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Ultra high frequency sound generator

Background Humans hear frequencies from 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz. The lowest bound, 20 Hz, with a wavelength of nearly 20 meters, is a frequency we feel rather than .
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BCX ultra Rife generator fully programmable and with over 1,200 preset programs. Argon glass tube applicators, footplates, hand held electrodes and optional ...
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Featured Products: GPS10eR GNSS Disciplined, Rubidium frequency Standard. Brand New. The GPS10eR is a ultra low phase noise, rubidium frequency standard ...
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Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. ultrasound is thus not separated from ...
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50+ items · Find great deals on eBay for high frequency generator and high voltage generator. Shop with confidence.
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Have you ever wanted to build a high voltage devices to make sparks like Tesla Coils, Marx generator, and so on.. But find it too compacted or difficult to build?
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The SiT9122 is a highly flexible, high frequency, programmable Differential Oscillator that supports LVPECL and LVDS output signaling types. This differential ...
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Principle/Structure What is the Schumann Resonance? The "Schumann Resonance" is a resonance frequency that exists in the Earth's "electromagnetic" cavity; i.e. it ...
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Background Humans hear frequencies from 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz. The lowest bound, 20 Hz, with a wavelength of nearly 20 meters, is a frequency we feel rather than ...
ultra high frequency sound generatorultra high frequency sound generatorultra high frequency sound generator
Behringer 2003
AMPLIFICATIONAll prices shown are AUD RRP inc.GST.BRINGS YOUCall Production Works on 03 6231 1505 or email PROCESSORSDYNAMIC PROCESSORS$329.99DYNAMIC PROCESSORS$230.99DYNAMIC 4th quarter 2003$505.99EQUALIZERSavailable 4th quarter 2003$252.99DYNAMIC 4th quarter 2003$461.99MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIERS$329.99DYNAMIC PROCESSORS$274.99DYNAMIC 4th quarter 2003$384.99MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIERS$406.99AUDIO EFFECTS PROCESSORSMULTICOM PROXL MDX4600Channel pairs can be coupled for electable interactive kneeor hard kneecompression modeswitchable low contour filter preventsIKA program-adaptive compressioncircuitry,interactive auto-compression circuitry for automatic GC peak limiting circuitryRC (Interactive Ratio Control) expander/gate circuitry for virtuallyCOMPOSER PROXL MDX2600IKA program-adaptive compressioncircuitrywitchable AUTO function for RC expander/gate circuitry

MULTIGATE PRO XR4400ULTRAMIZER PRO DSP1424Peliminates virtually any gain inter-Intelligentdigital limiterBuilt-in denoiser and exciter3D stereo surround processorree ULTRAMIZER software allowstotal remote control via (Ultra Transient Response) selectable ultra-fast gateRC (Interactive Ratio Control) selectable ultra-smooth expanderarametric side chain filter with ndependent hold and release Accurate traffic lightdisplay forltra high-performance 24-bit digitaloubles the loudness of your record-ings and sound reinforcement mizes signal energy with PRO PEQ2200Each band bypassable and fully adjustable from notch filter to road frequency band overlapping ltra-musical 5-band parametricrecision state-variable filters with constant-Q characteristicminimal phase shiftingSweepable high- and low-cut filtersTUBE ULTRAQ T1951minimal phase shiftingroad frequency band overlapping adjustable from notch filter to Cut-in delay to avoid switch-on-band parametric stereo equalizerTRATUBE circuitry (UTC) adds desired amount of warmth withoutadditional noiserecision state-variable filters with constant-Q characteristic*Ultra Low-Noise

