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What is a chally assessment

Welcome to the website of the Chalambar Golf Club, Ararat. Chalambar Golf Club is situated 2 km west of Ararat at the foot of One Tree Hill in a peaceful rural setting..
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The chally assessment is based on extensive and ongoing actuarial research.
Validation Of The Chally Assessment System With A …
Skills assessment Sample Reports. Manager assessment Report click here to view a sample report. The Manager assessment Report is produced and delivered via email ...
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Feb 20, 2011 · Chally Presentation Presentation Transcript. 1 chally’s Talent Management Solutions Presented To: SALES GURU Peter Gilbert 17th February 2011; 2 chally ...
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39 applied H.R.M. Research, 2005, Volume 10, Number 1, pages 39-44 Validity Study Validation of the chally assessment System with a Sample of Sales Representatives
Sample Reports Skills Assessment The Hr Chally Group
Title: HR chally GROUP Last modified by: wphc Created Date: 12/1/2008 10:01:31 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles: arial MS Pゴシック ...
Chalambar Golf Club
Combined Efforts from aA-ISP & chally. The aA-ISP, in conjunction with chally Group Worldwide, is proud to announce Talent Management solutions for Inside Sales.
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Welcome to the website of the Chalambar Golf Club, ararat. Chalambar Golf Club is situated 2 km west of ararat at the foot of One Tree Hill in a peaceful rural setting.
what is a chally assessmentwhat is a chally assessmentwhat is a chally assessment
Ms 10 1 miller validity study chally system
(SDI), which parallels the 16PF and the Guilford Zimmerman Temperament Survey.

Originally developed through content analysis, it was also criterion-validated on the same mega samples.

The validation procedure used in the mega-sample was a multiple step procedure.The study began with a job analysis to determine job tasks for the jobs of interest.Subject matter experts provided ratings of job task relevancy on the competencies that were important to job performance.

Then, assessment items were matched to each competency.Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) were developed for each competency, and ratings of job performance for the job incumbents were obtained for each competency.

These supervisor BARS ratings were used to empirically validate the items that were predictive of job performance.

These data were used to ensure that the scales developed were in fact predictive of the competencies, as measured by the BARS ratings.This criterion-related validation approach allowed Chally to empirically establish that the scales and profiles developed from the Chally Assessment System did in fact predict job performance.After 30 years of maintaining a consistent instrument (collection of items) and building a database of well over 300,000 work incumbents and candidates, Chally has developed a set of work behavior scales which have been consistently shown to predict work behavior.In subsequent refinements of the scales, concern for predictive validity and reliability were seen as more important than fidelity to the original underlying theory upon which the items were originally based.The scales construction was, however, guided by Challys decades of experience at selecting sales representatives and managers.Description of the Assessment To facilitate multiple uses of the same instrument, all items are non-face valid, thus a prospective test taker cannot discern what items apply to which scales.

In addition, most of the items on all the tests are administered to ensure applicants would not be able to determine which items are scored.Thus, although the applicants respond to items that are not scored, this serves to camouflage the items used as well as the validity scale described below.Similar to technology used on the MMPI, Chally has incorporated a validity scale to determine the extent to which a person is being free and candid.Most importantly from a statistical point of view to permit legitimate validation research, the test items are non-ipsative and have minimum range-restrictive effects.Although the Chally assessments tap the underlying traits, temperaments, competencies, and behaviors related to success on the job, it is certainly not a traditional personality measure.A traditional personality measure typically may be more face-valid but could result in individuals figuring out the correct answer
what is a chally assessment

The assessment in its entirety consists of four sections.

The two sections administered for this study (Self-Descriptive Index, SDI; Motivation Analysis Profile, MAP) are described below.The Self-Descriptive Index (SDI) is comprised of 189 statements requiring a True or False response.

Typical SDI items include: Starting a conversation and keeping it going does not come naturally to me If you dont brag about yourself, nobody else will I am inclined to stay focused on my work and not take many breaks The assessment is not timed but completion usually ranges from 1.25 to 1.75 hours.

All individuals get the same items in the same order.

The MAP is not relevant to this particular paper, as the data for the scales comprised of MAP items is beyond the scope of this paper and is not reported, therefore it is not described further.

The Chally Assessment is not designed to measure the Big Five personality factors, rather it is designed to tap the traits that are predictive of specific job relevant behaviors.

The behaviors that lead to success in one type of sales job are not necessarily the behaviors that lead to success in another type of sales job.Thus, rather than taking a construct oriented approach such as designing the assessment to measure the Big Five personality factors, the assessment was designed with a criterion-related approach, namely tapping the traits that predict sales success for specific jobs.The scales were originally validated on a sample of specific job related behaviors as rated by supervisors, and subsequent research has corroborated the predictive validity of the scales on subsequent samples from a variety of organizations.Only a sample of the scales relevant to sales positions are described within this paper, and none of the scales relevant to managerial performance are relevant to this particular paper.

Scale psychometrics (including means, standard deviations, internal consistencies, and inter-correlations are presented in Table 1.

The six scales that are relevant to the current research are described below.The Seeks New Businessscale taps the degree to which an individual actively networks and takes initiative to attract new customers.The Personal Attention scale measures the degree to which and individual is committed to providing individual service with a personal touch works to guarantee supplier loyalty by building long-term relationships.Someone who scores high on the High Productivity scale focuses on work objectives and completes work in a timely manner, inspects own work to ensure a quality product or result.The Driven to Succeed scale measures the extent to which an individual directs intensity and work ethic towards goal accomplishment.

The Building Credibility scales measures an individuals ability to tailor their image to fit customer expectations and adapt to different situations with sincerity and realism.The Driven Top Producer Scale measures the degree to which and individual is driven toward personal success to enjoy the recognit
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