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Women empowerment raleigh nc

Transitional Housing in Raleigh, NC Transitional housing provides supportive housing and in many cases drug and alcohol treatment..
Women's Empowerment 2014 | Raleigh, Nc 27607 | Greater ...
Search below and find all of the women's Shelters and transitional housing in raleigh nc.
Womens Empowerment Expo Tickets - Womens Empowerment …
Check out this video of 10 year old DJ, Chase Dawson, as he tears down the stage at women’s empowerment this year. Hopefully you were… Full Story »
Raleigh Nc Women's Shelters, Transitional Housing
Three CHASS women were lauded for their contributions to equity at the 2014 Sisterhood Dinner held on campus by nc State's Council on the Status of women.
Women's And Gender Studies - Interdisciplinary Studies ...
Women’s empowerment Expo Tickets – women of the World Unite! The annual women’s empowerment Expo in raleigh, North Carolina is inspiring to thousands of women ...
Women’s Empowerment - K97.5 |
Acclaimed actor, producer, and director, Tyler Perry, has signed on to be the headline speaker at the 2014 women’s empowerment Conference and Networking Event.
Raleigh , Nc Transitional Housing , Sober Housing
For information on our 2012 raleigh Hall of Fame inductees, who have been involved in everything from the YMCA of the Triangle to varying Wake County jobs.
Raleigh Hall Of Fame Inductees | Raleigh Hall Of Fame ...
The Teen Program offers exciting and stimulating opportunities for teens ages 12-18 in the City of raleigh and Wake County. The purpose of the program is to provide ...
Pnc Arena :: Women's Empowerment 2014
Transitional Housing in raleigh, nc Transitional housing provides supportive housing and in many cases drug and alcohol treatment.
women empowerment raleigh ncwomen empowerment raleigh ncwomen empowerment raleigh nc
DRAFTDomestic Violence Commissionmeeting minutes
September 16, 20111 DRAFTDomestic Violence Commissionmeeting minutes
September 16, 20112 year the grant applications and contracts were submitted electronicalAt this time we have 50% of the contracts approved and sent over to DOAfor their approval and we’ve approved 60% for payment.

The CFW has improved the system over the year.CFW continues to work on improving the process each year.Jill announcedthat the budget shortfall resulted in lost position in the Raleigh Office in one Regional Office staffed by two people.

Mary is working with the other four Regional Offices on reesigning the monitoring processo make the larger geographical territory more manageable.

he Governor’s Conference for Women is November 2, 2011 in Charlotte.

The CFW is on the planning committee.

Jill extended an invitation to this conference to all DVC Memberand their affiliates.

There is a special 50% reduction on registrationfor state employeesbut the slots are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

This is a Conference where over 1,500 women come together for a day of education, inspiration and empowerment.Jill stated the CFW has received a grant from Z Smith Reynolds which will allow 6 DH stand alone programs to be equipped with the Osnium software for data collection.

This will help to ensure thatall of the programs are able to provide the same data.

he DV Awareness Campaignaskforce will continue to meet in Charlotte.

Both Jenny Wardwho is the NC CFW Board Chair, and the DVC Chairperson, Karen Parker Thompson serve on this askforce.

Taskforce received a grant from WellsFargo for production of short video to promote awareness statewide.

Mecklenburg County and Iredell County will be the pilot counties for the projectJill and Mary WilliamsStover conducted a “Women in Leadership” workshop at the AIWPN Conference.

The workshopfocused onbroadening American Indian Women’s skills and leadership potential in their communities.The CFW is currently beginning to plan for the 2012 Women’s History event.

We have expanded our partnership.

If you have any ideas or thoughts, please let us know.

SPECIAL REPORTDurham Collaboration for Culturally and Linguistically Specific Services Avani Bhatt, Kiran & Martha Morales, InStepp, Inc.Avani began with a PowerPointpresentationto the DV CommissionShe provided an overview of the collaboration and partnership efforts begun in Durham to serving immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violenceThere are four organizations thathave come together to provide unique servicesKiran, Inc., Durham Crisis Response Center, El Centro Hispano and nStepp, Inc.

Kiran, statewide and is based in Raleigh.

Durham Crisis Response Center is the lead agencand is located in DurhamThe services being offered under thcollaboration are split into five categorieslegal, counseling, housing, life assistance, and longterm.

Language assistance isalso one of the most needed services offeredMartha Morales with InStepp, Inc.presented information on the sample cases included in the presentationtalked about how the services take a uniqueindividual approach to providingspecific services.

The collaboration efforts have resulted in products and policies being created, and there are ongoing processes which help in strengthening the programs and services being offered.

At the end of this report Jill thanked Avani and Martha for theircollaboration efforts for their services to the cause.

DRAFTDomestic Violence Commissionmeeting minutes
September 16, 20113 COMMITTEE REPORTSPrior to the committee reports Karen took a moment to recognize Peggy Goodman for her many years of service to the Domestic Violence Commission.Victim Services Karen Parker ThompsonKaren explainede current charge to this committee hich is to focus on services to and needs f the American Indian community.

Alisa Huntowery has agreed to chair this committeeBatterer Intervention Jo LilesJo Liles passout a handout which outlined the committee’s work.

She announcethat the committee is very active and the members are devoted to their work.

The committee is working on developing a Best PracticeHandbook which will serve as a guidance tool.

The committee is working on reviewing and certifying Batterer Intervention Programs which is done twice a year, February and August.

Law Enforcement & Pro Arrest John GuarChief John Guard began by stating the committee hasnot met yet.

He talked about Senate Bill 311 which was passedand will go into effect December 2011.

