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The daily jang lahore pakistan

The Daily Jang. The Daily Jang (روزناہ جنگ) is an Urdu newspaper based in Pakistan. The Daily Jang is published by the Jang Group .
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Posts about lahore written by epaperpk ... the daily jang. the daily jang (روزنامہ جنگ) is an Urdu newspaper based in pakistan.
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The daily jang (Urdu: روزنامہ جنگ ‎) is an Urdu newspaper based in pakistan. It is the oldest newspaper of pakistan in continuous publication since its ...
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The daily jang. the daily jang (روزنامہ جنگ) is an Urdu newspaper based in pakistan. the daily jang is published by the jang Group ...
the daily jang lahore pakistanthe daily jang lahore pakistanthe daily jang lahore pakistan
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History of Advertising in Pakistan

Dr Kamran Siddiqui Assistant Professor Institute of Business Administration University Road, Karachi, PAKISTAN Tel: +92 21 111 422 422 Ext 2602

The purpose of this paper is to present a historical overview of advertising in Pakistan, categorize the evolution in different eras and highlight major developments within a particular era.It provides a springboard for the further development of advertising in the next This research uses discourse analysis as the main methodological and analytical tool.The author uses his experience working with advertising professionals in and around Pakistan.

These experiences combined with analyses of certain dynamics in the marketplace that have changed the way advertising has been practiced in this Discussion

The development and evolution of advertising have been extraordinary in Pakistan.Started as less than $ 1000 industry inflated to several billion dollars industry in just sixty four years.

Over the period of time the industry shifted towards different modes and underwent different phases of evolution.

These phases can be categorized over a period of time.First Era (1947

1964) was characterized by small number of players in the newly formed advertising industry; very few businesses taking advantage of advertising techniques; advertising reach limiting to mainly urban geographic regions; advertising medium limited to print ads; Radio emerged as new promising advertising media.Second Era (1964

1978) was seen arival of television stations made a drastic change in the existing advertising practices.The new visual messaging services seemed more attractive and effective source of communication.Third Era (1978

1988) witnessed the new advertising ideologies to take over the old ones.The color TV broadcast and classical jingles made it a vintage era.

Fourth Era (1988

1998) witnessed new graphic technologies were used to facilitate the limited time frame concepts.Fifth Era (1998

2008) seen the rise of golden age witnessed modern advertising and visual effects.Industry growth increased 500 times with talents and man power.

Sixth Era (2008

to date) characterized by animations, Indian production and Indian celebrities highlighted the glamorous era.Global recession felt and low budgeted advertising industry-tier produced low-rate and below par

Based on their interests, users of this study have been classified into two distinct categories, i.e., academics and corporate users.Academics may find this research instrumental in their teachings and research activities.The corporate users may act as mentors for this research by sharing their relevant experience and may note lessons for their corporate Originality/value

After examining the literature, the researcher could not identify meaningful research on advertising in Pakistan and more specifically for its history.To fill the gap this Advertising in Pakistan has generally followed the trends and innovations adopted globally.

It has responded to the changing business environment, media technologies and cultural and ethical pick-up lines.In 1947 soon after the independence there had been very few mediums of advertising and all of these were only covering the local population at the time.The advertising industry in Pakistan grew over time.In the beginning the local businesses were utilizing the available medium that was mostly newspapers, magazines and digests.

As the new businesses started to emerge the race to compete became intense.The new players forced the industry to be more professional and creative in order to survive and gain competitive edge.This phenomenon is still the changing factor in the advent of presently developed advertising industry.

Under the influence of multinationals coming into Pakistan and investing into new businesses, many foreign advertising agencies also established their offices and joined hands with many already present local institutions to step into the arena.

The advertising industry remained influenced by the cultural and religious beliefs of the natives and remained entrapped within these barriers.Over the period of time the industry shifted towards different modes and underwent different This research uses discourse analysis as the main methodological and analytical tool.

Discourse analysis is not only a method in social scientific research [1] but also a theoretical perspective that provides opportunity to analyze public discourses [2] especially advertisements.

Several studies using discourse analysis have been conducted in past to analyze advertisements [3] and This article provides a brief historical overview of advertising, highlights its differences, and then presents a list of different era in the history of advertising and finally it presents salient features in every era and provides a springboard for the further development of advertising in the next millennium.

Advertising in Pakistan can be categorized into six distinct eras over a period I 19471964 II 1964-1978 III 1978-1988 IV 1988-1998 VI 2008 - To date In the first Era of advertising industry in Pakistan, 1947

1964, there werent many players and generally the businesses only focused

to create awareness in people in certain limited geographic regions; mainly urban, through print ads that were a popular advertising medium available for such purposes.The other advertising medium at the time that influenced the public was the radio.In the second Era, 1964-1978, the arrival of television made a drastic change in the existing advertising practices.

The new visual messaging services seemed more attractive and effective source of communication
the daily jang lahore pakistan
.In the next Era from 1978 to 1988 the new advertising evolution, 1988-1998, where new graphic technologies were used to facilitate the limited time frame
Mass communication 2006
1 1.Introduction
7 2.Curriculum for BA (Hons)

i) Scheme of Studies


ii) Course Contents
14 3.Curriculum for MA (Hons)

i) Scheme of Studies


ii) Course Contents
52 4.General Recommendations

62 6
8.Dr.Muhammad Aslam Pervez,

Member Chairman, Department of Mass Communication,

9.Mr.Anwar Ejaz,
Member Hamdard University, Islamabad.10.Prof.Dr.