**SMPS Switch-Mode Power Supply

All prices shown are AUD RRP inc.GST.For further info,please email DIGITAL DEQ1024processor for all EQ,RTA and dyna-mic applications,especially for PAand audiophile masteringnique TRUE CURVE Functionwhatyou see on the faders is what you getas frequency responseRevolutionary FBQ DETECTION system instantly reveals critical feedback indication via fader LEDsInaudibleNoise Gate/Peak Limiterfunction plus amazing Stereo Imager igital AES/EBU and S/PDIF interfaceand selectable sample rates (44.1,48,96 kHz)ink noise generator provides testsignals for equalizing your sound system to any room acousticsMono subwoofer output with for both live and studio Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detec-tion System instantly reveals criticalDedicated limiters with gain reductionULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ3102rofessional 31-band stereo GraphicEqualizer for both live and studio Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detec-tion System instantly reveals criticalDedicated mono subwoofer outputwith adjustable crossover frequencyAdditional sweepable high and lowcut filters for each channel removeunwanted frequencies e.g.floor rumble,tape hiss etc.ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ1502rofessional high-performance mic/ line preamplifier and voiceiscrete ULN* mic/line input stagewith soft mute +48 V phantom poweruthentic tube emulation circuitry dynamic control and creative signalOpto de-esser for quick removal ofexcessive sibilance from your vocalINTELLIGATE XR2000nteractive Class-A expander/gate/ltra-fast gate ( 3 sec.) employingthe UTR (Ultra Transient Response)circuitrylass-A VCAs allow 100 dB of maxi-ntegrated high-pass and low-passfilters for frequency-selective gatingExternal side chain input with keylistenfunctionexpander modegate modendependent hold/release controls forMICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIERS$505.99W/D/H:135 x 135 x 64 mm,0.5 kgDIGITALEFFECTS PROCESSORSSOUND ENHANCEMENT PROCESSORS$153.99W/D/H:88 x 130 x 56 mm,0.5 kgW/D/H:130 x 150 x 60 mm,0.65 kgAUDIO SOLUTIONS$252.99SOUND ENHANCEMENT PROCESSORS$329.99SOUND ENHANCEMENT PROCESSORS$208.99AUDIO SOLUTIONS$252.99W/D/H:64 x 105 x 40 mm,0.22 kgAUDIO SOLUTIONS$208.99MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIERS$252.99SOUND ENHANCEMENT PROCESSORS$208.99AUDIO SOLUTIONS$307.99AUDIO SOLUTIONSavailable 4th quarter 2003$252.99AUDIO SOLUTIONSavailable 4th quarter 2003$329.99AUDIO SOLUTIONS$252
ultra high frequency sound generator
.99TUBE ULTRAGAIN T1953Fully tunable and switchable 12 dBPhase reverse switch per channelHuge back-lit analog VU meters andstylish retrodesignULTRAGAINPRO MIC2200for studio,live and hard disk Hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tubefor virtually any sound sourceUsage as a high-end DI-box ensuresoutstanding signal integrityynamic limiter effectively protectsyour equipment from overloadsoft mute +48 V phantom powerTRATUBE circuitry (UTC) adds desired amount of warmth withoutadditional noiseigh-precision vacuum tube micro-soft mute +48 V phantom powerltra-wide bandwidth from 2 Hz to200 kHz for open sounduilt-in high-quality vacuum tube foroutstanding,ultra-musical tube soundadjustable center frequency,Fully tunable and switchable 12dBwitchable phase reverse to correcthase reverse switch,+48 V phantom power and 20 dB pad forVIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024Pwesome modulation,dynamic,psychoacoustic and EQ algorithmsplus innovative amp simulation,11 effect combinations,selectablehigh and low EQ per effectmost in true stereoave-adaptive VIRTUAL ROOM reverb algorithms for ultra-natural TUBE ULTRAFEX T1954processor with hand-selected TRATUBE circuitry warms up yourmusic without unwanted noiseNatural Sonicprocessor for ex-VSP (Variable Sound Processing) circuitry for simultaneous enhancerSpecial LC coil/cap filter producesenhancement and improved stereoULTRAFEX PRO EX3200enhancement and improved stereo uilt-in noise reduction systemNatural Sonicprocessor for VSP (Variable Sound Processing) circuitry for simultaneous enhancerDual Modeultra-bass enhancer forULTRABASS PRO EX1200DUALFEX PRO EX2200Dual Modeultra-bass enhancer foren
1 2e occurs, a second phenome-es, the watere the tendene.the middle layers between the separated oil and water formedove to treat such emulsions than todispose of them in waste pitsviour of the oil and water in the emulsion was stud-Low-Frequency Utrasonic Treatmentverberatory Ultrasonic Mixer (RUM) UnitUM unit, which was manufac- This UM unit consisted of two ultra-es which were clamped facing each otheres was generator was plugged into a 11V

