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Usb cnc controller schematic

Design, development and construction of an electronic controller for a CNC machine. The controller controls up to 3 stepper motors (up to 3 axes), has home and limit .
Cnc Usb Controller Mk2/4
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in a bus for ...
Planet Cnc
# Totalmente compatível com todas as versões de mach3 incluindo a novissima Mach3 R3.042.040 version. # Opera em Windows2000/XP/Vista/Windows7. # Não ...
Usb - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Back in 2005-2006 we released a small Desktop cnc machine along with some free circuits for cnc movement. A lot of people made the usb-Parallel interface ...
Cncdudez Usb - Parallel Controller - Youtube
CNC usb controller Mk3 (9 axis) - SPECIAL PRICE 9 axis Mk3 controller, assembled, tested and ready to use. (recommended usb cable) 219 EURO + shipping
Interface Cnc 100% Usb 200khz E Compatível Com Mach3 ...
4 AXES usb cnc controller Compatible For usbCNC MACH3 usbCNC 2.1 in Business & Industrial, Electrical & Test Equipment, Industrial Automation, Control …
Cnc 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controller | Lirtex ...
A Radio-Controlled (RC) Servo usb controller, that can control up to 9 servo motors and 9 general outputs. Application and Usages. Many robotics applications require ...
Usb Servo Motor Controller | Lirtex - Technology On The ...
Intro: Raspberry Pi Alamode cnc controller. This is my first attempt at an instructable. I hope it helps someone else.Switches and Lights and fans, oh my...I bought a ...
4 Axes Usb Cnc Controller Compatible For Usbcnc Mach3 ...
Design, development and construction of an electronic controller for a cnc machine. The controller controls up to 3 stepper motors (up to 3 axes), has home and limit ...
usb cnc controller schematicusb cnc controller schematicusb cnc controller schematic
Ws series user manual spec sheet
WS User Manual

The Leader in 3D Scanning since 1987
February 2009 All Rights Reserved Laser Design Inc.WSSeries User Guide


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WSSeries User Guide



4 WSSeries Overview

Laser Design Inc.

offers high speed, 3D Laser Scanners mounted to your existing Wenzel CMM for full time or occasional use.

Our Surveyor Laser Probe (SLP) interface is factory engineered with Wenzel to ensure seamless integration and hasslefree operation with your CMM.

And switching back and forth between touch probes and our laser scanner probe is fast and easy.

Laser Design’s broad range of SLP models ensures a perfect fit between the scanner and the size and detailed features of your parts.The SLP scanner will be mounted to your existing Wenzel CMM with a simple mounting device and electrical connection.

With our technology added to your CMM, you will be able to scan parts dramatically faster than with touch probes – up to 75,000 points per second.

Laser scanning speeds of 1 - 2 inches per second are common for most scanning processes.

Complete part scanning or portions of the part can be scanned in just a few minutes.The most complex parts can be scanned using the system’s Manual Head Indexer (laser orientation device) or a Renishaw PH10 motorized indexing head.

A fourth axis controller and high-precision rotational stage are also available as an option to automate scanning of difficult shapes.Our powerful Surveyor Scan Control (SSC) software controls the motions of the CMM and PH10 enabling the user to easily control and program the part scanning process.

SSC will automatically organize the 3D scan data into a single coordinate system after scanning all surfaces of the part utilizing the software’s multi-orientation scanning features.SSC also provides the ability to perform useful editing functions on the collected scan data including filtering, smoothing, merging, aligning, trimming, deleting, and shading.

The SSC software includes noise and data spike suppression features allowing the user to manually or automatically improve problematic data.

SSC has been specifically designed to pack as much power as possible into a modern easy-learn and use graphical interface
usb cnc controller schematic
.Measure and analyze your scanned parts and determine their deviation from CAD nominal with a color error map using Geomagic Qualify software.

Geomagic Studio and other CAD programs enable creation of high quality surface models from the scan data quickly and easily.

Geomagic software is available as an option with your Wenzel CMM laser scanner probe kit.Our CMM Laser Scanning Probe Kit makes it easy and economical to add the power of 3D laser scanning to your existing Wenzel CMM.

And with over 20 years of experience and innovation, you can count on Laser Design to provide world-class training, support and ongoing product enhancements.WSSeries User Guide

5 WS Series Hardware Setup Connecting the WPC Controller 1) Typically the WPC2030 controller should be setup and connected by your Wenzel installation technician.

However, if a new PC is supplied, it is useful to know exactly how to hook up the controller to the PC.

2) The WPC controller requires a minimum of 3 available serial COM ports.

If a PH10 is required, a 4th COM port is needed.3) Wenzel supplies a PCI 4 port COM card with each machine to account for the COM ports.

Most PCs do not have enough native CO ports for all subsystems.4) Install the 4 Port card in your PC following the directions of the card's manufacturer: a) Check the PC's device manager to determine how many COM ports are currently installed.

Typically, systems will have 2 or 3 COM ports available through the motherboard.b) When installing the 4 Port card, specify the next COM ports in sequence.

So if your PC currently uses COMs 1 and 2, the 4 Port card should use ports 3 through 6.5) Connect the COM cables to the PC.a) Wenzel supplies DB9 to DB24 COM cables for most connections so that you can connect the various WPC serial connections to the Octopus cable that comes with the 4 Port Card.b) Connect the main RS232 connection from the WPC - on the upper left corner of the WPC back panel - to the first COM cable from the 4 Port Card.

In Device Manager, set the Port Settings for the COM port as follows: i) Bits Per Second:

115200 ii) Data Bits: 8 (Default) iii) Parity:

None (Default) iv) Stop Bits: 1 (Default) v) Flow Control: None (Defalut) c) Connect the Secondary RS232 connector on the WPC Controller - located on the top middle of the WPC Back Panel - to the second COM cable from the 4 Port Card.

This cable controls the HT400 Joystick's Function Buttons.

In Device Manager, set the Port Settings for the COM port as follows: i) Bits Per Second:

4800 ii) Data Bits: 8 (Default) iii) Parity:

None (Default) iv) Stop Bits: 1 (Default) v) Flow Control: None (Defalut) d) Connect the DB9 pigtail from the joystick connector on the WPC to the COM1 port on the PC.

This gives the Joystick serial mouse control.

In Device Manager, set the Port Settings for the COM port as follows: i) Bits Per Second:
Lol" Choi! O_O AKI and paw paw bin skipping with USB cable :("
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