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Trident technical mymathlab

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trident technical mymathlabtrident technical mymathlabtrident technical mymathlab
17Product SpecificationsStandard Trident ProductsModelProduct NameQtyDescriptionConsists of 5101Main Processor TriPak3Main Processor Baseplate Kit5201Communication Module TriPak1Communication Module Baseplate Kit5351Analog Input TriPak1Analog Input ModuleAnalog Input Baseplate Kit5361Analog Input/Digital Input TriPak1Analog Input/Digital Input ModuleAnalog Input/Digital Input Baseplate Kit5352Analog Input Tripak(RTD/TC/4-20 mA)Analog Input ModuleAnalog Input Baseplate (RTD/TC/4-20 mA)5381Analog Output TriPak1Analog Output ModuleAO Module Baseplate Kit5382High-Current Analog Output Tripak1High-Current Analog Output ModuleAO Module Baseplate Kit5301Digital Input TriPak1Digital Input ModuleDigital Input Baseplate Kit5302Digital Input TriPak (high voltage)1Digital Input ModuleDigital Input Baseplate Kit (high voltage)5401Digital Output TriPak1Digital Output ModuleDigital Output Baseplate Kit5401LDigital Output TriPak (low current)1Digital Output ModuleDigital Output Baseplate Kit (low current)5402Digital Output TriPak (high voltage)1Digital Output ModuleDigital Output Baseplate Kit (high voltage)5451Solid-State Relay Output TriPak1Solid-State Relay Output ModuleSolid-State Relay Output Baseplate Kit5481Pulse Input TriPak12101Main Processor Baseplate Kit1MP BaseplateMP Interconnect AssemblyTrident User Documentation (hardcopy)Accessories KitTop End Cap

I/OTop End Cap

MPBottom End Cap

I/OBottom End Cap

MP3000671-1002281I/O Bus Extender Module Kit22-ft.I/O Bus Cables (Set of 3)I/O Interconnect AssemblyTop End Cap

