing Runner legendary, gaped, snickering, stunned, muttered, flinched, glared, flukeLesson 3Danitra Brown Leaves TownSkill:

Compare & Contrast
Strategy: Answer QuestionsWords with Variant Vowels & Diphthongs
Spelling: toll, faucet, boyhood, choice, dawn, awful, foist, daughter, flaw, annoyed, royal, allow, destroy, blew, spoon, shampoo, brown, renew, wooden, wordReading RateForm: Narrative Poem
Trait: Word ChoiceSubjects & PredicatesBelow: Our Car Is Not a Star!
On: Jen Is Gone
Above: See You Soon, June surrender, particular, sparkling, clusters, sizzles, strollFourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year2LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 4Kai's Journey to Gold MountainSkill:

Compare & Contrast (review)
Strategy: Answer Questions (review)Words with Inflections ed, ing
Spelling: counting, craned, seemed, burned, chopped, cracked, begged, moving, slipped, sailing, trimmed, shopping, returned, watching, pushed, visited, cringed, screamed, scratching, flappingReading Rate (review)Form: Journal Entry
Trait: Word ChoiceComplete & Simple Subjects & PredicatesBelow: Chun Teng Comes to America
On: Two Brothers from Italy
Above: In My Own Countryaverted, fury, interrogation, stern, accusing, solemnly, cringed, cranedLesson 5Pedro Puts On a Play (Reader's Theater)Skill:

(Review) Character Traits & Motivation, Compare & Contrast
Strategy: (Review) Use Story Structure & Answer Questions (Review)

Closed Syllable Patterns, Open Syllable Patterns, Syllable Patterns: Vowel Digraphs
storytown fourth grade spelling words
.Inflections: ed, ing
Spelling: Review(Review) Accuracy & Reading Rate Revise & Publish Selected Previous Writing Assignments(Review) Declarative & Interrogative Sentences,

Imperative & Exclamatory Sentences: Interjections,

Subjects & Predicates,

Complete & Simple Subjects & PredicatesBelow: Sonia's Extra Special Dish
On: A Day in the Life of Oakdale
Above: A House is a Home(Introduce) culinary, downcast, consternation, vivid, extensive, serenely, reminiscent, pensive, recruit, commenced
Weeks 6-10Book 4

Winning Catch

Theme 2 - Getting The Job Done Fourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year3LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 6On The Banks of Plum CreekSkill:

Plot: Conflict & Resolution
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: RereadWords with Consonant -le
Spelling: circle, angle, cradle, ladle, castle, ruffle, juggle, ankle, battle, candle, fable, riddle, icicle, sparkle, jungle, tangle, marble, sizzle, paddle, handleIntonationForm: Summary Paragraph
Trait: IdeasCompound Subjects & PredicatesBelow: On The Shore of the River
On: A New Home on the Prairie
Above: At The Edge of the Forestresponsible, darted, jostling, swerved, attentive, pounced, contradictingLesson 7Justin and the Best Biscuits in the WorldSkill:

Plot: Conflict & Resolution (review)
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: Reread (review)Words with VCCV: Same Medial Consonants
Spelling: letter, ladder, appear, lesson, soccer, classic, hollow, supper, accent, pizza, officer, lettuce, better, slipper, bottom, ribbon, summer, college, occur, rabbitIntonation (review)Form: Narrative Paragraphs
Trait: IdeasSimple & Compound SentencesBelow: Kianna and the Stubborn Cow
On: Maya and the Everglades Alligator
Above: Benito and the Redwood Treereluctant, rumpled, surge, inspecting, taut, untangled, resounded, lurkedLesson 8Three Little Cyber PigsSkill:

Author's Purpose & Perspective
Strategy: SummarizeWords with VCCV: Different Medial Consonants
Spelling: history, number, hunger, company, window, welcome, blanket, perhaps, service, subject, thunder, furnish, jersey, mother, secret, harvest, winter, problem, chapter, nursePhrasingForm: e-mail

Trait: Organization

Prepositional PhrasesBelow: The King's Computer
On: Once Upon a Time in Cyberspace

Above: The Princess in Cyberspace slick, nimble, impressed, cease, exist, fierceFourth GradeStoryTown Pacing Guide2009-2010 School Year4LessonLiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 9Weaving a California TraditionSkill:

Author's Purpose & Perspective (review)
Strategy: Summarize (review)Words with VCCCV
Spelling: monster, complete, hundred, kitchen, sandwich, surprise, applause, although, conflict, mattress, purchase, merchant, pumpkin, angry, Thursday, ostrich, punctual, address, chestnut, luncheonPhrasing (review)Form: Explanatory Paragraph
Trait: OrganizationClauses and Phrases; Complex SentencesBelow:
3rd grade pacing guide2010 11
Lesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabulary Book 3-1

Twist and Turns

Theme 1 - School Days
Lesson 1Ruby the CopycatSkill:

Characters and Setting
Strategy: Use Graphic OrganizersShort Vowel /a/a, /e/e, /i/I, /o/o, /u/u
Spelling this, went, jump, still, last, dust, tell, drop, shut, lamp, stop, felt, drink, clock, standAccuracyForm: Descriptive Paragraph

Trait: Ideas

Sentences: Statements & QuestionsBelow: Lia Leads
On: Trust Rey
Above: I Am Paige Bridges trudged, gushed, coincidence, pleasant, modeled, murmured, loyal, recited, frustrated, imitatedLesson 2The Day Eddie Met the AuthorSkill:

