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Words of wisdom forgiveness

Sorted by topic these inspirational quotes will inspire and motivate you. Words of people who demonstrate wisdom.
Words Of Wisdom From The Bible - Always Beside Me
"This is the wilderness time, when every path is obscure and thorns have grown around the words of hope. This is the time of stone, not bread,
Words Of Wisdom By Luqman – Islamic Words Of Wisdom ...
These 10 words of wisdom for women form a beautiful collection of quotes, Bible verses and words of wisdom specially chosen for Christian women.
Inspiring Words Of Wisdom -
Words of wisdom. Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects . Will Rogers. No man is smart, except by comparison to those who know less
Words Of Wisdom, Wise Quotes, Inspiring Quotes, Great ...
This blog post is about words of wisdom by Luqman – Islamic words of wisdom
10 Words Of Wisdom For Christian Women: On Worry
Forgiving words of wisdom. forgiveness Quotes. forgiveness Prayers . Quotes. If you have a favorite forgiveness quote, please send it to us so that we can include it ...
Inspirational Quotes - Words Of Wisdom
A collection of quotes about life to make you smile. While these may make you grin, we also hope you find them inspirational.
Funny Life Quotes - Inspirational Words Of Wisdom - words of wisdom. A comprehensive list of intuitive and inciteful words of wisdom to bring comfort, joy and understanding across a wide range of ...
Forgiving Words Of Wisdom - How To Forgive When You Can't
Sorted by topic these inspirational quotes will inspire and motivate you. words of people who demonstrate wisdom
words of wisdom forgivenesswords of wisdom forgivenesswords of wisdom forgiveness
Compiled and Edited by would only confuse, and interpret it, step-by-step according to the following process: Look-up any unfamiliar vocabulary Interpret the

meaning so is clear in your mind ithin a peer-group Until a general agreement is reached.ed meaning with the way that poetry is taught but compendium of sayings and words of wisdom, in English, from a wide spectrum of linguistic traditions and cultures.

to be expected, especially when we consider that a petty consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds and that the opposite of every truth is also

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A bad plowman/ quarrels/ with his ox.

A big tree/ attracts a gale.

are/ but not/ where his wife/ may be.

A calm/ comes/ before/ the storm.A child/ of neglect/ will be filled/ with defiance/ and disrespect.A diplomat thinks carefully before saying nothing.A fool and his money are soon parted.

A frog in a well-shaft still sees the skies.

A good example is better than a bad sermon.A good teacher makes him self progressively unnecessary.A guilty conscience needs no accuser.A house is not a home until it contains human love and warmth.A journey of a thousand miles A kind smile and a pure heart will win over others from the start.A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.A liar never mentions his motives.A little axe can cut down a big tree.A little bit too much is just enough for me.A little hunger keeps us on the cutting-edge.

A little more than enough is already too much.A little thing can become a big one before you know it.A lot more blood will flow before hate lets go.A loving heart is the truest wisdom.A man is lost already who has lost his sense of shame.

A man wearing a hood is usually up to no good.A man who cultivates striA man who desires revengeA man who uses a clich A man’s happiest moment is often his weakest.

A marriage based on different goals will soon be wrecked upon the shoals.

A mind bound to earth cannot conceive what may be beyond the planets.A nail that sticks up will get hammered-down.

A need to control makes others very unhappy and you too.A new broom sweeps clean implies more than it first seems to mean.A new broom sweeps the path to doom.A one-legged man can’t kick ass.A one-thousand year-old argument is not necessarily right.sincere will seldom endear.A proverb is just something to say when you’re having a bad day.A proverb is one man’s wit and another man’s wisdom.A quarrelsome man has no good neighbors.A rolling stone gathers no moss.A short hug is sometimes beA simple slip of the tongue canA slothful man never has time.A small leak can sink a big ship.

A state of disaster is always temporary.A stitch in time saves nine.A stumble may prevent a fall.

A thousand years of smiles can be wiped away by only one frown.A tilted-perception will result in a stilted-view.A true friend walks in when the rest walk out.

A wise man avoids fear before it arises.A wise man would unlikely say he’s wise and more likely declare him self to be a A wish is a desire without an attempt to attain its end.Absence makes the heart grow fonder.Abstain from the desire to set the world on fire, Achievements are over the moment they’re attained.