10% outlet and would100% of the maximum amperage and was monitored by sepa-the two generators) was 3.45 kater-in-Oil Emulsion SamplesThree emulsion samples with water concentration of 5, 10,ionized water were miwhich is a fatty acid ester nitrogen derivular weight of 228 kg/kg-mole, was added until its concentra-The amount of demulsier used wasThe prepared sample was then) and was prfrom settling by stirring with a magnetic stir bar until it was.In addition, the controlled of waterol% water emul-erage water droplet size betweenol% water emulsion sample had theerage water droplet size of less than 5 ocedureEach emulsion sample was pumped into the /min.First, a baseline test wasconducted while the sample was pumped through the UMgy wasapplied to the same sample while it was The time for the ultrasonic treatment was approxi-wer generated was (10C) was obserSeparation of oil and water after ultrasonic treatment waswas collected and distriviour was being studied.Dueto the opaque nature of the sample, it was impossible to studye methodwas to measure the water concentration at a gsample was collected from each or 3each emulsion sample, microphotograph was taken and thewater was analyzed by Karl-Fisher titration method.High-Frequency Ultrasonioc Ultrasonic Coagulation Control (UCC) UnitA schematic diagram of the UCC unit, which was manufac-e a sample ovater-in-Oil Emulsion Sampleseld and bitumen from the Cold Lake eld iLeduc crude oil and Cold Lake bitumen at 25C are 1.1, 8.6The concentrations of Cold Lake bitumen in these oil mix-adding Cold Lake bitumen into the Leduc crude oil increasedThe densities of 85% Leduc/15% Cold Lakeand 73% Leduce/27% Cold Lake oil mixtures were 845 andCold Lake and 73% Leduce/27% Cold Lake oil mixtures wereor each oil mixtures, three emulsion samples with watererage water droplet sizes of less than a f, the emulsion samples were notvity separation of water and oil occurred ocedureImmediately after the emulsion sample was prepared, it waspoured into the UUC unit until the unit was slightly ovwhich has no ultrasonic treatment, was poured into a 2literplastic beaker until the height of the emulsion reached theof the UCC unit was placed on top of the unit ave) waswas 600 s while no w of the emulsion sample was allSeparation of oil and water after the ultrasonic treatmentwas performed by grAt the same time, similar samplings were taken for thesion sample, microphotograph was taken and the water wasMicrographhs of EmulsionionSamplesw-Frequency Ultrasonic Treatmentwate.Thesewater emulsion samples with ultrasonic treatments in whichgates of water droplets were obserenly dispersed water droplets in the samples without ultra-The water droplet aggrgates would settlefaster than the indvidual water droplets.Hence, there wasenhancement in the separation of water and oil due to lwater droplet aggrgraphs of emulsion samples when water concentration wasThere was ol% water emulsion sample as lage water droplets disap-erage water droplet size became smaller aftery Ultrasonic TreatmentNaCl aqueous solution-in73% Leduc/27% Cold Lake emul- 4gates of water droplets were obserenly dispersed water droplets in the samples without ultra-sonic treatments.It was obserments in the separation of water and oil due to high-frequenw-Frequency Ultrasonic Treatmentsion samples with water concentrations of 5, 10, and 20 ol% de-ionized watevity separation of water wasol% water remained in thewater for the sample without treatmentThis is likely due toge water drop-ge water droplets had they to break up into smaller water droplets under anwatewater from these emulsions was enhanced after ultrasonictreatment due to occulation of the water dropletssonic treatment, not only more water could be removaccelerated due to the faster settling of the aggrgates of watersonic treatment was ery unlikel, as water droplet size inthese samples was relatol% water emulsion,vity separation was obserThere was ery little initial watervity separation as compared to no water separatedery small water droplet size).ge water droplet sizes and w water concentrations.H, water can be separatedge water droplet sizey ultrasonic treatment was suitablefor emulsions with high enough water concentrations to allocculation of the water droplets to take place under the ultra-y Ultrasonic Treatmentemulsion samples with water concentrations of 5, 10, and 20 for 85% Leduc/15% Cold Lakeand 73% Leduc/27% Cold Lake oil mixtures, respectvity separation of water from the emul-sions was enhanced after ultrasonic treatment due to occula-tion of the water dropletsmore water could be removutol% 1M NaCl-in-73% Leduc/27% Cold Lake emulsionove 5 water in the sample with no ultrasonic treatment as comparedove 7 ol% of the water in the sampleIt was found that high-frequenw water concentrations astotal water remal was achiol% water emul-ment of the water droplets near the node or anti-node plane ofe play a major role in the occulation ofwater droplets in lw water concentration emulsionsdiminished as the viscosity of the oil phase increased.

It wasfound that more water can be removpared using 85% Leduc/15% Cold Lake oil mixture (viscositys) than 73% Leduc/27% Cold Lake oil mixturethe collisions of the water droplets, hence, the formation ofgates of water droplets.evorUM unit was 0.0316 kWh, it is belioratory treatment was unnecessary high.

On the other hand, emulsion sample in the UCC unit was 0.0187 kWh (i.e., 50.1125 kW x 600 s).This resulted in energy cost of $0.64/m3Energy cost in eld operatio
BEHRINGER HEADPHONE: Multi-purpose headphones Ultra-wide frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz High dynamic range Hi
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