Characters and Setting (review)
Strategy: Use Graphic Organizers (review)Root Words & Ending ed, ing

Spelling: saved, moved, riding, waking, pulled, taking, hopped, baking, picked, having, letting, running, drawing, folded, shoppedAccuracy (review)Form: Interview

Trait: Ideas

Commands & ExclamationsBelow: The Hero
On: Music To My Ears
Above: Jana's Eyes conquer, resistance, assembly, plenty, dismiss, squirmed, patchwork, autographed, ponder, anticipationLesson 3Schools Around the WorldSkill:

Locate Information
Strategy: Use Prior KnowledgeVowel Diagraphs: /e/ee, ea,

/a/ ai, ay,

/o/ oa, ow
Spelling: deep, play, lean, glow, team, away, slow, trail, dream, stain, toast, speed, raise, sweet, layerReading RateForm: Paragraph of Information

Trait: Organization

Complete & Simple Subjects & PredicatesBelow: School Long Ago
On: A School in a Garden
Above: Guide Dog School proper, boarding, chores, certain, resources, culture, tutor, uniforms, literacy, diverseLesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 4Ellen Ochoa, AstronautSkill:

Locate Information (review)
Strategy: Use Prior Knowledge (review)Plurals: s, es
Spelling: ants, toys, flies, things, boxes, games, lines, rocks, wishes, ladies, dishes, babies, bushes, glasses, puppiesReading Rate (review)Form: Biography

Trait: Organization

Compound Subjects& PredicatesBelow: Julie Morgan: Castle Builder
On: Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter
Above: Clara Barton: The Angel of the Battlefield persevere, confidence, talented, apply, research, invention, hinder, disappointed, ambitious, attainLesson 5The School News (Reader's Theater)Skill:

(Review) Character & Setting, Locate Information
Strategy: (Review) Use Graphic Organizers, Use Prior Knowledge (Review) Short Vowels /a/a, /e/e, /i/i, /o/o, /u/u
Root Word & Endings -ed,
Vowel Diagraphs /e/ ee, ea /a/ ai, ay /o/ oa, ow

Plurals -s, -es
Spelling: Review(Review) Accuracy, Reading RateRevise and Publish Selected Previous Writing Assignments

(Review) Statements & Questions, Commands & Exclamations, Complete & Simple Subjects & Predicates, Compound Subjects & PredicatesBelow: News Today!
On: Special Report: The Kicker Cup
Above: Science Fair Live! (Introduce) viewers, survive, camouflage, concealed, independent, donated, media, feature, image, popular Book 3-1

Twist and Turns

Theme 2 - Together We Can
Lesson 6The Babe and ISkill:

Fact & Opinion
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: RereadCompound Words
Spelling: pickup, cannot, outside, bedroom, upstairs, raindrop, baseball, hallway, airplane, mailbox, sunshine, homework, classroom, something, playgroundPhrasingForm: Character Sketch

Trait: Sentence Fluency

Simple & Compound SentencesBelow: Nuna Gets a Chance
On: The Great Race
Above: Taking Picturesskim, span, shabby, embarrass, midst, elevated, dazed, collapses, contribution, initiativeLesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 7Aero and Officer Mike: Police PartnersSkill:

Fact & Opinion (review)
Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: Reread (review)Consonant Diagraphs: /ch/ ch, tch,

/sh/ sh, ch,

/(h)w/ wh
Spelling: chin, itch, push, chef, when, wash, much, sharp, pitch, where, peach, child, wheat, chance, machinePhrasing (review)Form: How-To Paragraph

Trait: Sentence Fluency Common & Proper NounsBelow: Pigeons: Birds Bringing Words
On: Monkeys: Making A Difference
Above: Amazing Animal Tales! babble, suspicious, scent, wanders, whined, obey, demonstrate, patrol, accompany, competentLesson 8How Animals TalkSkill:

Main Ideas & Details
Strategy: SummarizeDiphthongs /ou/ou, ow,

/oi/ oi, oy
Spelling: foil, loud, gown, coil, house, annoy, growl, moist, enjoy, round, spoil, mouse, clown, bounce, cowboyPunctuationForm: Descriptive

Trait: Word Choice

AbbreviationsBelow: Talking Senses
On: How Do You Say Hello?
Above: Code Talkers charging, ferocious, signal, flick, alert, communicate, chatter, grooms, dominant, conflictLesson 9Stone SoupSkill:

Main Idea & Details (review)
Strategy: Summarize (review)Consonant Blends str, scr, spr

Spelling: spray, street, sprint, stripe, screen, strong, spring, stray, scream, strike, spread, string, sprout, scratch, streamPunctuation (review)Form: Summary

Trait: Word Choice

Singular & Plural NounsBelow: How Bear Lost His Tail
On: The Coat of Patches
Above: The Stonecutter dense, reaction, generous, banquet, gaze, agreeable, curiosity, famine, ingredients, momentumLesson LiteratureFocus Skill & StrategyPhonics / WorkshopVocabularyLesson 10The Case of the Three Bears' BreakfastSkill: (Review) Fact & Opinion, Main Idea & Details
Strategy: (Review) Monitor Comprehension: Reread, Summarize (Review) Compound Words
Consonant Diagraphs /c/ch, tch;

/sh/ sh, ch; /(h)w/ wh

Diphthongs /ou/ ou, ow; /oi/ oi, oy

Consonant Blends str, scr, spr

Spelling: Review(Review) Phrasing

PunctuationRevise and Publish Selected Previous Writing & Compound Sentences, Common & Proper Nouns, Abbreviations Singular & Plural
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