The previous law allowed onsite rrestbut under Senate Bill 311, aw enforcement andudicial officials can set bail and prearrest conditions.

This bill creates efficienciesand helps the judicial system to keep its promise.

John asked the committee to be supportive of Senate Bill 311.

Workplace Violence David ElliotDavid Elliot began by informing the Commission that the group met earlier this week.

He passed out a flyer regardingan upcoming event in Charlotte in October 2011 the Domestic Violence at theWorkplace 2011 Charlotte Summit be held October 67, 2011David is asking for the DV Commission to support this event.

He stated that membership in the community is growing continuously which helps with raising awarenessThe group developedmission statement which is “To improve workplace safety by raising community awareness and providing tools to assist employers and employees in preventing and dealing with violence in the workplace”.

David stated the group has formulatedsome ideas on promoting awareness.

He stated also that the group will esearch safety in the workplace
women empowerment raleigh nc

Legislative Judge Sharon BarrettJudge Barrett stated th
Professionaleducationpersonneldocuments2007 09
Professional Education Priorities for Personnel Understanding typical and atypical development and learning 1, 2, 3 (Indicator 7), 4 (Indicator 3), 6, 7, 8, 9 Promoting healthy emotional and social development and competence 1, 2, 3 (Indicator 7), 4 (Indicator 3), 5, 6, 8, 9 acy development Effectively working with culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse children and families in diverse living Developing, adapting and supporting inclusive/natural environmentsBuilding and supporting community partnerships and collaboration (especially related to transitionwithin agency and interagency across domains and settings1, 2, 3 (Indicator 7), 4 (Indicator 3), 6, 7, 8, 9 Building the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be an effective advocate for young children and families Building the capacity to understand and comply wiocedures, safeguards and
Professional education priorities Each number listed in this column corresponds to a source.Details about sources are provided on the next page.1 Evidence Sources Standards for Birth-Kindergarten Section, Early Intervention Branch.(2003).

North Carolina Infant-Toddler Program: Guidance for Personnel C State Performance Plan for North Carolina 2005-2010ne-Betts, B., & Trohanis, P., K.

(in press).North Carolina preschool services for children with .Chapel Hill: University of North Technical Assistance Providers Survey ReportFoundations: Early Learning Standards for North Carolina Preschoolers and Strategies for Guiding Their Child Development.(in progress).Infant-Toddler Early Learning

2ation Priorities for Personnel sYoung Children (0-5) What do personnel serving NCICC) Professional Education Committee What Do Personnel Serving Young Children Need to Know about this Area 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, RationaleNorth Carolina’s priority that all children Personnel Need Knowledge of ...Child trajectories of development and

The importance of play as a me Theories of child development and learning

Conditions, disorders, warning si Effective facilitation techniques to promote development and learning, including adaptations

Effective observation and documentation practices

The availability of assistive technology and how to use it to support learning opportunities for children with disabilities

Ways to identify children who have or are at
1 These are examples and do not represent an exhaustive list.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9Rationaleessential to a child’s later academic successPersonnel Need Knowledge of ..

.Temperament characteristics and interactions

How children, with and without disabilities, form friends Behavioral expectations that are appr How disabilities may affect children’s emotional and social development and competence

Theories and effective practices that support

solving and conflict

How to recognize and support prosocial behavior in young children with and without disabilities

Strategies for establishing a learning climate in which individual differences are appreciated and

Common risk and resilience factors related to early childhood mental health

How to identify and support quality and individualized parent-child interactions

Tools and strategies for addressing challenging behaviors in proactive and positive ways

Available resources to support families of children with difficult temperamRationale:Communication, language and literacy devela child’s later Personnel Need Knowledge of ..

.Child trajectory of comm How disabilities may effect children’ Communication and literacy expectr age and developmental level

Effective facilitation techniques to promote language and literacy development

Effective observation and documentation practices

How home language and culture may impact language and literacy development

Availability of assistive technology and how to use it to support learning opportunities for children with disabilities

How different social-communication interaction experiences affect language and literacy development
These are examples and do not represent an exhaustive list.culturally, linguistically, children and families in diverse living conditions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9Rationale:Young children’s developmentoccurs in the context of their family and requires the ability of professionals to support families of diverse backgrounds Personnel Need Knowledge of ...Their own cultural traditions, attitudes, values and beliefs and how they impact their practices

Diverse family circumstances and how those circumstances affect interventions with children and families

Respectful communication with families of diverse circumstances

Diverse beliefs and values of families and how to integrate those when developing intervention

How culture impacts the devel Effective approaches (curricula, strategies, resources) for supporting the learning of young

Ways to adapt teaching and intervention methodslinguistically diverse children and families

Specific strategies to engage and support the participation of interpreters, cultural mediators

How to access resources and supports related to cultural and linguistic diversity

Ways to support families in promoting their child’s development

How family systems influence child development How cultural factors may affe Linguistic and cultural factors that impact communication
These are examples and do not represent an exhaustive list.and supporting inclusive/natural environments3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Rationale:he development of ALL children.Integrated, natural learning opportunities with appropriate adaptationsPersonnel Need Knowledge of ..

.How to arrange/adapt the physical environment Availability of assistive technology and how to How play and child-directed activity promot Ways to recognize “teachable moments” and promote
Had a blast today at the WOVEN Woman empowerment luncheon! Reconnected and met amazing women who are ready t
Gender equality & empowerment of women r preconditions for sustainable development & should b heart of policy making
Why men R in trouble argues CNN Why they wont be in trouble argues this book
are slowly but steadily moving from subordinates roles to the center stage in the Middle East and North Africa
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