Achieving short-term tasks works beAcquisitions change conditions and positions.Actions based on general rules are merely teaching tools.All generalizations are false, including this one.All good things come in threes.All men are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

All things come to him who waits.Always wanting to win is just another form of sin.An act of primal lust evokes disgust.

on the road to acceptance.

An affront from the front is better than an attack from the back.An empty sack cannot stand upright.An obsession for writing books is no less destructive than being distracted by An obstinate man does not hold opinions; they hold him.Anger is often more harmful than the injury it causes.Another name; another life.Anxiety trauma begins in the womb and continues into the tomb.Any focus on base talk lowers the level of the mind.Any form of addiction is a drag.Any form of dependence is a hindrance to freedom.Any morality based on dread and fear maAny move you make may be your next mistake.Any religion that teaches man to do the good is good.Are the constructs of the mind real? Are you bragging or complaining? As empires fall and nations crumble, simple monks remain humble.As soon as a man is born, he begins to die.

emerges into the present and on into the future.As yea sow, so shall yea reap.As you climb up the ladder, the things you acquire on your way up will weigh you Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.

Asking someone to give you time is like promising to pay when you have money.Assume your enemy will do his worst to hurt you, and you’ll probably be right.before and more than you’ll ever know ster human need.Average is as close to the bottom as it is to the top.Avoid focusing more on those you Avoid making mistakes you will regret for the rest of your life Avoid profiting from the folly of others.Bad examples make us want to be good examples.Be careful not to pay more for a thing than it is worth.Be careful what you wish for, or you might get it.Be impassive in the face of fate.

Beat the hell out of a child and the good will go with it.Beauty is only skin-deep.

Begging for mercy and accepting defBeing inflexible makes you break.Believing is not the same as doing.


Better a thirst for knowledge than a quest for money.

Better ask the way than go astray.Better be careful a hundred times than careless once.

Better to be a free man on your knees than a king in chains.Better to be a member of the baBetter to be clear and clean than mean and lean.Better to be ruined by criticism than praise.Beware of he who wants more than you have to give.Beware of the one who seems to care.Boredom: the desire for desires.

Boxing and life have a similar symmetry.Bread is the opium of the people.Burn more energy than you consume.Burning thirst and desire for knowledge will not be quenched just by going to college.

By the time you are ready to reach your goal, the goal-posts will have moved.By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.e that is still a whole? Carelessness and neglect make us lose respect.Change your thoughts, change your mind.Character is the sum total of all of our choices.Charity begins at home.Cheating death is an endurance test.than doing what the teacher demands.

Cleanliness is close to godliness.Cocky bantam roosters, fighting foCome into this world with nothingCompulsion evokes revulsion.Compulsions of the heart can be constructive or destructive.Conceive of yourself as mostly water and empty space.Concentrate on one thing at a time.Considered opinion is oxymoronic.Conventional wisdom is an oxymoron.Courage, like the tide, comes and goes.

Covetousness of a penny brings misery to many.Craft must be clothed, but truth can go naked.Craving is always hungry for more.of a frame of mind.

Crows everywhere are black.Cruelty attracts cruelty, as like attracts like.Culture creates social conventions within local dimensions.Cunning men deal in generalizations.Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.

forgotten than well-remembered.Death makes you better than you really are.Death only comes once; it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Death while only at arm’s Deeds are fruits; words are leaves.Deep resentment and bitter hate sour feelings and determine fate.

Democracy leads to mediocrity.Derision springs from division.

nd you’ll come under the curse of something Desperate times call for desperate measures.Different strokes for different folks.Dirt and clutter block the mind and the gutter.Discoveries are often made Disparity is often caused by a lack of clarity.Do not accept what is corrupt or compromised, work your way through it.Do not leave until tomorrow what you can do today.Do not mistake kindness and patience for weakness and stupidity.Do others see you the way you do? Do the actions of man work in accordance with some divine plan? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do you wish to be immortal when you pass through life’s portal? Don’t accept a dare; avoid the scare.Don’t assume silence indicates agreement.Don’t be surprised to wake up and see me gone.Don’t cast a shadow over those who have come to bury you.