Seemi Naghmana Tahir,

Member Chairperson,

Department of Mass Communication, Quetta.11.Mr.

Sajjad Paracha,
Member Chairman, Department of Mass Communication, 12.Mr.Naeem Gul,
Member Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Peshawar, Peshawar.13.Mr.Iqbal Anjum,
Member Department of Mass Communication, 14.

Mr.Munzir Elahi,
Member Media and Communication, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, 15.Ms.

Anjum Zia,
Member Chairperson,

Department of Mass Communication, 24.Ms.Noshina Saleem
Member Assistant Professor, Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab,

Meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran.


Dr.S.Altaf Member (Acad & R&D) HEC welcomed the participants on behalf of Chairman, HEC.

He briefly described the procedure of curriculum development and informed the Committee that the main objective of curriculum is to give a minimum baseline of curriculum for the graduates of a certain subject so that uniformity and standardization of curriculum may be maintaiipants of the Committee introduced themselves.

Dr.Altaf stressed that research culture in the field of social sciences unication be promoted.

hemes reprinting of Ms.Ghayur Fatima, Dy.Director (Curriculum) HEC, briefed the committee of the obligations of the Commission for review, revision and development of curricula as per provisions of the Act of Parliament, 1976.The Dy.Director assured the committee of full cooperation and assistance.

Then the session was declared openThe committee unanimously appointed Prof.Shahida Kazi as Convener

Secretary of the Committee.S# Course title Cr.Hrs.1 News Writing & Reporting 4 2 Broadcast Journalism 4 3 Online Journalism 3 4 Theories of Communication

I 3 5 Mass Media in Pakistan 3

Total 17 S# Course title Cr.Hrs.

1.Sub-Editing & Page Designing (Theory & Practice)

3+1 2 Feature, Column & Editorial writing (Theory & Practice) 3+1 3 National and International Affairs 3 4 Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations 3 5 Theories of Communication II 3

Total 17 S# Compulsory Papers


1 Research Methods in Communication

3 2 Development Communication

3 3 Media Ethics and Laws


i) Print Media

4.Advanced Reporting

3 5 Newspaper Production


ii) Broadcast Media

4 Radio News Reporting & Production

3 5

TV News Reporting & Production


iii) Advertising & Public 5 Public Relations-I


iv) Organizational & Organizational Behaviour

3 5

Business & Marketing CONTENTS FOR


SEMESTER - I1.English Compulsory - I As prescribed by HEC2 Islamic Studies As prescribed by HEC3 Introduction to Communication COURSE OBJECTIVE This course is aimed at introducing the students with basic concept of communication and mass communication.This course further enables the students to under stand the communication process and various mass media.

Definitions, types, and significance.Process of communication: source; message; channel; noise; destination; encoding; decoding; and feedback.

Barriers in communication.

Essentials of effective communication.Role of mass media in agenda setting.Nature and Functions of mass communication.

(Information, Education, Opinion formation, Entertainment and Development.) Media of Mass Communication Print Media: newspapers, magazines, periodicals, Broadcast media: radio, TV, film.

New Media: (Internet) Comparative study of mass1.Understanding Mass CommunicaMufflin Co.Bostan.2000 3 Mass Media Development COURSE OBJECTIVE This course is devised to acquaint the students with evolution of mass media in the world.

The course will have an overview of major contemporary issues of global media.A brief introduction of world malso be covered in

Brief survey of origin and development of press in U.K, U.SA and sub continent etc.

(Problems and issues of major early newspapers, magazines and periodicals.)

History and development of radio in the world (BBC, Voice of America, dio Pakistan etc.)

Brief survey of origin and develoAsia.

Brief survey of origin of film and recording industry in the world.

Major Media organizations of the world.

Mass media and globalization.

Media moguls of the world.

Recommended Books:1.Media Now, James Straubhaar, Focal point, 2004

2.Dynamics of Mass Communication, Wimmer and Dominick, 73.Mass Media Mass Culture, Stan Le4.

Television in Asia Edited y David French & Michel Richards.

Sage 5.Handbook of Media in 6.Press in SAARC countries AMIC, Singapore 2002.

A History of Mass Communication: Six Information by Irving Fang

Focal 8.Introducing Mass Communication,New York 1996.9.Introduction to MaWadsworth Publishing Co.California 1995.Computer Skills 14.Publication Production using Pagemaker: A guide to using Adobe of newspapers, newsletters, magazines and other formatted publications by Gordon Woolf.15.

Adobe Premiere 6.5 Complete Course by Do16.A Journalists Guide to the Internet: The Net as a Reporting Tool (217.The Associated Press Guide to Internet Research and Reporting by Frank Bass 18.

How to Use the Internet by Rogers Cadenhead, Mark E.Walker.

5 Subsidiary Subject - IPsychology
1990 federal election was rigged -Supreme Court anounces the short order in the Asghar Khan case
1990 federal election was rigged - Supreme Court anounces the short order in the Asghar Khan case
Of the 1.4 billion Muslims 800 million are illiterate (6 out of 10 Muslims cannot read).
Daily K Pop News Kara and Jang Seohee take the K-FOOD to the world!
Of the 1.4 billion Muslims 800 million are illiterate (6 out of 10 Muslims cannot read).
The divide with in by In dinon ko pehchaniye -
Another teaser for the political clowns from none other than in his Urdu column today:
1990 federal election was rigged - Supreme Court anounces the short order in the Asghar Khan case
And here it is..a beautiful sketch of ugly social media by the one & only
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