I/OBottom End Bus Termination Kit, I/O I/O Interconnect AssemblyI/O Bus Terminator Kit3000678-1003900064-0032292I/O Bus Termination Kit, MP MP Interconnect AssemblyI/O Bus Terminator Kit3000678-1003900064-003Product Specifications2361Analog Input/Digital Input Baseplate Slot CoverTerminal Cover3000675-0202381Pulse Input Baseplate Kit1Slot CoverTerminal Cover 3000719-1002401Digital Output Baseplate Kit1Slot CoverTerminal Cover 3000674-0302401LDigital Output Baseplate Kit (low Slot CoverTerminal Cover 3000659-1302402Digital Output Baseplate Kit (high voltage)External Termination Panel (Relay Output ETP)Slot CoverInterface Cable, 10 ft3000764-3003000763-110Relay Output Modules for use with Relay Output ETPSSR, 2 A at 75 to 264 VACSSR, 2 A at 4 to 60 VDCSSR, 1.5 A at 40 to 200 VDCPower (Dry Contact) Relay; 440 VAC max, 125 Output Baseplate Kit, I/O External Termination BaseplateExternal Termination Panel KitSlot CoverTerminal Cover3000764-3002451Solid-State Relay Output Baseplate Slot Cover Terminal Cover3000676-3102480AAnalog Output Baseplate Kit, I/O External Termination BaseplateExternal Termination Panel KitSlot CoverTerminal Cover3000764-3002481Analog Output Baseplate Kit1Slot CoverTerminal Cover3000674-010Standard Trident Products (Continued)ModelProduct NameQtyDescriptionConsists of Product Specifications8910-2Trident User Documentation (hardcopy)Planning and Installation Guide for Trident v2 Communication Guide for Trident v2 1131 version 4.5 User Documentation (hardcopy)TriStation 1131 Developers GuideTriStation 1131 Libraries ReferenceSafety Considerations Guide for Trident v2Safety Considerations Guide for Trident v1Safety Considerations Guide for DDE Server 4.1.1161CD containing DDE Server software and DDE Server, v4.1 Documentation Set ( Recorder version 4.11CD containing SOE Recorder and documentationSOE Recorder, v4.1 Documentation Set ( Diagnostic Monitor, v2.21CD containing Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor, v2.2 (software)Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor, v2.2 Documentation Set ( Triconex for current model numberTriconex Documentation Set1CD containing documentation in PDF formatStandard Trident Products (Continued)ModelProduct NameQtyConsists of Product Specificationsfollowing the guidelines outlined in the Planning and Installation GuideTo comply with the CE Mark require-ment for emissions, the Main Processor Modules and the Communication Modules must be mounted in a metal enclosure.To ensure compliance with the EU directives, the following addi-tional guidelines must be followed:The Main Processor Modules and the Communication Modules must be mounted in a metal enclosure
trident technical mymathlab
.Field power supplies must be approved for use in safety extra-low-voltage (SELV) circuits according to the requirements of IEC 61010-1.TV RheinlandTV has certified that the Trident v2.x is in full compliance with the interna-tionally recognized standards listed on page23.Factory MutualFM has certified the Trident v2.x controller is in full compliance with the international recognized standards listed on page23 and is qualified for use in Class I, Division 2 Temperature T4, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous indoor locations.For hazardous loca-tion applications, redundant power sources must be used for system power.Environmental SpecificationsDesigned for critical applications, the Trident performs predictably in a hostile industrial environment.The specifications listed on the table to the right confirm this built-in reliability.However, due to the number of diverse items that make up a Trident system, not all of the listed specifications apply to every item.Please contact Triconex to obtain the specifications for partic-FeatureOperating temperature-4 F to +158 F (-20 C to +70 C) ambient (which is the air temperature measured at the bottom of the baseplate), per IEC 60068-2-14, tests Na and Nb Storage temperature-40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C) per IEC 60068-2-2, test Bb, IEC 60068-2-1, test Ab, and IEC 60068-2-30, test Db Relative humidity5% to 95%, non-condensingCorrosive environmentClass G3 Level as defined in ISA Standard S71.04, based on exposure testing according to EIA Standard 364-65A, Class IIISinusoidal vibrations per axis1 G @ 10 to 150 Hz, per IEC 60068-2-6, Test FcShock15 G for 6-11 ms in each axis, per IEC 60068-2-27, test Electrostatic dischargeIEC 61000-4-2, 4 kV contact, 8kV airConducted susceptibilityIEC 61000-4-4, Fast Transient/Burst, 2 kV power, 1 kV IEC 61000-4-5, Surge Withstand, 2 kV CM AC power lines, etc.IEC 61000-4-6, RFI, 0.15-80 MHz, 10 V IEC 61000-4-12, Damped oscillatory wave, 2.5 kV Radiated susceptibilityIEC 61000-4-3, 26-100 MHz, 10 V/mConducted emissionsCISPR 16, Class A, 0.15-30MHz, 73-79db when installed per the guidelines of the P & I Guide.1.

The Trident system must be mounted in a metal enclosure for European CE Mark compliance.CISPR 11, Class A, 30-1000 MHz @ 10m, 4-47 db when installed per the guidelines of P & I Guide.1.25 in.32 mm8.55 in.217 mm9.79 in.249 mm(MP, CM, HART AI, and HART AO Baseplates)178 mm(I/O Baseplates)Product SpecificationsAlarm IndicatorsThe Trident fault-monitoring circuitry is able to detect and signal an alarm for all single faults and most multiple faults.The following alarm indicators are on the front panel of each MP:The Field Power alarm indicates loss of field power or faulty field power The Logic Power alarm indicates a missing or faulty system power The System Alarm indicates problems with the application or system integrityThe Program Alarm indicates problems that are defined by the user-written applicationThe Over Temperature alarm indicates when the module is over 183 F (84 C)System Status IndicatorsThe system status indicators identify status indicators include the following:The Pass indicator identifies when the module is operating normally.The Active indicator blinks once per scan when executing an application.The Fault indicator identifies when the processor has an internal fault.Other IndicatorsOther indicators on the MP include the following:Mode indicators (Remote, Run, Program, and Halt) identify the operating state of the entire Trident system.Communication indicators that identify the type of communication Physical DescriptionEach MP provides 16 megabytes of DRAM for the user-written application, sequence-of-events (SOE) and I/O data, diagnostics, and communication buffers.The three MPs compare their respective data during every scan using the TriBus, a high-speed, fault-tolerant inter-processor bus.The MPs commu-nicate with the I/O modules over a TMR HDLC I/O bus that operates at 2 megabits per second.In addition to the TriStation and Modbus ports and alarm connectors, the MP Baseplate provides redundant, 24-volt fused logic power connectors.

Logic power supplied here can operate the MPs and carry to the I/O Baseplates as well, so that no other logic power supplies are needed for the column.MP Baseplate Connectors.
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