Don’t cross the bridge before you come to it.Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.Don’t despair; smile and care; grin and bear.Don’t do what you wouldn’t admire.Don’t fill your head with empty hopes.Don’t fish off the company pier.

Don’t get mired too deep in Don’t just stand there twiddling your thumbs and clicking your gums.Don’t just stand there, do something!

Don’t kill the messenger.Don’t let yourself be led down the primrose path.Don’t live to eat, eat to live.Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

Don’t make new friends pay for whDon’t mistake lack of actiDon’t neglect the small tasks by doing only the big ones.eak truly at the moment, and leave it to on a roll of the dice.Don’t seek acceptance, if you’re not yet ready to give it to others.Don’t spend ninety percent of your time that can return to harm you.Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.

things that don’t matter
words of wisdom forgiveness
.Don’t throw out the baby with the bath-water.small pond; be deeper than the pond.try to remain stoic.ds against the middle.Don’t try to set the world on fire; just do what you admire.Don’t try to treat the symptom; instead, cut out the root of the cause.Don’t use a lot where a little will do.Don’t wish your life away.

Don’t work too hard to solve the wrong problem.

Don’t worry if you failed an exam as long as you learned a lesson.Dream boats don’t float.

Eliminate all the habits that do harm to you and, then, start anew.Emotional need feeds on greed.

mself from being irritated by flies.Even what is methodical can be diabolical.

Events of importance often eventuate from trivial causes.Every imperative is a new step commanding you to do good or evil.

Every man is a latent voEvery man is his own worst enemy.Every man is the architect of his own destiny.Every ship, no matter how precious thEvery thing that we want to hang on to flits away on the wings of time.Every time you tell a lie, a bit of truth must die.

Every valuable idea is offensive to someone.Everybody you meet knows something you don’t.Everyone is reliable until the first time they screw-up.Everything that you become attachedloss of something else.

Everything will come together or fall apart, regardless of what you do.

a moment because of words said in Evil likes to provoke; the more passive you are the more you will be provoked.Exercise the body as well as the mind.

e a mistake when you make it again.Experience is something you don’Extravagance teaches frugality.

Extreme circumstances demand extreme measures.Face shows one thing; heart hides another.Failure is the path of least persistence.Faith can move mountains.

Faith must be converted into actions.Falling down is easier Familiarity breeds contempt.Fear of being alone makes us talk on the phone.

Fear the womb; then, fear your doom; then, fear your tomb a form of self-indulgence.Feigned humility and false-pride line up on the same side.nature would suffer and what man might do.

Fight less; love more; foFinding oneself is a misnomer.First, we make our habits; then, our habits make us.

First, you want a kiss, and then you want more, and then a whole family to love Follow the golden mean.

ance makes men and rivers crooked.For some, reality is an, we forget to live.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Forming your own opinion is not easy toFreedom from wanting to be at one Friendship is something to be shared rather Getting what you want doesn’t make you happy; wanting to give makes you Give credit where credit is due.Go against the law of supply and demand, and few will understand.

Goals grow further away the closer we come to them.God give me strength to accept the things I cannot change.God has more important things toGod save me from myself.Good fences make good neighbors.Good things come to those who wait.Good weight and measure are heaven’s treasure.Government is just one big conspiracy to bleed the people.Great minds think alike.Greed breeds need.Grieving is good until it gets us to where we can let go.Growing old is mandatory; growing-up is an obligation.Guilt and blame are not the same.

Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of enemies.

Habit is like a soft bed: easy toHardship is a test thatt to the quick, and leave a bitter taste.Haste makes waste.He that marries for money will earn it.He that sows iniquity will reap sorrow.ion may have asked his last.

He who is driven by hate lives in a primal state.He who is ruled by rancor will wreak havoc on the lives of those he loves.He who needs a lot of words to say somewants to say.He who seldom says a kind word has seldom heard a kind word.He who shows malice to a neighbor will cause his own house to fall.He who smiles in a crisis has found someone else to blame.He who speaks too highly of himself Help others learn to help themselves.

Hindsight is easier than foresight Home is where the heart is.

Hope is a beggar who becomes lean and leaner.Hostility and malice can soon destroy a palace.

How are fixed-objects fixed? I can’t even understand myself? How can the devil succeed when there is so much courage in the world? How can you control others, when you cannot control yourself? How can you find yourself when there is no self? How can you know the whole without becoming it? How can you seize the day when you cannot grasp the moment? Humility does not mean you think less of yourself but that you think of yourself Humility goes before honor.Hurt me and hurt me some more; what doesn’t kill me makes me strong to suffer I am more lonely when we are together than when I am alone.I am not my brother’s keeper.

I am not the me that I think you see.I believe it is imperative for other of the whole world on my shoulders.I feel like something someone I have nothing to say, and that’s what I’m saying.

my life in my ex-wife.I know I won’t be happy until I reach zero.I may have a sage look in my eyes, but I am not yet so wise.

I may yet be what I have not become.I spent all my money on booze and women, and I wasted the rest.I’ll do anything for you, anything you want me to.

I’m not going back to nothing: I’ve been there.

I’m saving for a rainy day.I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I’m washed-up and wasted; I’m I’m in trouble with my wife.

I’ve got no fight in me anymore, and my body is telling me it’s time to lie down If a committee were asked to design a horse, they would come up with a camel.

around here, it’s going to be me! hy is there so much human diversity? If everybody wants, wants and wants, who will there be to give? If everything is about what you want would have been in conflict.If Gods were just they would also punish you for what you didn’t do.

If I could allow my mind to speak, it If it’s possible something could happen, to crush and humiliate you, it’s going to If life’s a bitch, what is death? If looks could kill, I’d be dead already.If love has its place in the order of things, why does it cause so much disorder? If man were born pristine, If misery is allowed to grow as if there is no tomorrow, tomorrow will end in If money could go where it wanted, it would try to get away from you.If money could talk it would say, ‘Goodbye.’ If one man helps another and a third one knows about it, that’s one too many.

If pain makes you grow, why am I not enormous? , their behavior would be more predictable.If people cannot stop lying to themselvesIf spirits can return, then weIf the need to control takes hold of you, you’ll have more enemies than you think If the sea changes but the horizon doesn’t, can appearance be permanent? If you can’t control your passions, your passions will control you.If you could read the thoughts of your mate, you would surely show him the gate.expect anybody else to love you? If you focus only on what is bad, you’ll drive yourself mad.nd on, you may be toppled easily.If you refuse to choose, you might lose.

If you share it, you gain merit.amp, you’ll come out dirty.If you truly stand for what you stand, the world will understand.ecome the obstacle in its path.If you wait for permission, you’ll never get anything done.If you wouldn’t admit it, don’t do it.If you’re always smiling, peoplIf you’re doing something good, there’s no

you’ve been keeping the wrong company.

r than those for others, you’ll do them harm.If your lust be rusty, sleep and dream of me.If your mean motives become more clean, you’ll become better than you have Ignorance becomes violence when found-out.Imposed-force kills creativity.Impurity threatens security.

In a moment of time, you can make a mistake that lasts a lifetime.In order to back something, you need a backbone.In search of the way in a sky with no path, we may soon fly astray.

In stormy seas, we can’t do as we please.In the beginning, came the event, then, the ordial instincts are released.mpromise collective responsibility.Instead of having just one more, take one less.

dox once it is resolved? Is anything as solid and sequential as it seems? Is silence the absence or the opposite of noise? Is the glass half-empty or half full? Is the glass half-empty or twice as big as it needs to be? Is the structural order of the universe set in concrete? Is time just a construct or a tool of the mind? Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility.tell the truth to our peers.It does no harm to try to do what does no harm.lling down than climbing up.It is in the nature of the heart to tear itself apart.

It should be you who determines what you do.It takes a lot of freedom tond miss as it does to swing and hit.It takes more energy to make a hateful face than a nice smile.It takes more than courage to beat the odds.It takes more than might to always be right.It takes only a moment for love to turn to hate, but half a lifetime to abate.

It’s a case of the pot caIt’s a sign of ill-will to listen only in order to find something to contradict.a little too much than a little too little.It’s better to give than to receive.It’s better to go against the It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

It’s easier to deal with effects of bad actions than it isintentions.

iveness than permission.It’s easier to stem the stream than dam the river.It’s easy to be wise after the event.It’s hard to take a piss while balaIt’s never crowded along the extra mile.
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Words of wisdom: if one shall f*ck with us. we may start up a riot in return.
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